Tylersays - First Grow w/ First Grow 2.0 Featuring the A-U-T-O-matic Experience

I thought it was a tiny sunflower seed at first. I’ve plucked 3 from the buds when trimming and washed out 5 during the bud wash.
The only thing I can figure is the little birds flitting around the feeders near the deck put them, or dropped them in there?
In the summer we had tons of birds back there.

Including this hummingbird family that would zoom through the girls like twin-pod cloud cars zipping around Bespin.



Plant it outdoor

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@SilvaBack203 Yeah, I’d hate to burn space and time in the tent and end up with a boy. LOL!
Though I’m sure it’s from a herm. That’s it though…1 seed. Not another in sight and no under-developed beans at all. She was a very selective herm LOL!

Once they cleared customs it was on! LOL!

My first stealth order too LOL!
Usually I just get a padded envelope, this time they came in a little puzzle box - WITH a puzzle! YAY!!
At a whopping 25 pieces it should take about 2 minutes! LOL!

They also came wrapped as a Xmas gift! (Not a cat butt!) :rofl:

Now to check out all the Black Friday deals! LOL!

Happy Ordering Everyone!! LOL!


@Indo_817 This is my journal. It’s my first year growing in a long time. i tried a bit back in my youth with various results but with legality comes ease. i don’t have to sneak off into the woods with a shovel and all the accessories lol!

I built a scrog frame and used it for support this grow.
Like I mentioned over in your thread i will be trying a true SCRoG at some point.

The whole clone SoG has been an obsession since the early 90s or so when I read about the technique in High Times. SCRoG has come along in the ensuing time when I was just working my ass off and smoking. LOL!
Pretty much retired at this point so now I have time to explore.

This journal covers my outdoors grow and first time in the tent. I’m considering the clones an extension of this grow, so I’ll finish that out here.
I’ll start a new one in a couple of weeks to cover my new Auto-grow I’m starting.
They’re just wee little babies atm and not ready for the limelight! LOL!


Plain water day! YAY!! LOL!
Mixed 3g distilled, 1g tap. Ph’d to 6.5 and added 2.4ml Mammoth P.
Each lady got 1200ml and each gave run off. In total collected about a gallon and a half +/- runoff from the tray.
BTW - I also raised the lights last night and dialed in DLI to around 50 on average - hot spots a little higher, cool spots all getting 50 at minimum.

All - even the Bonnies, are showing massive amounts of pre-flowers. I should have nice buttons formin up nicely in the next week or so. :grin:

The switch on the location of the fan has helped with temps/humidity a bit, but I’m debating on stepping it up to a 6" AC Infinity.
Crazy thing is - it really doesn’t feel like 75 at the canopy.
Can’t really complain too much though. i don’t think this is what they envisioned when they built this tent! LOL!

Heading back to the main tent to get the finishing touches in place and fire up the 350R and let it start warming up the space for the young ladies.
My little fish tank LED strip can’t get to the DLI I need for the babies. Just a couple of points shy, but no sense letting the tent sit idle when one way or the other they gotta get in there soon.

I Love Growing Marijuana!!
Somebody should do a website… :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

Happy Growing Everyone!!!



How does 1 set of pipes sound so good?

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Girls got some legs on then gonna be a full busy tent… you got a challenge ahead

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@MadamCalamity @Tylersays

I know that feeling! My hubs gifted a friend some buds of my Train Wrecks. The friend actually called to say “Tell your wife her Train Wreck rocks!” That compliment made me think I love growing!

Dang could not have done it with the help here!


Bless his heart…he’s a little slow but eventually he gets it…

I’ll be brutally honest - I don’t know what he hell I was thinking.

Seriously, I was searing off a fat chop to drop into the oven to finish and a light bulb went off in my head,

Got more work to do but that’s where I’m at …

Bonnies went back to veg…they’re gonna herm so hard! LOL!!
Free seeds!!! For everyone!!! LOL!!!

Sign me Exhausted and Stoned!!
With a belly full of chops!!!

Happy Re-Arranging Everyone!!!


Take it easy my friend relax nothing 2 stress about

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Just re-stringing the frame so I can use it for support. LOL!
Literally every plan I had for the next 4 months changed while cooking a pork chop! LOL
I might as well use it…it’s already built.

