Types of nutrients


Has anyone used the dyna grow nutrients.My local shop just gave me a free sampler anything free is a good thing when it comes to that right$$$$$$


Haven’t heard about them. Keep me posted. Tag me in ur grow?


About ready will be within a week hopefully


I use DynaGro Grow and DynaGro Bloom. Works fine and it’s pretty cheap. I use pure coco and follow DynaGro’s schedule. In a mature plant I use a gallon of nute solution per day, and water to waste. (that means add nute solution until about 30% of it runs out the bottom of the cloth pot. Make sure you pH after mixing up your solution. Include some CalMag if you are using RO or rain water.


They gave me the grow, bloom, foliage pro, kln rooting concentrate, mag pro,dyna zyme,and dyna flush.looked them up said no cal mag needed but always have it on hand anyway.They have been around since82 i think so I’m going to give em a go Will be growing in17 1/2 gallon tote 2 girls per tote.Thats the plan anyway.


I have used the Dyna Gro foliage and Bloom. Simple to use and works fine.