Tylersays - First Grow and Journal(the boring part is over!)

All grown from a pineapple top from a grocery store pineapple!
And I have whole new plants shooting up at the roots now!!
I should get 3 or 4 fruit next year! :smiley:

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I’ve been wanting to try that, may have to in the spring. How many seasons did it take to get fruit from the original planting? Pretty awesome!!

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We got it the winter after the first full summer.
It was planted mid to late spring, so about a year and a half to get the first fruit.
After the first bloomed it sent out 2 new plants from the root and this is the second of those to bloom.
Now each of the babies has a new shoot at the base and mama - who’s buried between, has 2 new babies OTW. :scream_cat:

Guess I need to get that flagging out of the pot! LOL!

And the second plume emerged on the Bird of Paradise today!! And I have a suspect shoot on another one in the same pot. But it could be a different variety. I think we have 4 different types in this pot!

I usually can’t get this to bloom until winter indoors.
Oh yeah - you gotta have a REALLY sunny spot!
My house is damn near perfectly aligned with the directions. The back of my house is tropical and the front is Canada!
I don’t think the front front of my house has had direct sun since the roof replacement!

I enjoy all my plants!!


Tell me more please.

Do you add the top straight 2 the soil and that’s it?

Yeah - you gotta leave an inch or so of the rough outer husk intact - maybe the roots grow from there?
We just buried the “pineapple” part and left as much of the green top exposed as possible.
Just like pot we kept it moist, but not sloppy wet. And it’s pretty much been eating just regular Peters fertilizer. I’ve never Ph’d the water but it’s been getting distilled since planting. Best I remember it was planted in either regular old yellow bag Miracle-Gro or Miracle-Gro succulent soil.
Never had bloom fertilizer or anything! Just Peters.

I’m not up to it tonight - but my next attempt at a weird plant arrived today! (Finally!)

Peyote seeds are TINY!! :rofl:

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Ima definitely try it out. It’s crazy how beautiful it’s growing.

Wow nice toy lol

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OMGoodness - I am sooo tired!
But a good tired, like I just left Disney World! :joy:

Well, the red is in spread!!
On the NYD it’s still “mostly” confined to the one shoot, but I see tinges of red on other parts of the plant to. So in the next day or so I fully expect to see more.
The Skunk is showing it across the plant at this point, but not as intense as the single branch on the NYD.
And you’re absolutely right @Syndrix , it is oddly beautiful!! Especially on the Skunk. The plant is generally a darker green to begin with compared to the NYD, but it really looks good with the edges and tinges of red. :rofl:
Despite KNOWING I have an issue I’m not that upset. It’s times like these that being a pessimist pays off!! :rofl: :joy: :rofl:
AND - I know I’m in the right place to learn what the issue is and how to correct it. And when we get it figured out we’ll all have more knowledge about our chosen hobby! So - win-win!! :trophy: :medal_sports: :2nd_place_medal: :1st_place_medal:
A wiser man than me put it best - upon us all, upon us all a little rain must fall!
You gotta do the full Robert!! :star_struck:

I’m kinda in a holding pattern until the Mammoth P gets here. And oh hey, @Covertgrower I did a little more research today when confronted with the possibility of saving some cash. $90 is a LOT to spend on a single bottle since I’m pretty sure I got BOTH FF trios for around that price!
At any rate, it seems that there are some cross-over microbes between the two but the Mammoth P concentrates on microbes that specialize in metabolizing Phosphorus for plants, where as Tribus is a more general, across the board brew. I stuck to their websites for the research, which of course, is clouded by the fact they’re trying to sell a product.
Amazon reviews for both are typical. Love it, hate it, out of date, best ever, waste of money. I’m sure everyone knows the rest of the lyrics.
It’s ordered and shipped at this point and worse comes to worse I have microbes for the next run with the Jacks! We’ll see what it do! :laughing:

Even with the problems they still look pretty good, though the NYD still seems a little under the weather.
And I’m totally loving the reddish tint to the Skunk. Despite it she seems to just keep getting fatter!

ooooooooh, won’t you take me home tonight…

I hope the colors show through! LOL!

