Uav lighting in flowering stage

I have a 1500 watt have light in my tent but I’m not sure what distance I should have it from my flowering plants. Any information would be appreciated. They look great but seem to be slower growing then I would expect.

@WickedAle @dbrn32 light question @meatman01 what kind of light more detailed the better these guys are light guys

My light is 18 " and plants have been on 12-12 for 10 days

What kind of light

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I don’t remember the type light but it has several different color spectrums and dual switches, 1 for vegetative growth and the other for flowering. A somewhat expensive light I thought, I paid $300 for it .
I will read the info or take a picture for you when I can .

Ok that would help them they cant answer with out it really

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The title says uav, are we talking about UVA wavelengths or just light in general? Hard to form opinion on a light we don’t know anything about otherwise.


Finally got a look it’s a 1000 watt led with 4 colors

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That dont help!!! need to know what kind of led brand and such