Ugly plant - any idea what is going on here?

Shes Beautiful man

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If I don’t f it up, she is gonna be good I think. This is my first so I am a bit excited about it.

Hey bud looks lile you got a bushy girl on your hands, you may want to consider raising your light up some to encourage so upward growth.

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ah. i was so focused on everything else, i did not think of such a simple thing. i was ready to trim her up. i love bushy here but normally prefer my ladies trimmed :wink:

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Some light defoliation and some lst wouldnt hurt, would allow you to begin to open her up and create a wider fuller canopy.

sorry, not following you.

I just meant that you can take off some troublesome leaves and after that use low stress training(lst) to strategically tie down branchs and “top” the plant.

ah OK. I kinda thought it was something like that but i wanted to be sure. i am new to all of this.

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No worries bud, your plant looks beautiful keep it up.

I am reading up on defoliation. Assuming I feel comfortable I will start working on it.

With a plant this size less is more. I woild take some of the bigger bulkier leaves, so the light can penetrate evenly throughout the plant.

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