Skunk - up close.

Furthest progression of the issue. Definitely phosphorus…I think! LOL!

Towards the middle to end of next week I’m due for the second defoliation. I’ll be playing that by eye!
And part of my brain says run 3-4 gallons of plain Ph’d water through each without Sledgehammer just to clear that base. That would help wash built up salts out but hopefully not ALL the nutes…
Hell, Mammoth uses such a small amount I could inject it right to the root zone with a syringe when it arrives.
Too many things to consider tonight! :rofl:

Stay tuned, we’ll be right back after a word from our sponsor…Or whenever I finish this joint! LOL!


This is the reason I’m tired tonight…
The clone tent is officially up and running!! YAY!!
I’ve got some tweaks to make, but for all intents and purposes it’s on!

Wiped the tent down with bleach and water and gave it a good buffing with a soft towel to make sure she had that shine! That about did me in, but I kept moving! :rofl:

Turns out for the diameter of the bags I bought I could comfortably fit 12 in the footprint of the tent. I really have no where I can do anything with the others but I didn’t toss them yet. Inspiration might strike!

I’m probably gonna have to go get another bag of mix as they were a little low to begin with and will settle even more with subsequent waterings. It’s a really nice, lite, airy mix. I really liked it honestly. The few small clumps I saw seemed to fall apart with the slightest touch. I can see why roots would like it!
The above photo is of the ladies right before planting and watering in.
While i was making my planting holes I was thinking about the Mykos and getting it to stick to the sides of the hole. I took a little of my Jacks mix and put it in my spray bottle and spritzed the walls of the hole before sprinkling. I did the same to the cubes and had a little on a saucer to kinda coat them in.
I had mixed up 2 gallons of distilled with the Jacks 321,Ph - 5.75, PPM 1600+/- and each was watered in with about 700ml of water and nutes. Once they’ve established good roots watering will be a lot quicker and sloppier! :joy:
This is gonna be as low stress as possible. There’s a tray and racks to elevate the bags above it and the Shop Vac is right around the corner! LOL!

Currently only the SF-2000 is installed and running with one 6" fan and the original 4" Spider Farmer exhaust. I haven’t set up the timer yet - I’ll get that tomorrow. I’ll probably put the SF-1000 in there as we get closer to the flip. I’ve got another fan mount and need to pick up another fan tomorrow.
I set the mini-split in the lung room to 68 and unfortunately that part of the house is not as responsive to the main HVAC and the humidity control as the rest of the house. It’s the mudroom as you come in from the garage. It’s also narrow - I wish we had widened that room during the remodel…It’s also the laundry room, but we have excellent venting for that, and the cooler temps should help keep the humidity down.
Once I get the schedule set up I’ll have a better grip on tent conditions throughout the day.

I thought I’d try having the fan outside of the tent but DAMN that cheap SF fan is loud! So it’ll probably go back in the tent soon. In all probability it won’t come in to play considering the goal of the grow. I should have

Did I just date myself yet again? LOL!

Light is currently at 26" from the brim of the bags and running between 20 and 25%.
As the clones get established they’ll be going up AND down a the same time! :rofl:

I think that about brings it up to date.
I might hit them up with a little Mammoth at some point.
I suppose I need to do some reading about adding supplements with 321.
But not tonight! LOL!!

Happy Growing Everyone!!


I’ve been meaning to do this. Hopefully the concentration of microbes is still higher than mammoth, even if they have the same microbes. The additional microbes that are in Tribus account for the differences in smell.

