Uhm..gnats in the grow tent


Gnats have invaded our grow tent. Our grow tent is INside our house, in a storage like room made out of an old garage. *weirdness abounds~ No gnats (that we can see) in the actual room. Just in the tent.
Ideas on how to get rid of them?

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Use the search feature and look for fungus gnats.
Many resources here where this issue has been covered

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Yellow sticky traps, a one to two inch later of sugar and across the top of the soil, let soil dry out completely between waterings…


Sugar? Not heard of using sugar did you mean sand?

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Sugar sand, my bad

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Sugar sand is also known as #1 sand

#3, #4, #5 are all too course

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A product called BTi. It’s available on eBay. 2oz is plenty.

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Thank you @Skydiver, @TDubWilly and @Drinkslinger

I never knew such a thing (fungus gnats) existed til now.


i just bought gnat nix to top dress my pots just in case. 4 of six plants have them, but this is my first grow and i need to keep a way to get moisture meter into soil so i’m not doing it to the other two.

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4 of 6 plants have fungus gnats?


ILGM sells products that help with Bug care , Mold care , and Root care . check it out and see if this is for you . i bought some , I’m just waiting to get them along with the Nutrients i ordered as well .

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yes, four of the six have gnat nix in them to protect against gnats. i have no gnats yet… knock on wood!


Thank you all So much for stopping over (here/thread)and helping out. I really appreciate it.

We got yellow tape, applied diatomaceous earth. and have ordered nematodes(sp?). - and watching our watering/mositure levels.

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Many ways to rid gnats.
Sand or de on surface is easiest n put fly traps up.

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Point here is more air to soil . No fungus no gnat.

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