Tylersays - First Grow w/ First Grow 2.0 Featuring the A-U-T-O-matic Experience

Lol I just heard Jane Says on the radio and thought of you :kissing_heart:

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Here’s an observation…I grew NYD both outside and inside this year. It’s been several weeks since the outside girls came down and I was able to start sampling a little larf shortly afterwards. LOL! What a pothead! No patience at all! LOL!
The high is nice and pretty strong at the start settling into a pleasant “drone” in the background. Definitely a strain that’s not crippling and very workable. I wish I had a portable bong because 2 or 3 good rips of this would make any trip into one of the “big boxes” a much more tolerable experience. VERY satisfied.

Well, the inside lady is getting to the point where some of her smaller nugs are getting tryable. LOL! Again, pothead…LOL!
THIS is the NYD we were getting a few years back for a bit. The taste is much “brighter” and more heavily minty or citrus-y and very pleasant. Not that the outdoor isn’t, it is. And continues to get better with the cure, but it is a different flavor off the green.
The high is immediate and forceful. Straight to the head, as they say! After a bit it settles into the center of the brain and just kinda pulses waves through your head and down the spine.
This is the 2 joints in the sock and heading into the concert weed. Eventually I’ll grow this strain alone in the tent and learn to maximize it to her fullest. I wish I had taken clones of her now.

Just thought I’d post up a quick comparison. I’m really stoned! LOL!



Clone everything. If it turn out so-so, toss them. If it rocks your world, grow it over and over.


I will definitely be doing that from now on!
No question.

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I actually have the trimmings off the NYD I took at the same time as the skunk in the fridge.
Not the freezer either…
Chances are slim but what if…?
Not like I’d be wasting anything but time…
And I do have a really good fridge… :rofl:

I am so tempted…


Man u making me wanna drop my nyc diesels f4 that I have


Nothing to lose except time…

I was looking at royal seed @Graysin . Where did you get them. I saw they have a purple queen. But they don’t ship to the states is what there website says.


I picked them up from Seedsman during their “Halloooweed” sale. It was BOGO for RQS seeds. I was sorely in need of some new autos because I’ve run one of each of what I’ve got now, and RQS definitely has some high THC potential for autoflowers and their photo strains are pretty top notch for a homegrow.


I got mine in early September. Must have been Labor Day sale or something. the deal then was buy 5 get 5 free - house choice. LOL!
I ordered RQS Green Gelato and they gifted me RQS OG Kush.
Plus the freebies from Seedsman. Which was seedsmans White Widow.


Thanks bud. I had a white queen in my outdoor grow. Now I want to try something different and saw that.

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Well, the clones all survived the hatchet job they got. LOL!
I probably set them back a bit, but I shouldn’t have to do any major trimming for a while and the air flow around the plants and bags is much better now.
After a couple of days I’ll check the hygrometer app and see if the averages have changed.
I also got the exhaust fan moved to the inside of the tent and have the outlet out into the garage as far as I can get it. I have to just crack the door and pull it through. The woman ain’t gonna let me cut any holes in anything! LOL! I set the mini-split in that room to 70 and turned on the “dry” setting. I hope that’s some kind of dehumidifier. I’ll find the book tomorrow and find out. LOL!
I do wonder how low the temps would get if I moved the tent to the garage? Not climate controlled but it is insulated and the doors are the foam core, so they’re kinda insulated too. It wouldn’t get really chilly out there til January or February, if we even have really low temps this year. They were talking on The Weather Channel about some weak El Dingo this winter which meant a milder winter. Hmmm…

An interesting, or maybe completely in my mind, observation.
But I can even see it in the first picture here.
As you look into the tent do the plants on the left side of the picture seem a little smaller and thinner than the other “quadrants” of the tent? Like if you broke the tent up into 4 equal squares you know.
At any rate, that quad is under the “new” Spider Farmer 1000. Rear 2 quads are under the SF-2000, front right is under the “old” SF-1000.
Supposedly the light has more diodes(less red) and also runs at a lower draw from the wall than the old one.
But then it could just be my imagination! LOL!

With a tent slam full of clones you can see why that’s the preferred growing method of commercial growers. The uniformity of the tent is kinda amazing considering the training has pretty much been culling shoots and leaves. I’ve done little to no bending so far.

I wonder how many 1g bags you can slam in a 2x4? Hmmmm… :rofl:

Happy Growing Everyone!!!


Run with those clones . I have a 25 clone king on the way. That will be my next project. I cannot believe how addictive this is.
I have about 30 ilgm of various strains and still want more. I am looking at zskittles, purple queen and haze, a lemon kush. I still have credits with ilgm. I wasn’t interested in any of the bf deals


25 eh?
That might fill the 2x4. :rofl:

Dude - TOTALLY addictive!
It’s 3:20 am and I’m up reading about microbes and far red lighting!
And totally need to be asleep! LOL!

I think I’m up to 17 or 18 strains now, but I could easily double that if i just went buck wild! LOL!
There’s so many crazy hybrids and strains out there and they all look so damn good!

Not to mention the bragging rights you get when you bust out some bomb ass smoke on your slacker buddies!
They’re lucky I’m (mostly) a good person! :rofl: :rofl:


Yes sir. I have seen people turn white after hitting a joint and be like wowed that’s some killer smoke.
I went with the 3x3 it fits better in the grow room.

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My smoke needs to be like that
Come on blueberry photo and be :fire:


And so it begins…

Front to back - Gorilla Glue, Northern Lights2x…all autos.
Letting them get some fresh air then back under the dome.
They look mighty wet but the humidity under the dome is like 85-90% so…

I don’t remember my last seedlings being so tiny at birth LOL! Auto thing I guess?

Happy Growing Everyone!!


I think so. My autos are always tiny.


Well,well,well…not much of an update tonight.
Girls are happily eating away at their latest feeding.
And I saw these all over the place!!

Every plant I inspected closely is showing pre…
These girls are so confused! LOL!
Seed, veg, flower, veg, flower… :joy:
But they’re excelling at it all.
It has less to do with me than the genetics, honestly.

The canopy filled back in quickly. I know my timing was off, but they really needed it.

One from the vaults…

Trim, trim, trim your buds
Makes your fingers hurt…
Turns your frown upside down,
When it’s getting burnt!!!

Low and slow is the way to go!!
BTW - my copy of Ed Rosenthals latest edition of the Handbook is OTW. LOL! I have a book from the 90s around here somewhere! LOL!

Look what I found in the bottom of the Trim Bin this evening!!!
YAY!! My own strain! LOL!

Honestly, I was SHOCKED!!! Didn’t expect that at all. But a pleasant surprise none the less.
And it looks as healthy as any seed I’ve bought yet!
I cannot wait to grow it out!!
I shall call her “Hill City Diesel MG”!!!
Mountain Grown!

Happy Growing Everyone!!! :heart:


I found an immature 1in my caramel.

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