Tylersays - First Grow and Journal(the boring part is over!)

Haha, it almost worked! :sweat_smile: you will be pleased to know my Real Seed Co seeds arrived today. I’m now the proud owner of 17 mixed Afghan landrace strain seeds and 12 Rasoli seeds (because they sent me 17 freebies! Wild!). Oh, and a copy of Imagine Dream Wedding for Nintendo DS.
Seriously the BEST stealth packaging I’ve ever received. I nearly threw the seeds away!!


That is too funny!! :rofl:

I’ll keep my eyes peeled over at Williams Sonoma for you and the ladies registration and Save the Date!! :joy: :rofl: :sweat_smile: :grinning:

That’s a helluva nice freebie! Plus they sent you extra seeds! LOL! :rofl: :upside_down_face: :crazy_face:



No. Keep the info coming. I will be starting my first grow soon.

I’ll do a full update later but I couldn’t resist posting this pic from the other night.

New York City Diesel from the smaller outside girl. I :heart: her so muchly!!

I lightly brushed it through my fingers just to get a feel for density and the diesel smell is coming in STRONG
I think she might be one of the heavy producers out there.
Thank You ILGM Genetics!!!

Happy Growing Everyone!!


She is a beauty!


Not a whole lot to report on atm.
The outside ladies are chugging along and doing well.
Each got 2gal with half strength nute schedule, except Beastie Bloomz - that got full dose. LOL!
I figured I’d go ahead and start the outside ladies on the Brembe too. But just a half dose of that too.
At this point I wish both inside girls were the same strain then I could do a head to head of one with, one without.
It’s some crazy looking, super dark brownish/blackish stuff! I kinda wanted to taste it until I saw that! It’s supposed to be sugars! LOL! But it looks straight funky!

The inside girls are doing awesome!! They got the full dose of nutes last week and Saturday night I went to check on them after not being able to most of the day and they were really starting to sag badly! They are drinking a lot more now.
Each got a plain gallon with just a touch of CalMag and Silica Blast, Ph’d to range.
My notebook still back in the lung room but Lauryn H.(NYD) was looking good on both Ph and PPM. Ph was dead on 6.5 and the PPM around 700 or somewhere below 1000. She’s a healthy eater.
Gwen S.(SSkunk) was a little higher in Ph at 6.7 - I think and the PPMs were really high like near 3k. She might be slipping into lock out…BUT - she looks great and healthy and after the “plain” watering on Saturday night she seems to be exploding in growth and is maybe starting to stretch some.
I’ll definitely lighten her nutes next round to maybe 1/4 dose and keep checking her numbers. I’m thinking I’ll shoot for a 6.3 or so for the next round too. I have Sledgehammer if I end up having to go flush route.
They’re both looking really good and filling up the screen well. Still doing some guiding and prodding and plan on giving them another week before they get a drastic underbelly cleaning. At that point your destiny will lie with the screen or it won’t! LOL!
I have a couple of small fans available. I wonder if I should put one, or both on the floor under the canopy? Maybe it would help tame those nighttime spikes in RH.

Close up of Gewn S.

Close up of Lauryn H.

I snagged this one the other night. I just thought it looked cool! :joy:

I’ve emntioned it a couple of other places around the site, but I think I’m gonna try some clones and a Sea of Green type thing. It’s just something I gotta do and it get it off my mind.
Maybe once it fails miserably I’ll give it up.
Mt biggest fear is it’s halfway successful and I keep trying! LOL!!

Watch here for details and updates! :crazy_face: :rofl:

Hope everyone is doing well!!

Happy Growing Everyone!!


Nice on the inside ladies . She don’t even know u hurt her lol


Good Afternoon All!

Everything still chugging along!
The inside girls, a week from the flip, are starting the stretch.
Every top on both plants is showing vigorous new growth and they are starting to waft a wonderful aroma even stronger than before!
One a side note - I didn’t hook up the filter to the 4" in The Experiment Tent and a couple of hours after she goes in for lights out the entire mud/laundry room smells like a dispensary!! And of course the solarium has been getting funky all day :laughing: so I find myself folding a lot more laundry back there now!
It’ll get even better over the next couple of weeks - The Experiment is at like week 7 or 8 of being forced flowered.I think she can go another 2 at least.
I’ll start checking trichs soon.
I just got a new toy to play with! I think it’s the same @MadamCalamity is using.

I wanna take it outside and look at those girls too!

