Ugh! I'm in too deep to stop now

I’m on my second grow and I’ve messed that up terribly as well. The more I read the more confused I am. I just recently ordered a ph meter and found out my water ph is way too high. A tent is on its way. I will not attempt another grow until I have the blessing of some of the experienced growers with my set up. I don’t think I can save my girls this time but at least I can get a decent set up ready for the next grow. I just need to hear that its going to be ok! I am hoping I can seek help from y’all with the tent set up when it arrives.


It’s gonna be better then “ok”!! Promise you will get to the finish line and be very proud. It’s not an easy hobby, there would be no dispensary or dealers if it was.
The community here has your back🤘


Thank you. Can I tag you when I get the tent so you can give me your advice?


You’ll pull thru. It’s a learning curve for sure I had my fair share of goof ups my 1st run. Of you have the proper tools and equipment thats half the struggle. We all just get too eager to start this hobby and get ahead of ourselves. Take a second to step back and look at other grows and find one person or 2 to copy their methods and make them your own. The community will be here to help and tell you things are OK no worries just come back stronger


Most definitely you can, not sure how much I can help as I’ve been in this a way long time and still grow crap! But I can cheerlead from the sidelines :grin:


Welcome to the community , Hanging in there I promise every grow will get better As you hone your skills. Great hobby good luck !


Welcome aboard!!! Can you fill some of this out?? Grow growers would love to help out if possible!

At least a couple of photos and maybe the wise ones here can assess the situation…

Fill this out best ya can

Strain; Type, Bag Seed, Or Na

Soil In Pots, Hydroponic, Or Coco?

Ph going in/coming out?


Indoor Or Outdoor?

Light System, Size?

Temps; Day, Night:

Humidity; Day, Night:

Ventilation System; Yes, No, Size

Ac, Humidifier, De-humidifier?

Co2; Yes, No

Any extra info, and clear well lit pics helps!!

Good luck and happy growing!!!


Lights are without question the most important part of growing indoor cannabis. My first advice would be to invest in good lights. Most of the stuff on Amazon is wildly inflated claims for inferior products. Horticulture Lighting Group, CHILled Tech, California Lightworks, higher end Spyder Farmer are all good choices. A tent, good lights and proper ventilation, along with decent metering tools (PH and TDS) will give you the results you are looking for.

Tag me in any time and I will try to either help or put you with someone who can answer your questions.


Most of us had Growing Pains when we first started. So no worries. What my plants first looked like to now is a huge difference.

Top one is when I first started having a successful grow. Bottom photo is well past 1 year growing. :+1:

I can’t stress this enough…lights, lights and more lights. @Myfriendis410 listed multiple options for lights. I run 2 HLG 260xl rspec in a 4x4 tent. Now I need another 4x4 tent dedicated to Autos and CBD only strains.


It’s gonna be okay.



Any photos. Is it too late?


Strain; Fem White Widow CBD

Soil In Pots, soil in pots

Ph going in/coming out? It was 7.7 going in and out. I’ve lowered it now to 6.6 and will have to add a bit of baking soda to get it lower. I read it should be 5.5?

PPM’S/EC?: I’m using Spray and Grow and I mist them with this once a week but I don’t have a ppm measure yet. I will need to get one.

Indoor Or Outdoor? Indoor, in my garage. I’m in Texas so I waited until the fall/winter to grow. I think it’s too cold. I started moving my girls into the house at night and then back in the garage in the morning. They seem to like that. I have a grow tent on it’s way. Yield Lab 32" x 32" x 63"

Light System, Size? T5 2 feet 4 bars Agrobrite fluorescent grow light

Temps; Day, Night: I don’t have a thermometer. Will need to buy one for the tent.

Humidity; Day, Night: I don’t have a humidity meter. Will need to buy one.

Ventilation System; I ordered a 6 inch booster In line duct fan to pull air out to go into the tent and a 16" monkey fan to move air inside. I would like to make sure it will be sufficient before I start another grow.

Ac, Humidifier, De-humidifier? No, I thought I could cover with a clear plastic cup or hang a wet towel in the tent? I don’t have ac either so I won’t be able to grow in summer to hot in the garage. I think with the light, it’s warm but not hot. I think that will keep it warm at night because of the tent. I can see I will need to get a thermometer.

Co2; No

I think I need to let them dry out a bit more too. I am still misting with water a few times a day. I think they like that. But they are wAAAAAY too small. I think some people refer to theirs as bonsai. I read I was to start seeds in small container and replant as necessary but only replant twice. I planted them on Oct. 31. They started out great and replanted when the roots were coming out of the little tray. But they are just not growing in the veg stage. So, I just left them in the small pots (lo)oking for roots to peek out of the bottom) but they haven’t. I’ve ordered 5 gallons clothe pots for next time.

I also read that the light should be only a few inches away but I think that’s only at the beginning? I just know moved the light up higher today because it was too close. This is so embarrassing. In my hubris, I thought, how hard can it be?

Not sure if the pic will come through. Please let me know.
Thanks for any advice you can give.


Wow, clearly, I was a fool to attempt this without a tent. I can’t wait till it comes! Christmas present for me! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I think it’s too late for these girls. Yes, but I’m reaching out for help now so I can have some success with the next grow.


@MamaLlama Soil pH going in should be 6.5 but 6.6 is within normal range. Tents make things so much easier IMHO. I run my tent door wide open and I have had zero issues which I am thankful for. :+1:

Not true. I rescued a plant for a buddy of mine who had it out near Meth Heads. They topped it and also took every nug they could get.

The plant had only a handful of leaves and I got it to come back. I was able to get exactly 1oz dried, cured and no stems. It was a pretty good smoke considering what happened to her.


The folks here can certainly help you get this grow done. They are not nearly as bad as some that have survived.


I’ve been thinking how awesome everyone is on here, whilst I’ve been lurking.


Your pH is good at 6.6. Baking soda will RAISE your pH. Lemon juice will take it down. Vinegar will drop it big time. There are also brand names solutions.

At their size, they don’t need water every day. Maybe 1/2 cup every 2 or 3 days. Let the dry like you said. What nutrients are they receiving and what kind of schedule?

I’m not familiar with your lights, sorry, and I’m also not too inclined in that area. Download the Photone App on your phone and you can check how much light they are getting. If you put your hand over them, palm down, and you feel heat, it’s too close.

You definitely want a tent. Esp in the garage. Mines in a bedroom and the fluctuations of temp and rh can get pretty big.

It’s all up to you to give up, but more will chime in with more info to help you get to the end!!!


Welcome to the community! Your girls look like they will make it, sometimes we just can’t see the growth while they are working on roots.

I started mine in a clay pot in a cardboard box with the top cut for my light and a couple holes in the sides for my fan to blow into and one to vent out. Lol

My girl is 50 days from germ and maybe 6” tall atm.


It is never too late! I had a plant named Gary. A little clone that was 6 months old and only six inches tall that sat under a desk lamp. I put her outside and she grew to four feet tall and gave my child bud that helped with insomnia.

You are in good hands here.

Remember you never mess up-you just learn.