Tylers Just Desserts Grow - Black Cherry, Gelato and Cookies!

Happy Cannaversary Tyler !! :v: :sunglasses:


Thx @nmgeo - going for 730 now! LOL!

Was doing a few things outside yesterday during the beautiful Junteenth weather we were having and grabbed a few pics of the outside ladies. Not the best pics but they give you a pretty good idea of how lazy I’ve been out there this season! LOL!

GSCE Auto - (Thx @Syndrix !)

Kind of a “stretchy” bud structure and I’m starting to think she’s about done what she’s gonna do. Not seeing a whole lot of fresh pistils except on the lower buds currently.
She’s pretty sticky and smells great!

The clones I lost track of - I think the first and third pics are the XXX and the second pic is the CrescendO X GPS #12. Either way it’s all good. I’m pretty sure it’s weed at least! LOL!

I need to top them muggs! :laughing:

All the clones are hitting their stride and the stems are fattening up nicely. I am getting ample side branching and the bigger two are covered in pre-flowers, which they should be - they’re genetically as old as hell itself! LOL! I don’t expect it to be a problem as the GDP was throwing pre’s in late July and she didn’t finish until late September. Maybe closer to mid-September but definitely in the latter half of the month. She’s just letting me know that’s she’s a lady and is ready to party! LOL!

The Citradelic Sunset auto -

Her week in that cactus soil really stunted her growth or she’s just an incredibly slow grower - not sure which, but she’s making some moves now. She’s getting Jacks where as the clones are getting FF stuff. I’m checking PPMs and adjusting slightly downward atm to keep in range. In another week or two I’ll just be giving full strength to them, PPMs be damned!
Got me that 8ft NYD last year! And the 7 footer! Plus the bushy as hell GDPs. LOL!
I’ll be mixing up for them tonight to have a drink in the AM. Today lower 80’s, tomorrow starts our next run of mid to upper 90s! Yikes! I fingered the pots yesterday afternoon and they were still plenty cool and moist but I want them to have some fresh nutes to eat on during this heatwave.

Somehow I blew right past the Dark Phoenix cup cuts. And they each got about 150ml of 3/4 strength Jacks yesterday from the Citradelic mix. The rest of the 2g I mixed was slowly given to her across the entire pot so those roots can eat wherever they are in the pot.
The Ethos Haze is still getting her tent grow on atm, she won’t transition for another week or two.

Well, my largest cacti got a serious lean going over the winter in the solarium. She will not be going back into that spot again this winter, that’s for sure!
I’m hoping I can get her to straighten up a fair amount this summer and find the prime spot for her inside next winter. When we got this cactus she was about as big as her baby you see in the pot with her.
If I had my way the entire solarium would be cactus and a few select poisonous plants!
I like a plant that can kill you! LOL!
I don’t think she would but you’ll know it if you happen to be shirtless and she taps you on the shoulder - which she did yesterday! OUCH!! :rofl:

I’m 5’10" and with her pot she’s almost as tall as I am!
Moving her is a very delicate operation and takes 2 people. Her needles range from little emerging nubs to some 1" killers! LOL!
We re-set her in the pot before bringing her out to hopefully compensate a little for the lean she’s developed.
I need to set-up a time lapse video on the Citradelic Sunset. She follows the sun quicker than any plant I’ve seen yet! You can practically see her turning to the sun! It’s crazy how fast she moves now. Hoping that’s an indication of a growth spurt to come soon!

I’ll be feeding all the inside ladies throughout the day. The 2x4 soon and the 4x4 after lights on at 8pm.
I’ll try to get up some fresh pics later tonight. I’m gonna bump the 2x4 back to full strength and maybe the 'dome too. I’ve also got a little color showing on 2 of the Ethos strains in the 'dome. Not sure if it’s deficiency or typical of the strains. I’ll get some pics up and get a very few suggestions from the peeps who wander by here. So that will be a VERY few opinions - if any at all honestly! LOL!
I ask questions all the time in here that go unanswered! All good though!

Happy Growing Everyone!!!


Well, I just watered the 2x4 ladies and some interesting findings…the Ph on the run off from the Cookies was pegging high at 7.05 so a tad over the wanted max.
The Black Cherry Punch and the Green Gelato are way the hell high at over 7.5!!
The Gelato is the worst off of the two. The BCP seems able to better tolerate the lack of acidity.
And all this is despite running 15g of pretty dead on 6.5Ph water like 16 days ago!
At any rate - screw it! I’m not gonna freak out or stress over it too much. I’ll water again in 2-3 days and ph the water to 6.0 and very lite nutes, if any at all.
I might do a separate mix for the Cookies as she’s in a slightly different place. She was eating much better than the other 2 and was only a tad over.
The difference in the bad and the ugly?
The Cookies is in a Rain Science bag, the other two are in regular cloth bags.
Another notch in the belt for RS!
I know it’s different strains, but the 2 bad are too. I’m sure a certain amount of the way they’re reacting is strain specific, but as to why the Ph tanked in the soil, I believe, is more of an indication of container.

