Tylers Just Desserts Grow - Black Cherry, Gelato and Cookies!

It’s gonna have to be a special bean to get me off some cash for a while!
I looked at it as an investment. LOL!


Absolutely no doubt! It will definitely pay off in the end, for sure.


Congrats on the delivery! Bro that sunset sounds amazing lol. You have so many beans I wouldn’t be able to decide what to grow next lol


@Tylersays what a haul man, thought I was a bean hoarder!

Just make sure the water in the glass doesn’t go too low. I had some branches I trimmed off my banana kush before sending them to flower, kept em in a glass of water on my dining room table like a bouquet le skunk for a couple weeks, then took em down to the grow room and forgot about em for another week. This was in February.

My next set of seedlings didn’t like February and took the whole month off basically; so the branches ended up being my plan b. I didn’t want the month setback so I rooted a couple hoping to have enough canopy to keep the flower tent rolling. They’re the ones I’ve got flowering now.

I didn’t use them all, kept the extras as an experiment just to see how long they’d make it. But I forgot and they ran out of water and died. They made it like 5 weeks I think.


@Syndrix & @CurrDogg420 - Thx - I have to say I’m quite happy with my membership purchase.
For the grand I spent I’m at $6.75 per bean with this order with more to come!
I won’t even get to try all these flavors before the next drop - even if it doesn’t come till next year!

The cuts in the cup are super big and all 3 have at least one node under the water. I eyeball the cup several times a day and it’s out of the tent now, though honestly it might evaporate faster in the garage than the tent. I suppose I could leave them in the tent until I flip this weekend. When I transplanted the clones I’m about to flower in the 4x4 now I used the Azos root stimulator stuff, the white stuff, so I used that in the cup in the beginning. Well the white stuff is all caked around the end of the stalks. They seem to be drinking fine somehow and I guess as long as they look good I’m not gonna worry about it.
It’s not like I need another plant anyway, but I like the way that Dark Phoenix is growing in the tent so I think it would be awesome on the deck.
The little set of emerging leaves on the XXX cube I put in a cup yesterday has doubled in size overnight so I’m pretty sure I’ll be seeing the roots at the cup walls soon.
I’d be happy with those 2 outside this summer. With my parade of autos!


I know my method works just fine, but I began to doubt after 2 attempts with "freebies’ that failed.
Just confirms what I’ve always kinda thought about the “freebies”. They’re old seeds or come from a batch with known issues that’s they’d have to replace if sold anyway so why not just give them away as a “premium”.
It’s only a premium if it actually grows peeps! :rofl:

Less than 24 hrs in the baggie…

I’m gonna have to scrounge around for a decent soil to fill a cup as it’s cleaning day and by the time Christy leaves my go to for Mother Earth will be closed.
I will be heading over tomorrow for some fluffy goodness!
And after I’m finished at Dunkin’ I’ll go get some soil!

:laughing: :joy: :rofl:


One of my Jack Herer freebies were a disappointment! I think you nailed it on the head. They are “freebies” for a reason lol.


Hey guys - forgot to mention this yesterday - I have used all kinds of methods to get good trich pics and we all know those microscopes will give you a great picture - IF you can get it stable enough.
I’ve been looking for a Gimbal mount for the tripod or an independent unit or something to assist with getting into the tent good enough to see all the buds. A tripod isn’t the most flexible thing to use for this purpose.
At any rate, for 10 bucks I’ll give this a try - Woot! is an Amazon company and should be allowed as it has in the past.

I’m hoping it’ll come in handy near harvest.
The cheapest ones I could find prior to this are upwards of 30 bucks - mostly more!

Wish me luck - and I gotta stay away from Woot! :rofl:


That thing sprouted fast! Nice!

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Well it’s been a busy couple of days around here.
A bunch of real life crap and a major defol in The Thunderdome.
I will be flipping Sunday night and start the count…

Roots showing on my first XXX clone. She will go outside.

The yellowish girls are both XXX the other clone is an Original Crescendo X Grandpas Stash and the “empty” cup is my Ethos Citradelic Sunset. She was showing a little green earlier. The stem is about to unfold and bring the plant out of the cup. She should be up later tonight.
She’s also in a coco based cactus soil. I was flat out of Mother Earth and didn’t make it across town before she had to go into a cup.
I did make it over yesterday and picked up the last bag they had on the shelf. She’ll be bagged in ME when the time comes.
All the clones in cups were showing tips so I went for it. Mykos, Jacks and 'Crobes for the water-in.

Now this beast…

Everyone had just gotten the aforementioned mix and got to enjoy the garage for quite a while!

Greenhouse Seeds Dark Phoenix -

Ethos Original CrescendO X Grandpas Stash -

Ethos Apex -


The next day…well, later that same day I guess… :laughing:

Ethos Lilac Diesel -

Ethos XXX -

Ethos Member Berry -

The Black Cherry and Green Gelato clones were trimmed back to just a few potential sites each.

They’re literally as tall as the other girls in there. But they’ve had no training just allowed to stretch for flowering.

Over the course of the next 3-4 weeks I’ll be keeping a close eye on the remaining smaller shoots to see which seem to be the best growers and removing others that are lagging.
At the next defol the hammer will drop on any stragglers.
No plans to run a monstercrop SoG - no where to do one! LOL!