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Yeah - I’m preparing for the funk! I read that neither one is a walk through a rose garden! :rofl:
I’m just hoping I don’t have problems with the order that other have had but mine shipped from an Amazon warehouse instead of a third party so at least return will be easy if for some reason I need to.
At that point I’ll definitely go to Tribus.
@MadamCalamity uses it and I think we’ve all seen her monster grows!! :heart_eyes:

I’ll be updating soon, hopefully with positive results. :crossed_fingers:

Happy Growing Everyone!


Yea about once a week I’ve been adding tribus, recharge, fish sh!t and I have used fulvic acid a few times. Every time after feeding them the microbes they have blown up! My girls are loving it.

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Wow you killing it. Definitely a busy house now with all the ladies.

Love the color she’s putting out


Unfortunately it’s due to phosphorus issues and not temps! It is a cool color though. LOL!

I’ll be getting it straight very soon!


She will bounce back n keep those colors

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Tyler did you end up ordering jacks fertilizers?
If so did you get from eBay or directly from jacks?


I believe he went my route with the 7lb kit from ebay

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Yes 42 dollars and change in 3 days from eBay. We ordered it about the same time.


Yup - When you surf around the web you see it constantly giving great results and the grows I see here…AND I was flirting with the idea of the clone grow in the smaller tent, so the simplicity of Jacks sounded about right for stuffing a small tent wall to wall with plants. LOL!
@SilvaBack203 totally turned me on to the Ebay deal. Seriously - like an hour after I placed the order I had a tracking number! And it was pretty damn reasonable for the 7lb kit, especially considering how little you use per gallon.
The lemmings got their first feeding yesterday. They’re looking good today. Not sure if it’s the bigger light or the Jacks but they do look a deeper green. Time will tell!

As far as an update - i didn’t do much today!!
Trying to run around and get my ducks in a row - I’m dropping the bigger GDP in the morning and wanted to make sure I had the time I need to dedicate to her. She’s pretty damn big!
Might drop the other GDP the day after depending…
I bought a case of 12 - 32oz Mason jars - I might need more! LOL!

I also picked up a 2gal sprayer. This is gonna come in VERY handy I believe.
I almost bought the 4gal backpack but figured the smaller on is ultimately more maneuverable.
Plus I’m sure it’s heavy and ultimately…I’m lazy…LOL!
Plan is to mix up 2gal in the 5gal bucket and use this big funnel to load up the sprayer after i assure it’s all mixed and Ph’d.

Gonna try to make it to Ace tomorrow and get some more medium - I don’t want to call it soil LOL! Depending on the clone grow I might use it next round in the main tent since I’ll have ton left. They only have the big bag!
And I need to look up Jacks schedule since I gotta water again tomorrow in the clone tent. The peat does help to keep it moist and it still seemed pretty moist today but i don’t want it to dry out.
Plus my Mammoth P will be here and they might get a shot of that too!!

Big girls are holding steady. A little more red across both. I’m hoping the Mammoth helps.
Plan is to mix 2gal for each and get massive run off. I figure I’m getting the microbes to the entire root mat AND washing out some salts with the excessive watering.
Aside from the MamP I’m gonna skip any nutes.

Any suggestions or advice on anything is always appreciated!!

@SilvaBack203 - Thanks for planting that taste-bud worm in my mouth earlier today!! I totally had to go to our local Italian Pizza joint and get me a good greasy roni pie for dinner!!
Unfortunately I had to get infused after i ate!! :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :rofl:
We need to perfect and market the first frozen potaroni pizza!!
We’ll call it “Beyond Pizza”!!

Happy Growing EVERYONE!!


Just going to drop this here as food for thought. I haven’t needed one but I know several are using them.

Probably cleaner and easier than a funnel if you want to fill the sprayer from the 5 gal. I think some even use these to water the plants directly.

Not knocking the sprayer, I used one as well before the autopots.

HORUSDY Portable Power Battery Pump, 2.2GPM, Water & Fuel Transfer Pump https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0936H75HD/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_KD0S3RTAAP74XBNQN8B6?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1


Harvesting outdoors plants is a B!