What’s the best two-bucket hydro system available out there?
:laughing: :joy: :rofl:


Word! My thoughts exactly

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Ever see something that’s just so stupid you just have to have it?
Happens to me all the time! Although many times better thinking takes hold and I end up not buying it.
This I could not resist…

It’s just so stupid!
:smile: :grin: :laughing:

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That’s a T-shirt btw! LOL!
It’s just so stupid I love it!

Final AC Infinity has shipped, and it’s moving just as slowly as the other two. LOL!
I fully expect it to be next week before I see number 2! Who knows when I’ll get the last one! LOL!

One highlight though, my latest - and last seed purchase will be here tomorrow! I can’t wait to grow that Super Lemon Haze - in a RDWC system. :laughing:

Who’s watching Kenobi on Disney?
OMG! I have some nit picks, but overall a pretty good story.
Top notch effects and action. Acting was great too!
Tonights finale - and the final battle with Vader was awesome!
The battle was spectacular by any standards!
I can see where The Force could come in handy! :rofl:
I had to watch the episode twice, back-to-back it was so good!

Well worth the watch! But a total set-up for a coming movie, from what I understand. Nice!

Now I can watch Ms. Marvel. I hope it’s better than the PS4 game! LOL!


My second ACI fan arrived yesterday. One more to go…

Hating man. Still waiting in my controller 69. Havent changed

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Has it even shipped yet man? I wish to hell they’d use a real delivery service as opposed to UPS - THE WORST!!
If I see UPS is the carrier I know it’ll be a week and a half to two full weeks before I see it.
What happened to them? Oh that’s right - the guy that’s currently in the process of ruining the USPS used to run UPS…it all makes sense now…
It takes as much time to ruin something as it does to make it successful…I see bad things in the future of the USPS…

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Nop no movement on delivery

At least my seeds arrived intact and in 4 days!
My extra freebie was another Blueberry Fem. That’s cool - I have multiple Blueberries from who knows what breeders since they were all freebies!
I have a couple of Pyramid Hybrids that are Blueberry blends but all my straight BB’s are freebies! LOL!

At least once I have the second fan I’ll fix up the Thunderdome and get my 67 hooked up out there.
I rearranged the girls after last nights feeding and got a much better air flow from bottom to top as a result.
Hopefully that’ll improve the humidity some.
The cooler daytime temps have helped a lot this week! We’re right on the edge of that heat bubble and for once on the right side of the mountains. :smile:
Have you been getting slammed @Newt?
I’ll get some pics up later - I’m on smoke break from cleaning. LOL!
Hopefully these puffs will motivate me through the next chore! LOL!

We had a brutal storm move through yesterday. It’s like 70 and overcast today.

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I thought I saw a big one up that way yesterday. Lots of lightening…
We’ve skirted the edge a few times recently with the north end of the county getting slammed and the southern end just getting brushed.
We had a good 2-3 hours of a steady rain last night while the best part of the storm moved by to the east of us. At least it replaced the 20 gallons I drew out of my barrel earlier last night.
Can’t complain about that!


Woke up in 2022, going back to sleep tonight in 1972…

Hope everyone enjoyed legal weed while it lasted.
Don’t fool yourself into thinking it’s not on the list…it is…


Sad day.


If you ever needed any proof that UPS just isn’t putting ANY effort into delivering goods now I have all the proof you need.
Both of my fans tracking numbers indicate that they’ve been delayed “due to weather”.
OK - that might explain the one that’s actually in transit - in a week now it’s made it from California to Illinois. I could have WALKED to California from Illinois in a week! That is F’n pitiful in itself, but hold on, here comes the kicker - the second fan has also be delayed “due to weather”.
Well, isn’t that a mystery especially since according to their tracking it HASN"T EVEN LEFT THE HUB IN CALIFORNIA!
How does something sitting on a loading dock in Cali get delayed by weather? I know they had a thunderstorm earlier this week in Southern California, which is practically unheard of, but really? If it’s not moving AT ALL and hasn’'t for almost a week then how the hell can weather delay it?
UPS is without a doubt the worst delivery service in the United States - NO QUESTIONS ASKED - hands down they worst.
Any ACI products I order from here on out WILL NOT be from AC directly. If I can’t find a vendor that uses Fed Ex I will not be buying it. Or ANYTHING that ships UPS for that matter.
And I thought the local guys were bad but apparently it’s corporate policy to just suck balls!

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@Dennis62 - Welcome to my nightmare…

Well - A big push and a shove and somehow got a fair bit done this past weekend. Of course I changed all those plans almost immediately! LOL!
Got my 6" ‘Y’ coupling to vent the AC and the tent exhaust to the attic and got everything hooked up. Seems to be holding the temps alright but humidity is still an issue. I just ordered a Infinity A6 Lite - I think. LOL!
It’s the $99 one with just the speed controller. It doesn’t need a big fat controller as all it’ll be for is venting the AC exhaust which will leave the better T6 for just venting the tent. The A6 will just runn full blast all the time the AC is running. I do have 2 of the standard controllers I replaced with 67s so I could use one of those if need be, they are compatible. Obviously ordered ducting too.
Did you realize that AC Infinity IS one of the cheaper 25’ ducts available on Amazon? Even the Vivosun was more expensive! Bonkers! They actually had a 10% off coupon on the fan too so $89 for that really.

