Tylers Just Desserts Grow - Black Cherry, Gelato and Cookies!

So we pour it in a Pernod bottle and start for New Orleans past iridescent lakes
and orange gas flares, and swamps and garbage heaps, alligators
crawling around in broken bottles and tin cans, neon arabesques
of motels, marooned pimps scream obscenities at passing cars
from islands of rubbish …
New Orleans is a dead museum.

                                    Naked Lunch - William Burroughs, 1959

And so we meet again!!
Finally got off my ass and got this grow into gear.

This grow features no ILGM genetics, I’m playing around with some different breeders.
I will be using Mother Earth Coco Peat again. I really like this mix! Let’s see what it does on a photo from seed run. And of course, Jacks and a weekly or bi-weekly microbial onslaught of goodness!

On to the big let down! :laughing:

First, and no mystery since she was already revealed, is Ethos Genetics Ethos Cookies R3.

Next up is Pyramid Seeds Black Cherry Punch. I’m pretty excited for this strain - she’s gonna bring some color into the mix come flower I hope. If she looks anything like the sales photo i should be happy!

Last, but certainly not least, is Royal Queen Seeds Green Gelato.
If I remember correctly this was the first non-ILGM seed I took the risk with. The last year has been a flurry of activity but I think this was it.

I forgot to get a root pic of the Gelato between watching the SB on the tablet and hitting the bong!
I was multi-tasking in the garage! LOL! She’s the oldest of the three and trust me - it was a HEALTHY rootball!

Funny story - I was starting a two plant grow. These minus the Ethos. Both seeds popped withing 24hrs using my method and into the Solos they went. After a day and a half or so the Gelato emerged and shed her helmet. $ days passed and I never saw peep from the black cherry and i went probing.
I eventually found what i thought was half the hull of the seed, but nothing else so I started another.
Then a few days later I got the ethos passport and when I got that seed I decided on a three plant grow. LOL!
So each was started about a week apart. We’ll even it out in veg.

Moved them to 1g starter bags tonight and watered them in with a full strength dose of Jacks with Recharge. They’ve all had diluted Jacks in the Solos from the start and are growing well.
Very happy with the vigor I’m seeing in all three ladies!
I’m figuring 2 weeks +/- in the starter bags before moving to their final homes in 3g Rain Science bags.
I’m as of yet undecided what style I’m gonna roll with this grow or if I’ll even use a trellis net, those plans will develop with the ladies. I’d like to be in the 3g no longer than 4w before I flip.

Also officially moved them into the 2x4 and under the HLG.

I broke out my abundance of hangers and switched over the UVA light to a decent hanger. That hanger was crap IMHO.
I also got a new humidifier. The cheapo Vicks wasn’t keeping it where I wanted it. So far this seems to be doing the trick, the log will tell the tale in a few days.

I got all the lights roughly into position. I could not find my damn small level. LOL!
It’s one of those things you drop in a drawer or put on a shelf and walk past 1000 times when you’re looking for it!
They’re about 22" off the top of the Gelato atm and I dialed the DLI down to range.
i also have to reconfigure the way the Far red and UVA lights hang, Dropping them changed the geometry a bit. It’s good enough for a night or two.

Oh, and I put fresh batteries in the Power Crystal! :grinning: :grin: :laughing: :joy: :rofl:

And now for the start of the tags - I won’t get you all tonight. But everyone is welcome to come along on the ride!!

@JaneQP @MadamCalamity @Syndrix @SilvaBack203 @Graysin @Newt @Growingforothers @KoolHandLuke @Indo_817 @4NK8
And the several hundred others I’m forgetting in my current state of mind!!
And the damn site limiting me to ten! WTH? :roll_eyes:

I’ve got a Chrysler and it’s as big as a whale and it’s about to set sail!!


Set to watch my friend!


