Type of sativa?

My dad who’s an old hippy (76 or so now) gave me and a friend of his some seeds, 16 and I ended up with 2 of them.
No idea what they are, it was a mixed bag but knowing my dad and by looking at the plant they are sativas… But what exactly are they or what line of genetics? Is anyone able to tell?

What happens if I end up Loving it and I don’t know what it is lol.
Plant 1

Plant 1:

Nobody will be able to tell. Best I can say is it’s a hybrid. As will anyone. @Nicky


Take a clone and keep it going.


Does it even look like a hybrid?

Psto late to take a clone week 3 of flowering… I think.
I figured but best to ask just Incase.
My Geuss is northern lights or something similar

It’s anyones guess.

Doesn’t look straight sativa to me.

Almost certain you can still get a viable clone off that

I need more space… Lol Geuss I’ll just have to enjoy it and always wonder

Looks like cannabis, to me. :slight_smile:

Haha… Sativa cannabis… I don’t know if it’s hybrid I mean I can’t tell but knowing my dad it wouldn’t be

It’s like waiting to open a gift! You’ll know what you have once you smoke it! :slight_smile:

Really… Hmm well ide take anyone else’s advice at this point because I have no idea and have never grown anything more sativa leaning then northern lights

Keep posting pics during flower maybe she will throw off some sweet colors that will match something someone’s growing

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Monster cropping is viable week 6 in flowering. You can keep her alive anyway.
Its like cloning, few adjustments here and there.
Even a most educated cannabis scientist will not tell. Im same searching line. I get some bag seeds many summers ago and now to try to find that strain. Thats maybe i have some bad genetics in there sometime…

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