Culled the first GDP on Thursday. Started the washing and hanging shortly after. Due to the inevitable intrusion of real life I didn’t finish until Friday evening. Humidity has been pretty high and as I was checking her out I had started to notice a fair amount of bud rot, so she came down right then and there. I trimmed out all the rot I found and lost a fair amount. I’d say probably a solid oz or two. :anguished:
Still had a relatively decent haul from that one, she’s still hanging now and hopefully I can start final trim and start the cure in the next day or two.

I spent some time yesterday afternoon checking over the remaining 3. I found a little bit more rot on the second GDP, but luckily found none on either NYD. No where near as much rot on the second GDP but she’s ready. Pistils are brown and red and very few white ones so i took an hour or so and removed all the large fans - NOT interested in fan leaves, smaller fans were left in place - mainly because I was losing light by the time I made the decision to prep her.
Yesterday was cleaning day, and while my niece does the bulk of it for us, I take care of the cats more “base function” areas. LOL! And help out in other areas just to help her along. She’s not above taking a break, hitting a blunt a few times and jaw-jacking for a half an hour about the more conservative factions of our family! And lets face it - I’m cleaning house so there’s a joint hanging out my mouth from the time I start until I finish!
So after all that I spent the night on the couch eating roast beef sammichs and eating boring, but wonderful tasting, lemon cake! Watching Free Guy and smoking dope. Free Guy is pretty damn good BTW!
Never did I imagine that when I turned out the lights around 1:30 or 2-ish that I would wake up at 6:45 bright-eyed and bushy tailed! It happens sometimes.
As the inky blackness of the night sky began to illuminate with the pale blue of a new day I slipped on my sweats, grabbed my heavy clippers and headed out to the deck.

This was one of the tops towards the middle of the plant I couldn’t reach very well, but there’s a massive flower-cluster under that scraggly exterior! :rofl:

My guy comes today and we’ve got a full slate for the day so I’ll be tonight before I can wash and hang, but she’s tucked away in a nice, dark, cool corner for the time being.
And I’ll definitely be washing after what I saw coming off the first girl!! EWWW!!
At least it wasn’t a mouse - which we did find in a pound brick we bought in Cleveland in the late 80s!! EWWW!!! Luckily it was so compressed we could cut out his little corner hole and trash it. Worst part was that was some of the last TRUE Panama Red we ever saw, was grown well with minimal seeds and stems, and was the first pound we ever paid $1600 for!! Pretty sure that was September of 1989. That was the begining of the big money for weed. We had bought the same pound, from the same person six months before for 1k - which was $200 over the previous years.

Still having major issues in the tent. Once the pots are dry enough I’m doing the Sledgehammer and starting over from there. Unless I see some major changes from the Mammoth P.



Sigh< :pleading_face: :anguished: :fearful: :cry: :sob: :sob: :sob:

On a more positive note the clone grow seems to be going well. The roots seem to be working their way into their new medium and stretching out in their new homes as yesterday I see a marked difference in new growth emerging. They’ve gotten a half dose of Jacks 321 and a full dose of the Mammoth P. They’re getting a half dose of Jacks again today. Maybe…they’re looking super-green, and there is a little guano and a few other amendments in the soil, so I don’t want to over amp them. It’s weird Ph-ing the water so low! LOL!
Light still at 26" but I’ve bumped it to about 35%. They’ve been on 24hr but they’re doing well and re-vegging nicely so I might start 18/6 today.

That was the 15th, I’ll get some update pix later today.

I couldn’t bring myself to trash the 4 extras and I just happened to have these 4 little plastic pots…
The stupid root riot cubes floated to the top when I watered them in. LOL!
They’ll either stay in there or go to a friend…A couple are actually doing better than a couple in the bags.

I’ll do another update tonight and we’ll get more in depth on the main tent. I’m just trying to have patience at this point and do what seems to be best to save my work and plants!!

Have a GREAT DAY and Happy Growing Everyone!!