Ugly plant - any idea what is going on here?

This is my first plant - in Hydro and it is looking a bit rough. Any ideas what may be occurring here?
Strawberry Kush CBD Feminized
Germinated - 6/15
Moved to bucket - 6/22
Current PPM is ~ 420, PH ~6, air temp - ~80, 16hrs light/day.
I have given it some nutrients in one feeding and have replaced 1/2 the water at this point. A small does of Cal-Mag as well.

General Hydroponics Flora Series: FloraMicro, FloraBloom, FloraGro - 3-Part Hydroponic Nutrient System

Seems like it has a lot of new growth but those leaves are just ugly.

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Some come out funky just let her grow out of it sometimes mutants are the best


First few leaves before 1st true leaves are often “goofy”


Thanks! I was hoping you would say that. I will proceed normally then.

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Muties can suprise you too.

Same plant lil bigger, the yellowing never changed, even new growth.

Same plant at harvest!

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WOW, nice!

It looks like your roots haven’t hit the reservoir yet. Make sure your fill the bucket so the splashing of water bubbles are reaching your roots. During the early part of your DWC before roots reach the res you’ll need to raise the water level higher than the bucket water line. After they get to the res you’ll see some explosive growth.

Nov 2

Nov 9

Nov 14

Dec 24

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Could be a PH issue if the clay pebbles where not prepared prior to placing … does not look to bad tho I’d see if they power true it … I’m not a professional so take it with salt … but in my experience in DWC is that the water needs to have air … so it should look like a roaring boiling pot of water …

I had wondered about that and either I misread the information or found incorrect info. Last water change I backed off some. I will bring the water level back up.

  • well just checked and never noticed before but i have roots that are now down in the water. water line is bottom of basket.

The water level listed with your DWC probably has a fill hight marked on your fill tubes. This usually brings the water level to a few inches below your net pots. That is correct but you would need to cultivate your seedlings with long enough roots to at least reach outside the net pots upon transferring to them.

Nov 11 cuttings

Dec 15 clone is ready for net pot

Dec 24 clone tent

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Wow! Talk about Merry Christmas! Beautiful.

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Thanks @Fiz that was second and last grow for the winter.

April brought the goods.
April 2


Wow, thanks for showing me how it all turned out! What a beautiful grow.

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Still funky looking but seems to be proceeding.

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Hey @samiam how are your girls looking?

Oh hey,
forgot about this post. they look good. had a bit of root rot and think i got that worked out. i trimmed the two wild bottom leaves as they started to yellow and were covered up so really not catching any light. hopefully she keeps moving forward.
thanks for asking!

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Yes indeed they are coming along well. Roots are looking healthy.

Nice work!!!


seems to be progressing well. color on roots is lighting. they are like last post.


Looking very healthy. Nice.

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