UFO LED grow light?


A question from a fellow grower:

Quick question is a UFO led grow light 45x3w good enough for a m.j plant


I use them just for extra lighting to with 300 watt led


So are you saying they don’t work by themself.? Here’s a pic of my 2week 2day plant


Here’s the ghetto set up. I have three plants there will that be enough light


Let me no if this looks healthy


Yes to me it looks very healthy, is that your led light in the pic? If it is it looks way to far away from the plant. To me it looks like about 3 ft. You should be able to get it closer. Led don’t put out much heat.
Hopefully some one else with led experience will chime in


16 -18 inches is the sweet spot with LED vegging , and 20-26 inches in flower after the stretch and starts to bud .


No, more intense light is needed during flower. The further distance would be for veg and the closer distance would normally be for flower. Always more intense light for flower yoshi. SMH…


That is the distance I used with advance lights and it’s what they instruct in the manual …again it’s only my opinion from what I done . Should it work who knows , they have to find the sweet spot on what works .


Yoshi, facts have nothing to do with opinions. It is a known fact that cannabis needs more lumens or more intense light during flower. Also a point of note, this is not a Advanced LED system.


This seems way to far. I saw some pics where the LED’s are almost touching the tops. I’m using a 400w hps. I’m roughly 18-inches from the tops now in flower but this even seems far to me with HPS because a friend has his much closer (probably 10inch) but my plants don’t seem to like it.

When the 400w hps is closer than 1 foot, they start growing miniature leaves with bad yellowing in my case, but then again, he is growing in a bedroom without reflections from the walls, while I’m in a closet with Mylar for reflectors so my girls are probably getting more light than his.

I’ve basically started reading the plant to tell me how far to put the light. Too close is yellowing and miniature leaves within 2 or 3 days, and too far gives huge gaps between the nodes. I tried going by the book and also doing what other guys have and even though it’s in a cool tube I can’t seem to bring the bulb closer than what it is now…so its definitely not 1 size fits all.

Your plant is looking nice and healthy though. I’d keep an eye on the stretch and adjust the LED accordingly. Is this your 1st grow with LED? Thinking of making the move myself especially for summer. Just want to know if they are good enough to flower with.


Yes, it could totally depend on the individual light and how the different diodes are arranged in the LED as far as distance is concerned. With LEDs, what the manufacturer recommends is probably best. I suspect, for some reason, Yoshi got his directions backwards from Advanced LED, and he does need to have the lights closer during flower and further during veg.


Yes this is my first grow. And I did feel that my light was a bit too far away, but being how my plant looked I never thought it needed to be closer. I’m show you a pic of it now. And this is with the light in the same spot I had it lol


Compared to the pic I showed you guys like a few days ago


There also is some sort of white or yellow spot on the leaf to the bottom right. What is it and how do I fix it before it becomes a problem (budgetgrow) :joy:


Pick up couple of those mylar sun shades from the dollar store and line the walls with it …if u can get the led light from eBay for 65.00


Sorry my eyes are to old to see anything


It’s definitely good enough for a single plant all the way to the very end. But if you can afford to add more light, that’s even better.

I found this one UFO, and I think it will be suitable for you: https://lovebackyard.com/led-grow-lights/


Wicked i was going to get one myself but was iffy on them


Looks !@#$in awesome to me man