Tylersays - First Grow w/ First Grow 2.0 Featuring the A-U-T-O-matic Experience

lol yea so do I but he has disease called I a lazy litt Pecker head. It is brought on by mommy’s little boy syndrome . Dang snowflakes would make my life easier if they stayed away. The snow that is not my son. Haha.


@Tylersays wow bro your ladies are looking amazing!


Couldn’t resist the opportunity. :rofl:


Not sure if I mentioned I kicked Faye out of the tent or not…but I did!

She didn’t get sacrificed, she’s just riding time in a sunny window for the time being. I’ll still be taking care of her and trying to nurture her to better health and a successful flowering. But she’s a Auto - what can you really do?
I just felt the space in the tight quarters of that small tent would be better utilized by the two more robust, Northern Ladies. Them ladies from the North can be a little thick, ya know? :rofl:

The sisters are growing great! And the potential for some giant bud-like formations are there, but I just haven’t been able to develop any kind of real relationship to them. With my first photo run, and even the clones, I feel a connection to them, and even though I grew them from seed, these ladies feel like plants I just bought for the pretty bloom at Big Box Shopathon Giganticus.

Penelope is like some kind of lady!
She just sits in the corner, biding her time, putting out an incredible amount of growth for a girl who hasn’t seen nutes in like 2 weeks! LOL! Maybe I’ll mix her a half dose and give her a good drink soon! LOL!

I need to figure out when I did the last big defoal. I think they’re due again! LOL!
I guess the 21 day intervals that work with photos is less applicable with the amped up autos!
They’re due for a microbe boost next feeding, so haircut first then the treat!

Penelope - she’s actually quite stout!

Sansa -

Arya -

I’m gonna solve this light bleaching issue in about 3 days! LOL!

They’re not horrible growers or anything - and I totally respect them as plants, but they’re just not “my” children, ya know?
Do I love them? Yeah - kinda like the neighbors kids.
But I’ll smoke the living hell out of them when the time comes! :rofl: :laughing: :joy:

So - in a GIANT nutshell, that’s what’s happening in there! LOL!

The Rockettes got another plain watering tonight. I’m starting to see the last of the nutes seeping into the buds now. Sounds crazy and I’ll get some pics tomorrow and hopefully you can see what I’m getting at, but it seems like the middle of the supporting stems are a lighter green than they are near the buds or near the soil.
Of course, it could just be Weed-Vision! LOL!

My suspicious spot has yet to pop open, which leads me to suspect the worst. LOL! But I’m still watching to be sure.

This is a leaf of Penelope’s. It just caught my eye. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised with the purple showing up in the buds so much!
I think it’s a beautiful color.

I’ll get some pics of Faye tomorrow and give her a good nutrition shake.

Happy Growing Everyone!!!


Looking great. I cannot wait to get all of the grow community together this summer season. I will be in my first outdoor grow since joining this community of wonderful people. Thanks bro for all the laughs and encouragement. Now bring them home to the bong.


They’ve now lowered my forecast to 3-6". Better.


Haha this way we say woman from down south r the best and thick… everything is looking amazing those buds r so sexy


They’re still holding on to 5-10" here.
A slight shift and we get more ice, shift the other way - more snow.
Our head weather guy on our local ABC is obsessed with snow! He’ll talk about snow in July if he gets a chance. I don’t know if he grew up somewhere where it never snows or what, but he just beats the living shit out of it if they’re forecasting it!

They’re even doing 2 - 1 hour “specials” Sunday morning to beat that dead horse some more!
He’s such a dork to begin but he acts like a 13 year old boy who just discovered internet porn when it comes to snow.
It’s borderline creepy! LOL!

I personally hope it snows butt deep on a giraffe! Just because I really want a couple of days of doing absolutely nothing!

Me and the woman place bets on which of these people, who just HAVE to go out in their Camry’s and Accords, ends up in the ditch first! LOL!

OOH - i got a freebie cheap drone a couple of months ago and have yet to take it out of the box. LOL!
I’m gonna get that together and fly it around on Sunday and get some pics and video!
It’ll probably get snatched out of the sky by our neighborhood red tail hawks. LOL!
We have a mating pair that’s been coming to winter here for at least 3 years.
It’s cool when they’re out there hunting. One will scream and then the other will reply. Then they’ll fly and circle the neighborhood, settle on a perch and start hollering again!
I love the birds of prey - any of them!

This was 2020, when they first showed up in the hood!
Not sure if this is him or her! LOL!
They keep the mourning doves on their toes!! LOL!


I’m with you on the birds of prey. I have barred owls that lives on the back of my property. I sometimes get to watch them take a squirrel or snake.

Also had a hawk come to my feeder a while back.