And dude - 9 quart jars of GDP bud…why try to express it myself when someone already said it better…


Well I got the net re-strung with new center bracing and back in the tent for the Rockettes.

My frame is a lot taller than I remember! LOL!
I’ve got to raise the plants up or cut the scrog, which is probably more work atm than just raising the plants! LOL!
Super Skunk is not a big stretcher.
I’ve been puzzling for a while now how I could raise them and I think the absolute easiest and quickest thing I can do is use cases of water under them with some boards on top. Ooh! I’ve got a few planks of waterproof laminate flooring I could use…
My distilled cases would raise them too much I think, but the spring water might be about right. But those are shrink pacs so I’d need the boards too.
I’ll get some measurements tomorrow and see what works best.
I got cases of Fiji too if neither of those is appropriate! LOL!
Plus I have some cheap plastic saucers and small condiment cups coming Tuesday. Plan is to use 3 or 4 condiment cups under each bag to keep them up out of the run off and avoid over saturation.
It will also afford me the chance to monitor things per plant if the need should arise. Ideally the first run off is best they say, but it would give me some indication of whats going on if it took me a few minutes to get a reading.

Classic Over-achiever ambitions photos! LOL!!

LOL! Now they look sad!

Watching the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Concert on HBO - awesome show!!
Jennifer Hudson’s tribute to Aretha - incredible!
LL Cool J’s set was historic and sounded so damn good!! Is he still 25? WTH? I got old!!
And I’ll be adding Gary Clark Jr.s performance to my YouTube rotation. And that song was written pre-1934 and was awesome!! Of course…Gary Clark Jr. …

Not finished yet - Jay Z coming up! And the Foos!!



Me thinks my used copy of Ed Rosenthal’s Marijuana Growers Handbook has seen a bit of greenhouse duty! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! :rofl:

Hopefully a space update this evening…it’s feed day…coming soon…

Happy Growing Everyone!!!


Well, I had a busy night! LOL!

Been puzzling for a couple of days on the easiest way to raise the plants to my net, then I saw them…
The 4 12" secitions of pipe I cut for the frame for the 27"x27"!!
Score! Problem solved.
Whatever I did was inevitably gonna end up with the plants out of the tent again, and with the addition of elbows at the bottom, and the net assembly up top, I ended up with the best height for the net, more or less.
I’ve gotten really good at taking scrog frames in and out of tents!! :rofl: :rofl:

Thank JesuAllaBuddha that weed plants are as flexible as a cat on a sunny, Sunday morning otherwise I might not have gotten them under there! :astonished:
The net is right at 14" above the floor of the tent. It works well for where they’re at, IMHO.
Once I got the plant more or less settled I raised it and slid the saucer with the little condiment cups in it to raise it another inch or so and give room to vac out the ro. That’s gonna be a experience come tomorrow!! LOL!! :rofl: :rofl:

Anyway - this is where they sit until the end…barring any unforeseen catastrophe.

You know, if I’d quit dickin’ around with them they’d do a lot more of that…
BUT - that’s it!! Nothing more left than eating and growing!
Some selective trimming here and there I’m sure. :grinning:

And that’s pretty much where I’m at. Other than exhausted…and high as a kite on my homegrown ILGM NYD.

I actually grew some damn good weed!! YAY!!!

Happy Growing Everyone!!!


Oh yeah, pretty much every shoot has it’s own square/space, there are extras if I need to stretch them out a bit more in the next couple of weeks.



Nice work there buddy! The ladies all look super happy :heart_eyes:


Killing it man. Always finding ways 2 mess with the girls lol

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that pvc net looks so good, even better then my boards lol might have to upgrade one day

Oh man all the seed sales are starting up again and I am getting low on seeds… unlike some people I know


I’m just glad I had those short pieces already cut so I could drop it. And that I didn’t glue the top to the bottom!

I hear you on the deals!! It was everything I could do yesterday to NOT get the deal at WSE!!
Everybody’s got a sale going!!

I am getting some Bruce Banner autos - my niece ordered and said she’d give me a few! Yay!! LOL!
I’ll take 'em!!

Happy Growing Everyone!!!