Tylersays - First Grow w/ First Grow 2.0 Featuring the A-U-T-O-matic Experience

They bounced back nicely from their limbo dancing last night! I wish Super Skunk had a little more stretch to it, but she don’t! :rofl: I’ve been enjoying my GDP and NYD so much I haven’t even sampled the SS - i’ll have to do that tomorrow morning when my head is clear and not already soaked through with NYD. LOL!!

Got me a new toy this week. I figured if you’re gonna do it, do it precisely! LOL!
They were like $100. Believe me, I’ve spent more and gotten less in the past.

That’s Epsom salt on there! :joy:

I mixed 3gal (2 dist.1 treated tap) with full strength Jacks with MKP. Ph’d at 6.25, PPMs 1820.
Each was slowly fed 900ml of the solution and gave me probably 5-10% run off. Saturday morning they’ll get plain water with Mammoth P. And maybe silica. I should have added it today and about halfway through it hit me. For the Saturday watering I plan on using 4gal and giving 1200-1500 ml to each to get a massive run off and mini-flush. i also plan to shoot for a higher PH range. I read an article about varying the in-going Ph to ensure the plant is eating all that’s available to her. Different nutes are more soluble and therefore, more available, for the roots to consume. I’ve been pretty much swing low/high the entire grow and I can’t see any detrimental effects so far. Just another way to help the plant and hopefully diminish the chances of toxicity or lock out.
If there were enough hours in the day i’d start on my Marijuana Growers Handbook but you know…life…and it’s obviously a busy week for everyone in the US. :turkey:
Maybe I should put it in the bathroom! :rofl: :rofl: :joy:

I’m so glad I switched up my plan on the grow. They look a lot happier spread out some and it cuts the chance of problems down greatly.
Its very tempting to just grow a mother in the smaller tent and drop clones in the bigger one… The uniformity makes for a nice looking grow! LOL!

I checked my DLI today. I’ll tell you - I’m impressed by the coverage of the 350R, it’s very uniform across the space. ATM they’re all hitting between 50-55, which I believe is about right according to the popular thread on the forum. I guess it’s the design of the light but it’s actually higher in the corners than the center! But by very little.
That’s 1 click past half at 24" above the canopy on average. It doesn’t vary much!

Flower production is cranking up!! I won’t recognize them in a couple of weeks!!

Grow babies grow!!!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

I know EXACTLY what I’m grateful this year! :joy:


Killing it and great job my friend. Those ladies yield gonna be crazy

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I’m hoping for the best man! They seem to like the Jacks more than the FF. I haven’t seen any of the weirdness I did with that mess. I can’t wait till next spring when I can start burning through that stuff outdoors and get rid of it.
It seemed fine outside but Jacks is so easy to use why use anything else?


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Can’t 4 get the cheap part. My girls are growing amazing under it

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Anybody watch the new South Park made for TV movie on Paramount yet?
They were right!! 38 years and counting! LOL!!!

Update to come…

Happy Growing Everyone!!!

Never watched it

@SilvaBack203 The special just premiered Thursday. It’s part of their new deal with Viacom. It’s the reason I signed up for Paramount Plus. LOL! They run unedited South Park on HBOMax but they weren’t getting the specials so…had to!
Or did you mean you’ve never watched South Park at all? LOL!

Without South Park and The Simpsons I wouldn’t know what to do with myself! LOL

Well, today was plain water day.
Each lady got about 1500ml and each gave back at least 20% run off. TBH, I think a couple of them got 1800ml… I was going down the line 300ml at a time to make sure I was going slow enough to ensure complete saturation and about halfway through I ducked into the other room and took a few hits of their mother and may have gotten a little confused. LOL!
Water was Ph’d high at 6.55 and PPMs were low at 58! LOL!
3gal distilled/1gal treated tap. The woman distracted me while I was Ph-ing and I forgot the damn Mammoth P. I’ll get it next time. LOL!

Either way the girls are looking good to me!!

Got some nice buds starting to form and getting some stretch!

I see just the slightest little bit of “painted nail” syndrome starting. And I don’t mean like @MadamCalamity s painted nails!! :joy: I’ll see if I headed it off at the pass with todays mini-flush. The PPMs last feeding were above 1800. The strongest yet. If the new growth in 3 days is looking good they’ll get another 1800 count blast! LOL!
I’ve been reading Cootmeds schedules and for the flowering boost, in addition to the MKP he also uses J.R. Peters MOST. I’m debating on ordering some. It’s like $35 from Jacks. $40 on Ebay…
At any rate, he also mentions that you can run the boost through the entire flowering cycle.
Which I’m not gonna do, but I might actually go over the 2 week mark if the girls are looking like they can handle it. I’ll see what happens with the MOST…LOL!
I don’t think I’d go any longer than 3.

Happy Growing Everyone!!!


Never watched it all. I got into archer

Bro your tent :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face: you gonna be so busy trim time

South Park has been running for that long now?! It’s probably been at least 10 years since the last time I watched it. I did just get paramount+ just so my son could watch Clifford and so we could see the new paranormal activity movie which both sucked IMO! Anyways looking good sir!


No!! SP only been on like 23 or 24 years.
The 38 years and counting is a reference to what happens in the special…it’s about COVID 19. LOL!
According to their predictions that’s about how long it’s gonna take to get past it. LOL!

