Tylers Just Desserts Grow - Black Cherry, Gelato and Cookies!

Wow nice reveg!!

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Congratulations on all your hard work coming to a great conclusion. All the ladies look amazing. Keep the pictures coming.


Yo boss - is the Ethos site being buggy for you? I wanted to go eyeball the multi pass but it won’t load :grimacing::no_mouth:


They’re supposed to be changing the site today but they must be having troubles with it as it’s been down all day.
I checked IG but they hadn’t posted any updates on it there so I’m waiting patiently myself.
I’m by there like 5 times a day - It’s killing me! LOL!


A cannot hook to server message popped up on me

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Secure Connection Failed

An error occurred during a connection to www.ethosgenetics.com. Cannot communicate securely with peer: no common encryption algorithm(s).


The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.
Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem.
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Woot!(Amazon) deal alert!!

Excellent deal on good stuff!
One bottle at Lowes is almost $10 itself.
I’ve already placed my order. :smiley:

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The re-veg is coming along nicely.
Girls are still under 18/6 with all lights burning for the entire period. Seems to be helping. Can’t hurt at this point! LOL!
I’ve decided the best way to grow these ladies for clone cuts is to drop the SCRoG net in there and let them grow horizontally. Since the shape is so unwieldy I’ll probably be using one of the first Gen cuts to create a new Mama and eventually flower these girls out and let them go.
TBH, I haven’t smoked any of the Apex yet so I’m not sure what she’s all about, but she was a beautiful lady with quite an aroma of her own so she’s worth at least a SoG once.

I’m thinking about doing 3 totes in the 4x4 with as many 3 or 4" net pots in them as I can comfortably fit for future SoG runs. If I can get at least 20 sites I’d be happy, but more would be appreciated! LOL!
Although I see these 54 site pipe based grow setups on eBay for less than $100 so that’s an option too.
All the expensive stuff is seperate - that’s just for the grow tables. If I used every other space it’d spread them out a little and a hydro SoG should be fine to flip after a week in the cup.
I wonder if modifying it and putting an airstone at the intake end of each pipe section would help? Looks like it could easily be done. I’ve got some time to debate it. LOL!

At any rate - these girls look like shrubs right now. It’s kinda funny. I do see a few “normal” jagged leaves emerging on the Apex, but all smooth and crazy on Member Berry.

Member Berry -

Apex -

Oh hey - I dropped those 2 Dark Phoenix girls into 1g bags last night. One of them took a hit to the roots during the process but she looks ok today. The other had no issues. I hope they start eating some of the good stuff in that soil soon - they’re pale as Casper! LOL!

I’m gonna see what they do under the lights for a couple of weeks and if they start growing some height I might transition them back to the porch to flower out. If I get them out by the end of the month I should be good. I’ll get a bud or two from each maybe.

I’ll get some snaps of the outside ladies later today and update tonight. I noticed earlier the big girl is looking a little thirsty so they’ll be getting a good drink and some FF bloom nutes.
Nice hedgehogs all over them!
Citradelic Sunset needs to come down too.

Happy Growing Everyone!!!


It finally went live…

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Done. Just missed Tier 2 Level 1 but at $1500 for a lifetime it still seems like a steal. All I gotta do is grow for 2 years and I’m set.


I figured it’d be a big jump to the next tier. You signed up? LOL!
It’s totally worth it in my opinion. I just wish I had known about it when it was brand new and was $100! LOL!
Hell, even $500 would have been a nice buy in, but I’m happy with where I got in at.
When somebody drops 150 high quality seeds in your hand at once it’s pretty overwhelming! LOL!

I can’t wait to start playing with the Regs so I can come up with some bonkers shit!


Yeah, I looked at the prices of the strains I was curious about and arrived at “I’d need to buy 10 strains to hit $1k”

That translated into “do it.” The first time I was gonna, it was still the level 1, but I Futzed around for exactly two days too long. :man_facepalming:


I’m pretty stoked, I left a male in my room while I was away. Gonna have some hella weird crosses when I get back

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Ok, XXX has been in the bag almost 2 weeks and is curing up super nicely! Looking great and the terps are getting more potent and upfront.
Did a nice bong rip or two and a while later was working on laundry I throw the fabric sheets into the washer and setup the dryer and immediately turn it off.
I was so stoned.
Starts out heady but settles into a nice, full body high. I can feel this shit in my calves! Lol

I’m high as f now in fact. Lol!