At any rate - inside ladies are going strong and I’ll probably be watering again in the next day or so. And it’ll be increasing in frequency I imagine as I fatten them up for the slaughter! :rofl:

@MadamCalamity the last pic is of the branch I accidentally snagged and bent backwards when getting the beast under the scrog. Just above the intersection of the net you can see where the stem busted open! :joy: It’s starting to heal over and knot up. I’ll find the branch on the outside girl I thought I had wrecked a few weeks back. It looks like the stem grew over a gumball as it stretched out! Neither one ever missed a beat! I love this plant! :heart:

Also had my ladder out to do a couple of things so I carried it out to the porch and got lifted up to their level for these shots!

Central Cola small NYD

Central Cola BIG NYD - She’s behind the rest for some reason and every bit of 8ft tall! She’ll catch up!

Top of FIMmed small GDP! I did spend some time afterwards pulling yellow fans!

Top of topped BIG GDP! I’ve found a few bad spots on her - indica and humidity…but she’ll still have plenty that makes it I believe. I’m just being super diligent and luckily we haven’t had rain but it’s still plenty dew-y in the mornings. UGG!

Running errands today so I won’t get much time outside today and I haven’t even opened the tent yet today! About to now then get my shit together. :rofl:

Have a GREAT DAY and Happy Growing Everyone!!


Looking good. Please update us on that attachment. I was seriously considering one.

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Oh this SoB will get in there!
Takes a little playing around to get the best shot and still learning which of the 3 lenses to cover - apparently it’s the middle one! And I gotta figure out how to keep it still when I’m using it, but otherwise it couldn’t be better! Well worth the money IMHO.

Here’s a couple of quick sample shots!

Quite happy with the results myself!
Already thinking of some kind of set-up with a drafting lamp and a clamp!

Now, what to do with the 2 other microscopes I bought? :rofl: :joy:



Tripod adapter for your phone?

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Looking good sir! The magnifier you bought looks fancier than the one I have lol and you can barely tell you snapped that branch! At least by the pic. I feel so relieved that my one branch is finally healing. It wasn’t doing anything and then BAM checked it today and it’s about half way healed!


@Newt Well damn - I gotta stop trying to think like MacGruber and look for the most obvious. :rofl:
Something about my hobby makes the mind wander in all directions! :joy: :rofl: :alien:

@MadamCalamity I’m pretty impressed by the lens set. It’s a macro and a wide angle and you just screw off the wide angle to get the macro.
They’re glass lenses and look to be good quality. And they actually have some weight to them.
Came with a nice “hard shell” carrying case and a clip on 3 level LED ringlight about as big around as a silver half dollar and it has a nice soft glow to it for close up work.
Even included a “credit card” thumb drive with instructional videos and other info.
I’ve gotten a lot less other places for $50 - that’s for sure!

I think my old Slik tripod is at moms house - I’m on a mission!!



Right after I put them into the tent i thought about getting a pic! LOL!
They’re not huge but at least I didn’t just trash them! LOL!!

Crappy pics but I haven’t installed any lights in the tent yet! It’s just a darkroom at this point.
The nugs are pretty dense and she definitely needs some larf trimmed off to help the bigger ones some.
Not a bumper crop but enough to get a taste of some of the GDP a little earlier than the other two!

It was all a spur of the moment kind of thing anyway. I’d much rather have some clones or a couple of autos going in there.
And I will, very, very soon!
Pretty sure I’m doing a clone experiment and just get that out of my system.
I feel like Buck in Call of the Wild. :rofl:



OMGoodness - Has it been that long? :joy:

Girls are just chugging along! We’re coming up on 2 weeks since the flip and my buttons are starting to form up nicely and the stretch is on.
Just as I figured, and since the beginning, the NYD is putting on more height. I’m running the DLI pretty high to try to keep the node spacing tight though, seems to be working, on the SSkunk at least.
I’m getting the scrog filled up nicely and pretty much each square will end up with a budsite - maybe 2 in a few places. It just might be too hard to cull out a healthy, productive shoot. :joy:
However - the need for a underbelly trim is strong!!
I’ve read about the 21 and 42 “rule” but I really think if I get rid of the scruff that I know ain’t gonna matter it’ll spur more growth up top, where it counts.
My ears are open to suggestions or comments, as always.
It’ll be a couple of days at least before I have time, kinda booked up for the next couple. UGG!
But please, let me know what you guys think about trimming. It’s kinda like the mid-70s Playboy and Playgirl models down there! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Some snaps -

Super Skunk


SSkunk Node spacing

NYD Node spacing

Snapped branch scar!

Speaking of - was picking up a few fallen leaves earlier today and found a lst clip that the plant evidently snapped off in her desire to be free! :joy: NYD is a beast!