When I was working my ass off all the time I’d catch them here and there, but honestly I couldn’t keep up like I did when they first started and I had crap jobs. LOL!
I recently went through the entire catalog on HBOMax and SP online.
HBO doesn’t air some of the more religiously “offensive” episodes. LOL! i still don’t know what the word “offensive” means…I guess you have to feel it to understand it. LOL! I guess some people take comedy that seriously now and days though. Some people are really touchy! LOL! :snowflake:

Love me some Family Guy and American Dad!! As well as Cleveland. But Seth’s shows don’t so much go after the “serious” part of society and rely more on the absurd. But I’m always down for a good chicken fight or, you know the word…Bird… :rofl:

SP and The Simpsons seem to be able to do both with ease.

For total joy and just pure pleasure, it’s hard to beat…

We, as a society, owe more to that lady than we will ever know. Period.

But yeah - totally happy with where the ladies are at atm.


:100: Lucille Ball is a gem. Absolutely love her. Even went to her museum in Jamestown. And vitametavegamin is one of my favorite episodes of I Love Lucy!


Did you know Lucy was the reason Star Trek first came to TV?
She spent her OWN money to finance the pilot episode!!

I can’t think of a single episode that DOESN’T border on classic!! She was sooo funny!
We would race home from the bus stop to catch the last 10 minutes of General Hospital and 2 Lucys back-to-back!! Then Gilligan and The Bradys!
Got to LOVE syndication!!

Which, BTW, ILL was the first show ever sold into syndication…


Yes! I did know that! In high school I did a book report about her lol she was my idol growing up. I used to watch it with my parents all the time. Loved Gillian’s island too!

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I think I turned in my “Catcher In The Rye” book report 3 different times!
Not sure if that says more about the teachers in my district or me! :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy:

It’s a great book! And I never felt an urge to shoot anybody.
Well, not because of the book at least. LOL!!


I have never read catcher in the rye. Book was banned in my state before I was even old enough to be in school.

That’s scary! It’s just a book…
That’s like Walnutz - they won’t sell an album with “naughty” words but you can buy any gory, slaughter-fest movie there is!

Interestingly enough, South Park said it best -

“Horrific, deplorable violence is okay, as long as people don’t say any naughty words! That’s what this war is all about!”

It seems like we’re REGRESSING instead of PROGRESSING in this country now and days. :roll_eyes:

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It’s ridiculous and sad but it’s true.

I remember back in middle school when I was in orchestra we started to learn to play the Harry Potter theme song. Harry Potter was huge back then and we were all excited that we were learning to play it. . Well some parents threw a fit that the school district allowed us to play it because it coincided with witchcraft. :roll_eyes: So they banned it. People get so offended over some of the most ridiculous things.

Not that long ago I was reading an article about banned books and the list was surprising. Some of the most influential literature in history was banned. I was shocked. Why are these books banned when there are movies and tv shows that are 1000 times more gruesome.


Nothing new…girls just chugging along. I do seem to be getting more stretch than I did with mom.
Maybe that’s a result of the Jacks vrs the FF.
They’re stout and leafy as hell! I really need to do some culling of the giant fans. I suppose the end of the week will be 3 weeks since the flip and I don’t think it’ll hurt them any, in fact it’ll expose many, many more buds to direct light.
I haven’t touched the lights since they first went into the 2x4, save for 1 click on the intensity, which put me in the 55-65 DLI range across the canopy. I’m thinking about raising them up an inch or two to see if I can get a little more stretch out of them if possible.
Question is - Should I raise the intensity to maintain the 60-ish DLI or let it ride without touching the knob?
I shall consult my trusty, wrinkled copy of Marijuana Growers Guide! And the site, of course!! LOL!

A couple of snaps from this morning…well, for them! LOL!

They’ll wake up to rain in the morning. :smiley: Feeding day! I’ll be adding Silica and Mammoth P and I’m aiming for low run off, I want them to eat. Saturday morning they’ll get the low PPM mini-flush. It seems to be working well.
AND - I made things a LOT easier on myself!! Yay!! Out of sight, out of mind!
Until next spring when the outdoor grow starts up again.

I need to find me some suitable tupperware for my Jacks. I don’t have a whole lot of space to work with because of the stupid document shredder. But at least the FF stuff is in a box and out of the way.
Also got my scales perfectly dialed in, by my eye at least, and took a few minutes to do a 3 point calibration on the Apera. And as it was, she had drifted by about a 0.10 off the mark. Interestingly enough, the $10 banana-colored cheapie from Amazon was off the exact amount. And I haven’t touched that one in 3 or 4 months! I didn’t bother to calibrate it! LOL!

The autos are coming along. They’ll be debuting in their own journal before long. :smiley:
It’ll be interesting with 3 autos in a 27"x27" space.

Did anybody treat themself to any Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals?
I did not!! Surprise!!! :rofl:
I ended up not having to because my niece has decided to grow indoors and as a result, will be sharing beans and cuttings with me!!! YAY!!!
Oh and she’s planning on going at it hard! @MadamCalamity stylee!! :joy: :rofl:
But that’s a whole thread to itself! LOL!
At any rate, in addition to the previously mentioned ILGM Bruce Banner Autos, I’ll be getting a bean or two of WSE Acapulco Gold Fem, Chiquita Banana Fem, Ghost Train Haze Fem, Critical Purple Auto, and Blue Dream Auto.
She’s got pretty good taste!!
I’m trying to convince her to take that old 400w Metal Halide I have out in the garage and these 4 extra Skunk clones I have stuck myself with! LOL!
Maybe I can get one of those 400w solar power generators and a 3x3 in my stocking and set it up in the garage. :joy: I certainly won’t have to worry about the girls getting cold!! :sweat_smile:

Happy Growing Everyone!!


Everything is looking fantastic. I say raise light but not the intensity so you can get your stretch