I’ll let these two grows finish and in the meantime will be figuring out how I’m gonna proceed from there.
ATM I’m kinda leaning toward a single plant SCRoG in The Romper Room and taking clones from that plant for a larger SoG in The Thunderdome.
Since I’m still on the search for my favorite weeds I’m not too worried about keeping a mom right now. Of course if something comes along in the interim I can always change that plan! LOL!

I also grabbed my nuts and weighed out an OZ of my Super Skunk clone haul and am currently infusing it in refined coconut oil in the Instant Pot for making some gummies later tonight.
I plan to follow this thread -

2 questions for you experienced guys - I didn’t realize till a little while ago I didn’t order any potassium sorbate. Now that’s a preservative/shelf stabilizer. Is there any harm in making it without it?
I don’t imagine they’ll be sticking around too awful long…
Also - is there any issues with using sunflower lecithin as opposed to the soy lecithin the recipe calls for?

I’m thinking I’m safe on both accounts but any thoughts would be interesting to hear.
What’s the worst that could happen?
I drink a bowl of super thick jello?
That actually sounds kinda nice! :laughing:

I got watermelon and I can’t decide whether to add the citric acid or not. How is sour watermelon? LOL!

Gonna bean interesting night to say the least!

Man that was a lot of wok in that tent!
I’ve got a 5g bucket full of fans and so many clone-worthy shoots it ain’t even funny! :cry:

And tonight we order a pizza and relax! LOL!

Happy Growing Everyone!!!


Well, no gummies yet - LOL!

Sunrise for the Sunset…

And too funny!
Woot! right on time! :laughing:

That’s $50 off the Amazon price on the FX. I didn’t check the Nova.


You made that oil? Nice work!


Nova was recently discontinued. I love my FX, and that is a great price.


Yup - in the Instant Pot! LOL!
I used the Emily Kyle Nutrition site method. TBH I’m not sure if there is another method that uses a IP but this was so easy it wasn’t even funny!
Literally all the time I spent was weighing out an OZ and breaking it up some to go in the jar! The rest was punching some buttons and then going to finish trimming the ladies!
According to the site it’s shelf stable for months but I’ll be making some gummies tonight with probably half of it.
i don’t think it looks bad for a first ever attempt honestly.
I’ll see what it does - if anything. Of the edibles I’ve had none of them have ever blown me away honestly. I just have so much weed around I figured I’d try my hand.
Hell, I’ve still got a QP Grove bag stuffed with at least 8-10 oz that I haven’t even opened yet
And enough larf to make POUNDS of treats!
Gonna be a good Halloween!!


Double the mg amount until you get what you want :v: :crazy_face:


Well unless I send weed out to have it tested for a % of THC it’s all a crap shoot anyway!
I’ll just approach them like any other drug I’ve ever tried - slowly at first then head first if it doesn’t immediately kill me!


Ya know - i was reviewing my post last night and I happened to notice the tags in the bags and it seems they went into the 3g bags on the 10th of last month. Now granted they were late because of all the crap changes I went trough but that’s really just 5 weeks in the big bags and they’re kinda huge!
Currently the lights come on at 11am and off at 5am. After this post I’m gonna time shift them one more time by adding 4hrs. So on at 3pm and off at 9am.
I’ll give them a couple of days to settle into the new schedule then the flip.I’ll be taking everything off the top so I’ll have them coming on at 8pm and running til 9am for my 13hrs.
I’ve seen a pretty big increase in temps during the afternoons back there the last couple of days when we’ve hit the mid 70s -low 80s. And taking into consideration when the flowering will finish up it’ll be even hotter so this should help a lot.
By the time the lights are coming on it’ll be cooling off outside and will only get cooler from there on out.
I took the 4" Spider Farmer exhaust fan and have it currently blowing air just through a mesh vent but I’m gonna get some ducting so I can run it into the tent and hopefully find a way to kinda attach it to the door frame going into the mud/laundry room. If I can get it high up enough it’ll be right in front of the mini-split.
That would be an immense help.

That took a lot of words to write. My brain hurts.

Everyone took their beating well and most are showing a flush of fresh growth.
Also have a little more room to breath with the ton of shoots I took.

Pretty sure I see the smallest root at the side of the cup on the new XXX cube I planted.
Still watching the Cres/GPS and Dark Phoenix cuts.
I put a dome over the Citradelic Sunset this evening. It’s pretty dry out there and she needs to get moving.
I’m actually considering putting her in one of the larger pots outside with last seasons FFHF leftovers. It should be pretty clean having been rinsed quite a few times this winter and spring.
I might still do a bag with Mother Earth. I’ve got a few days to decide.

On a side note - I’m not what you’d call a religious man. but I’ll admit that some “church” music can be as catchy as the next tune.
This has always been one of my favorites and finally a decent recording pf the original live broadcast has surfaced…I hope it doesn’t break my “no religion” rule.
It’s just common sense things everyone knows, just happens to be sung in a church…

Seriously - if you’ve never seen it, and you want to laugh so damn hard you lose your breath and feel like you’re about to die, get stoned and watch ANY episode of The Squidbillies.
Doesn’t matter which one. One of the funniest, best shows to ever air on Adult Swim.
It and The Boondocks were a cut above most of the other stupid stuff on there years ago.
I have no clue what’s on there anymore. I might have to get back into it soon.
But seriously - get HBOMax or whoever else may stream it and watch them.
They are so damn funny!

Happy Growing Everyone!!!

And watch out for the locusts!


Used to watch that show, haven’t in a long time, I lived where it was based out of, northern Georgia lol.

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But Georgia Mud Squids are totally real, right?

:laughing: :joy: :rofl:

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