Oh, and I picked up a 1.5gal wet/dry vac at the Walnutz for less than $30.
There ain’t no moving these pots at this point and soaking up water with towels and a turkey baster sucks! LOL!
This will be to clean up run off and any leaf that takes leave of it’s stem that I can’t reach. LOL!
Also finally put a fan under the canopy to help with airflow.(might explain my leaf droppage lately LOL!) It might have helped lower humidity during lights out by a point or 2 but nothing that noticeable. Maybe thinning up that underside would help a little too?

Girls are eating very well! I don’t think the NYD can get enough and the Skunk has really stepped up her intake too. Four days ago each got a gallon and a half with full strength FF schedule, plus Silica Plus. That’s 2 full doses in a row separated by a “plain” watering. They’ll get “plain” water again tomorrow morning at sun-up. Well, their sun-up! LOL!
To be completely honest, I doubled the dosage of Open Sesame. It’s such a tiny amount per gallon how much could double that hurt? LOL! I believe it helped because the buttons really took off afterwards!

Please let me know what y’all think about trimming the undercarriage!

Happy Growing Everyone!!


Just some rando thoughts and pics! :joy:

I’m in love with a different outside girl every other day! At this point though the above NYD is banging it out!! She’s gonna be a heavy producer. The buds are getting so dense and we have several many weeks left to go!
All the outside ladies - the big ones anyway - are getting a full dose of FF every 4 days with a “plain” watering between. That might change soon though - we’re finally starting to get some more consistent fall like nights. Still hitting 70’s and lower 80s during the day but by the weekend they’re calling for overnight temps in the 50s and even maybe the upper 40s.
Well see how long it lasts. We’re a LONG way from frost danger but I’m hoping the cooler temps will start bringing out the rainbow!!

Just before the tenting for the night I scoped out the Experiment with the macro lens. I still gotta get a tripod or something. LOL!

At least 2-3 weeks left I believe. They sure do smell purdy!!
Some mornings I get a little light-headed when I get them out of the tent. The exhaust has been pumping out into the mudroom all night with NO filter and then when you open it you get that extra little smack of wonderful aroma.
Add that to 7am - about 3 hours before I get up most days and it’s a recipe for a nice 3 hours back in the sack and pleasant dreams! LOL!

Happy Growing Everyone!!



Finally got shipping confirmation on the Green Gelato order! :grin: :heart_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I should have them by Saturday - Monday at the latest.
It’s high in the running for the next grow - which, I gotta admit, is getting harder to commit to limiting to just one plant since I have so many strains available now! Maybe I’ll do 2 again and just do better training.
Get all Dog Whisperer on them ladies and mold them to my specs.

Also, you’ll note I didn’t say “last order has shipped”, because that would be a lie. :rofl: :joy:

WSE had a pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good deal last week on Zkittles and I caved! LOL!!
And of course, you hate to order just 1 strain and I thought Original Glue sounded like a nice compliment to the collection so…
Plus the 2 free Northern Lights autos for the bank transfer!
Maybe for the third order they’ll slip me an extra bean or two…ILGM didn’t! LOL!

Most excited about the Gelato though. I have good feelings about that strain!

No freebies from this weeks selection - Zookies, so far. It’s a 50/50 hybrid and is pretty mello. But I have had a couple of episodes of “swoon”, which is always a good sign!
Apparently the Versace Kush was evenly spread out for beans. I’ve found about 20 good healthy seeds and my niece said the same of hers. Guy knew he had to spread it out, at least he did it right. Since the initial burst in the suspect looking nugs it’s been pretty much clean with maybe 1 or 2 undeveloped beans present in a grind. Looks like they found the herm in mid to late flower and cut their losses then. Overall the smoke is nice though, I can imagine a sensi would be much better!

I’ve got about an 8th of the Pineapple Cake left. I really liked that despite the beans, which I’m actually grateful for. I’ve yet to find feminized seeds anywhere yet, just regulars. And I already have those, so why buy? LOL!
I’m saving the PUDC for Halloween, unless of course, something better comes along! LOL!



Wow already setting up the next grow. Your ladies r nice

In my mind I’m always half way through the next grow! :rofl:

I’m positive I’ll be doing a RQS Green Gelato - the question is, will she be a only child, or have a sister?
I have many strange and wonderful(hopefully) concoctions waiting to be birthed so it’ll be hard to do just one.
Maybe I’ll start a freebie! Or a PUDC! Hell, maybe it’ll be male and I’ll end up with a bud or two of Pineapple Gelato beans for a future grow or something! LOL!
I’d separate it out if it ended up being a boy and just selectively paint a budsite or two.

With this plant the possibilities are seemingly endless!