Somehow I managed to even get the car back into the garage!

I gotta wait till this weekend when my buddy comes to work and get that sag out of the exhaust line. I turned up the speed to 8 to help push it through but if I get in the attic and tug too much my strap is coming down. I’ll get up there and get everything squared away this weekend. I’m also gonna hook up a filter up there. I’ve got like 3 of them laying around here I should use at least 1 of them! LOL! Not so much worried about the AC vent! :laughing: I just want to get it as close to a roof vent as possible. I stood underneath the duct and held it up taking the sag out and within a minute the temp had dropped another degree. Might get it another point or two down if the run is smoother.
Things aren’t horrible though. This was a solid hour + after closing the flap…

I need to read up on my AC unit and see if I can use the program/timer to switch it between AC and dehumidify. It’s usually closer to the mid-60s but I had just watered. It always seems ti rise immediately afterwards then settles back down. Of course it goes up considerably during lights out. I have a hose in a steel sleeve I plan to hook to the water outflow that I can run under the garage door and onto the hydrangea. Two birds, one stone.

Dark Phoenix has the creeping Ph same as the 2x4 ladies and again the Ethos not as effected.
I watered a VERY low PPM level, 250 MAX, and Ph’d to around 6.2-6.25 max for last nights feed.
They probably could have gone another day or two without watering as I got back probably 50% of what I ran through them but at least it’ll help bring down the Ph at the root zone.

On to the meat of the act!

Green House Seed Co. - Dark Phoenix

I’ll defol those yellow fans and she’ll look great! :laughing:

Ethos - Lilac Diesel

She’s got a touch of high Ph but she’s also throwing out some interesting colours too!

Two Clones (I think they all ended up being BCP somehow!)

Next two clones -

If I have a Gelato clone it would be the one on the right in the second pic.
The buds are fattening up nicely! They might finish before the rest of the tent.
Clones…gotta love them!

Ethos - Member Berry -

Ethos - Original CrescendO X Grandpas Stash -

I :heart: this lady! She’s throwing some wild colors and is a hardy, strong plant.
And is frosting up nicely!

Ethos - XXX -

I really dig this one too! You can see a little of the Ph issue but she’s throwing some nice colors still and is stacking up very nicely!
The clones on the porch are now taller than their mama! :grin: I can’t wit to see what kind of monster buds she can make out in the sunshine! Gonna be fun to watch!

Ethos - Apex -

Wonderful! Lovely! Strong!
I believe the smaller clone(currently - she’s coming on strong!), on the porch should be from this lady. She’s gonna be another one to watch out there. She’s starting to frost up nicely and is growing well.

I really like the Ethos genetics - even if they don’t really tell you what the hell you’re growing! LOL!
Guess I gotta get used to them - I got a lifetime supply on the way! :rofl:
Shit - with the 148 beans from my first Multipass box I’ll be growing for YEARS!
they still haven’t closed my tier if anybody wants to get in on it! Only gonna keep going up while the bean count goes down with each step. I so wish I had known about this 2 years ago and got in for $100!
Can you imagine? A lifetime of beans for as much as you pay for 5 from ILGM?
INSANE!! I’m just happy @SilvaBack203 pointed it out to me back at the start of the year! It’s definitely gonna pay off in the long run!

Almost embarrassed to show pics of the 2x4 but I might put some up later today. Those girls are pretty much done all they’re gonna do. Very few fresh pistils popping and the calyxes are starting to swell. Playing it by eye but I’ll break out the microscope - and my new gimbal rig - and see what they look like later today.
I’ll also try to get some snaps of the outside ladies too!
I moved the Ethos Haze Auto, still in her Solo, out there and it proceeded to pour down rain on her! :laughing: She came through unscathed but soaked to the bone! Need to just go ahead and drop her in her forever home. I also dropped on of the dark Phoenix cuts into a big pot. I’m still gonna keep her small though. I’m so far over the plant limit it ain’t even funny! :rofl:
But soon a few will be harvested - including the GSCE auto from @Syndrix . In fact I moved her to the solarium yesterday morning as they were calling for rain all afternoon. Didn’t need the extra water on the buds for sure. Of course immediately afterward the sun came out and we never got a single drop! LOL!
Had I not moved her it would have poured all afternoon! LOL!

Happy Growing Everyone!!!


Might have to find some good ones with this design.
That thin line stuff is the same as the first ones I bought that ended up snapping after a grow or two.

Etsy, btw.

@CoyoteCody - you got any designs like this?
Thanks again for the kit for the smaller poles in the SF tent!!

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Damn all your girls are looking good but the ethos ladies got those colors going


Temps not bad during lights out but check the humidity! I’m wondering where the temps will go if I switch to dehumidify during lights out? Plants transpire more in the dark, don’t they? Don’t quote me on that! LOL!

I got a few chores to do around here then I’ll sit down and actually read the instruction manual for the AC unit! LOL!

I can always switch it manually when I get up for my 8am pee!

:laughing: :joy: :rofl: