Uhhh ohhhh It’s gg4 nitrogen tox? Possible over watered


Just transplanted from 1 gal into 7 with ffof and I hadn’t watered for a week before transplant and the soil was still superrrrr wet so it could be nitrogen or over water cuz it’s gotten better since transplanted


Just a little transplant shock. Now you know about water.


Exactly what it is! No worries, give her a couple of days and she should perk up @Trippy_kidd


Your in great hands it happens she will dry


That’s why a lot of us use fabric pots. They dry out a lot faster.


Yup she’s steady peeking up thanks everyone :slight_smile:


They are gonna take off in the 7 gallons. I am growing 2 gorilla glue #4s and one is over 6ft and the other like around 3ft, she was super cropped so that took half off her height… they are extremely frosted.


@Dr.DankThumb420 so this is the GG now so far I mean she’s been topped and regularly trained but all of them are only in like week 2-3 veg planted on 12/29 from seed no pre germ


these 4 about a week ago


And this is those 4 yesterday


Actually the lower right right in the pictures have been switched out the old one I’m the first pic was brought up stairs becuase ofnits height it’s latched better for under the t5


@Trippy_kidd looking good bro, i like your setup. set to watching


Love the infiltrater haha!


They starting to take off like i said they would. Lol . Looking great…


@AmnesiaHaze this was actually a secondary thread to my main one I could tag you into the other one which has fro Nayarit to finish if you’d like and @Dr.DankThumb420 yes yo We’re right they’ve exploded in there it’s great , I’m trying different techniques for some of the plants to see what I like the best


Sounds like a good plan… and whatever works best for you stick to that… the plants will tell u wat they want and dont want lol


oh that would be awesome id love to read up on it. thanks for that bud