Ya know - I posted that last night and totally intended to put up a pic of the XXX from when I was trimming it up. LOL!
If you read the post it’s pretty evident how I forgot! LOL!

And I have to give big ups to @beardless for his tote sweating technique!
I really think it makes for a better cure. That last push in the totes to sap the remaining moisture from the stems seems to really bring the terps to the forefront and present.
Granted the Ethos Genetics are incredible in their profiles but even the Black Cherry Punch and Green Gelato are great! Dark Phoenix is sweating now and has her own special smell. LOL!
I’ll definitely be doing the sweating from here on out!

This is the XXX after dry/sweating and getting trimmed up. TBH I kept as much as I could. LOL!
The small sugar leaves are coated in little sparkling diamonds and I was like - I’m gonna smoke you too! I took the biggest sugar leaves and of course, the fans. But it’s all good for bong rips and honestly I think because of the sweating, isn’t harsh to smoke at all.
I am quite happy with the way the XXX finished - and I have 2 - 5’ clones in flower on the deck as we speak! Good days ahead!

I need to snag some kind of final weight on it before it’s all gone! LOL! Eyeballin’ the Grove I’d estimate between 3-5oz. Somewhere in that neighborhood. Not bad but admittedly could have been better had I not crammed so many plants in there this run.

I also broke down and started 2 Orange Velvet Underground RBx beans. I dropped them into clear Solos about an hour ago and have them domed in the 2x4 currently.

Which brings to mind a question. ATM - I’m hoovering around 50% RH in there. I was worried about upping it too much as I didn’t want to encourage bud rot before they could get re-started. I’d like to take it up some to assist with the veg on the DP and the OVU but I’m not sure how high I can push it before i risk getting rot in those buds.
Guess I need to do a little research this afternoon. :smiley:

Happy Growing Everyone!!!


Glad to hear it. It really saved my bacon once or twice when battling low humidity levels. And I am just passing along info I got on the forum.



Got an email from Ethos today - the Samo 78 Special Edition beans release on the 12th., the 44th anniversary of Jean-Michel Basquiat’s death. If you don’t know he was a New York street artist in the late 70s /early 80’s who was discovered and skyrocketed to the top of the living art world and died of a heroin overdose at the age of 27. He was a considerable force in the adoption of street art into the upper levels of the art world. One of his titles sold for $110 million making him of of the most expensive pieces of art ever sold at auction.
Samo 78 was the tag Basquiet and a teenage friend used to identify their graffiti in the late 70s in New York City.
There’s an awesome movie of his life with a young Jeffery Wright and a stellar turn by David Bowie playing his personal friend, and mentor to Basquiet, Andy Warhol.

Ok - art history over…LOL!
At any rate, I guess Colin is a fan and they’re releasing a limited edition cross in remembrance. It’s limited to a run of 2000 packs in one of 4 different “collectable” packages.
They said 5 and 10 packs available but didn’t publish a count as to how the 2000 are broken down.
NASC says on their site it’ll be live at 12:01am on the 12th.
I’ll be waiting…LOL!

I’ll have the Member Berry bagged up by the end of the night and might start working on the Crescendo X GPS.
I have sooo much dope it ain’t even funny!


Best big sister ever!
I miss my Camille terribly, but at least Harley and Natasha are taking to raising their little bro on their own.
Harley is a little wary still but she’s slowly coming around to him. Natasha has full on fallen in love with him!
She’s been really good with him and is gentle as a lamb when they play. He purrs like a fine German automobile(LOL!) when he’s spending time with her. Makes me very happy.
He’s gone from 3oz at birth to just over 12oz yesterday at 3 weeks old.
Still bottle feeding though his intake has increased and the frequency has diminished.
I guess he’s going into veg at this point!

*And yes - I always store Nilla Wafers with my Groves. Let’s face it - one leads to the other! LOL!