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Hey I hope you’re all safe and well and listening to the experts about this coronavirus. We’re living in strange times my friends.
It’s dark days for me also as those plants that I pinned so much hope on have gave up the ghost. I salvaged what leaves I could for a munch but I’m bitterly disappointed and bewildered because I genuinely thought they were going to go the distance.


feel your pain. do you know where it went south? 4 weeks from harvest for me to figure out i have bugs in my grow. tag some growers with @and their name and get some help for your next grow

Don’t beat yourself up too much. Sometimes grows just go south. Even for experienced cultivators.

Here’s my screw up from 2 weeks ago. A beautiful bushy 3’ Cali dream. I’d put her in the flowering area the day before. She was a little light just before dark that night. In my estimation she was fine, but would need water the next day for sure. No drooping, just a light pot.

Well I f@&king forgot about it until about 3pm. This is what was left.

So, I’m an idiot .

Just get back on the horse, learn from your mistakes, and try again. If you have specific questions there are dozens of people here that can help you through them.