Owls are special birds. They really look like the shouldn’t be able to fly, but they sure can!!
We were doing a private development for a bunch of money guys who wanted to build an enclave for their families…hmmmm…at any rate, we found a owls nest while doing a tree survey - they wanted to design around certain trees - and I mentioned to the “head” guy that afternoon when he came out to bother us. LOL!
I told him that we had also located that tree and noted it in the file. They had a bird guy come out and confirm the nesting site and then proceeded to design the road to have the least amount of impact around that space.
I’ll give it to him, he was really interested in saving the nesting site. I think they ended up naming the road after the type of owl for the E911 system.

This cat had a D9 bulldozer that he owned - “Just for fun!” LOL!
A D9 is HUGE just for fun! LOL! You could get damn near 2 Bobcats in the bucket!
He had a blade too. This cat had more money then sense!
That’s Ferrari money!!


I have a great horned owl :owl: in my neighborhood. Identified by call only, because I haven’t found it yet. He’s always so close, but the calls are intermittent and makes it difficult to locate.
Huge birds though. Had one fly in front of my car when I was in a swamp area, holy crap Batman, you’d think that’s who was flying past. It’s HUGE.

Other problem is, the owl doesn’t start calling until much later into the night. I find difficulty staying up that late. :joy:


@Covertgrower - Owls are so top heavy it’s a wonder they can fly.
I’ve had them buzz through the headlights on a country road before and it’s like WTH?!?
And yeah - I’ve seen a couple of big ones, it’s a trip!

Still slowly peculating along…
There is a couple of clones in here that have an overall lighter color. Those buds seem to be a little further ahead of the others. But that’s based on phone pics and some very shaky scope observations. I can’t get the tripod back that far. I’ve got to figure out something stable i can get back there without risking damage to the buds up front.

This is one of the lighter toned buds i mentioned.

It’s in the back of this pic. Kinda reddish - far left rear.

Yum! LOL!

A few close-ups!

I’ve been doing daily comparisons to the pics on the growweedeasy /harvest article - which the pics and article are both excellent. From what I’m seeing I think I’m in early harvest window moving into the middle harvest window. On the current trajectory I’m thinking the middle of next week most will be squarely moving into the middle window.
Honestly, I’m thinking this is where I may want to be. Maybe 10-15% amber so you have a good mix of the psychoactive and the body high.

Or maybe I’ll take a few at different times and document them well with photos and tags for future reference.

Or maybe I’ll just cut them all next weekend and in a couple of months get high as a kite! LOL!

Just like every other female in my life, I’m patiently waiting on them! LOL!

Happy Waiting Everyone!!!


U killed this grow man. Your stash got be crazy now with all these ladies… got show your niece if she wants a harvest like u she got start listening 2 u


I agree with Silva. Just knocking it out of the tent. Big fat buds and lots of them.


TY do u still have diesel left on ya stash or u smoked it all


I totally just rolled up!!

This is what’s left of my indoor NYD!

There’s about 6 quart jars of GDP and 2 or 3 more Grove bags of outdoor Diesel!
Those giant outdoor plants really helped pad the envelope, so to speak. LOL!
I haven’t bought weed since the middle of September and I used to buy at least 3oz a month!
I have recouped every penny I’ve put into growing and that was before the first indoor grow was even finished!!

I’m gonna HAVE to get into some of the crazy voodoo you kids do now! LOL!
I literally have buds coming out of my ass! LOL!

At this point I’m well on the way to paying for all the beans I’ve bought, may already have paid for them
I refuse to actually add up what I have spent on seeds, but it’s easily north of 1k. LOL!
Maybe closer to 2k…

Can’t spend any for the next few weeks. I’ve got to buy 2 sets of tires and neither of my vehicles can wear cheap shoes! And I gotta have 5 for the Jeep!
Can’t have no mis-matched spare hanging out back there! LOL!Between that and the wide, flat low profiles on the B I’m looking at 2k probably there. Another 500 to get the Jeep tuned up and back on the road.
And about 1.5k in maintenance on the B. Chargepipe install, new coils, Vanos replacement, oil change and the stealership saw a leak during inspection I’ll get checked out while they’re in there.
On a side note - my mechanic has a JB4 tuner for my BMW, so I’m gonna reset the ECU to factory settings and pull out the Cobb and run his JB4 for a bit and see if I like it better.
That’s another 500 if I decide to get that. LOL!
Ain’t none of my toys cheap anymore!
And I still haven’t even started my new video game yet! LOL!


Bro I’ma be dropping 1k when taxes come 2 join ethos multipass book lifetime supply of seeds deals and 10 strains a year


Is this an IG thing? LOL!

What all do you get for the 1k? and is that lifetime or yearly? LOL!

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Lifetime and no its not ig they actually got a website and I been trying to be a level 1 but it’s hard no 1 selling it so I said f it n qsked them for the lifetime and they email me the info. Ig introduced me 2 them great genetics and every 1 that grows it have some monsters.


Dude - I’m totally gonna look into that!
It’s like a seed of the month club! LOL!
Doesn’t say if they’re feminized or not though…10 males would be a bust! LOL!