Uh oh 😬 need some advice on skywalker og seedling

Hi all need some advice on my seedling. This is my second grow so I’m not sure what to do. Searched some threads and didn’t find anything relevant. It’s a skywalker og from ilgm. It germinated fine and has been a sprout for 5 days and is now curling upwards… I haven’t used any nutes yet just watered the soil good when planting the germ and then misting with a spray bottle. Right now it’s under an aerogarden light 18/6

@Adamt need more info. What are the specs on the light? What’s the PH of your water? Why are you misting the plant? (I highly suggest getting a clear solo cup and misting that, then popping that over the top of the plant. Misting her directly could be causing light burns where the leaves are wet.) Seedlings don’t take much water - they haven’t got roots to absorb anything yet. A high humidity environment will do more for you than a spray bottle or adding water straight to the medium.

What kind of soil are they in?

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That’s looks bad hope we get u sorted

Stop drenching it and back the light off. Looks too close.

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Too much water. Seedlings need only a couple of ml of water day or you risk damping off (root rot.) Cannabis prefers wet and dry cycles. Give it a little bit of water and then let the soil dry out before you water it again.


Note the clear solo full of dirt, nesting in a red solo cup (this so you can inspect root grouth for transplanting) mist another clear solo cup and place over the seedling and spray only the cup inverted.

This technic (learned here) has been 100% reliable for me and is easy also all but prevents overwatering. Plus no doubt as to when to transplant. At that size your plant dosent even have roots to speak of, it takes most of its moisture from the air

Post pict of light please as if it is what I think it is you need to replace yesterday.

Not sure of the specs on the lights but will attach image of what it is… currently not home - basically just an old aerogarden running 3 cfls. I’ll take a pic as soon as I’m home. Not sure of ph level but will check when I’m home as well. Soil is just some old potting soil I had on hand and looks pretty dead of nutes. I’ll also include a pic of the pot it’s in. Also thank you all for the tips and quick responses!

@Audiofreak is right yesterday

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Strongly recommend downloading and really reading the grow guide here, before you buy anything. Once you read it, read it again then asks questions here. This group will get you there.