Who did your garage floor? Sorry it’s what I notice


Same here on the garage floor. I can’t recall which brand I used, but it wasn’t cheap. Absolutely was a nightmare. Took 3 tries to get a batch that would cure. I had almost 1/2 of a 24’x40’ shop done when I realized that crap wasn’t cooking at all. Had to scrape up as much as I could with a scraper until I got into areas that cured and then the cured areas started turning loose in sheets. Total disaster. Finally got replacement product to stick, but it wasn’t even/smooth like it should have been. Brand new floor that had cured for 3 months, been properly etched and everything. :face_vomiting:


:joy: at least 3 at a time you might get through them in a lifetime or two.

Set to watch, my friend. Very exciting genetics.


Count me in!


Thanks for the tag, you know I’m here for the long run.
How far are you from Roanoke? Lol

Really excited to see you growing these seeds out.

You doing more clones as you go with these new genetics?

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Set to watch!


Definitely here for the crazy ride it will be


@Tylersays You mentioned your method of germinating seeds. Could you go into a little detail of your germination method?



It’s funny you asked this because I was just reading some interesting new information I found.

I believe @Tylersays does the same as me, soak in water for 24 hours first. I make sure my seeds sink in the water which tells me the seed has taken on as much water as it can.

From there depending on tail status depends what I do.

If tail is sticking out already I’ll plant it, I was doing tail down.

If no tail I would put in damp paper towel until signs of tail or seed split.

What I just read though is a few really knowledgeable mods on here, @dbrn32 and someone’s else I forgot actually plant with tail up seed down.

This causes the seed husk to stay down and you don’t have to worry about pulling shell/husk off

Can’t decide if I want to try tail up next grow… might just have too lol


When I plant and the shell is still on (rarely anymore), I would plant sideways. Allows somewhere for the seed to stick/get caught on the way up and an easy avenue for the tail to go down. I am finding I don’t much care for “tail down” as it does result in loads of helmet heads. I tried a few this round of seed germs and every one who went in tail down had a helmet on - some needed assisted removal, some didn’t, but they all seemed to struggle to break free more than those done sideways.


Thanks for all the replies and encouragement! I’ve been itching to get this grow going for a bit now and am glad it’s finally official!

@PharmerBob @DeadW8life - about 4 years ago, I guess, we did a complete re-model of our house. The garage floor was done then and honestly I’m not sure if it was our GC or if he brought in a sub to do it.
I was still working during the remodel so I was more or less coming home at 10pm, in bed a couple of hours later and back out the door by 7am. I don’t remember a lot about this phase of the job.
I do know he told me it was a PITA! There was a ton of prep work they had to do. Our slab was over 30 years old when we had it done! The color chips set it off and it really ended up looking good.
A couple times a year I’ll pull the cars out and give it a good cleaning and it looks so good I hesitate to put a car back on it! :joy:

@Syndrix - I’m about an hour east of Roanoke on 460. I haven’t been to Roanoke in a minute and as much as it’s growing it’s probably lees than an hour to get to their eastern burbs. I need to get down there and check out the grow shops that have opened in the last year. The one here turned out to be a bust. the Ace/True Value - I can never remember which it is - has as good a selection of growing accessories as them!
Honestly, if it were any county other than Bedford between here and Roanoke I could make considerably better time in the B. Alas, Bedford cops are mostly named Richard Cranium. So you gotta keep it close to legal! LOL! I’m more on the Northern side of town so I can make it to Charlottesville/UVA in about 45minutes. I used to do that commute for a job in the late 2010’s. It’s not a fun drive at 5am. LOL!

I will definitely be taking and running a clone grow this round also.
I’ve got my parts together to build my cloner and will get started on that this week.
I’m still formulating plans and am debating on building a simple flood table for the small tent and packing it full of rockwool cubes or if I’ll just pack it full of 12 bags with 4 of each lady.
I plan on pulling a couple of mothers from each too for possible future use.

@DeadW8life - My germination method is as simple as they come.
Wet, folded in half paper towel inserted into a ziploc. Drop the seed in - no pre-soak or peroxide or anything, just spring or distilled water. Seal up the bag and drop it on the top of the computer tower or cable box - some place warm, but not hot. I usually lay one of those junk mail ad cards or a lightweight envelope on the top to keep it dark in the baggie.
After 6-8 hours or overnight if starting at bedtime, I crack open the bag for a little fresh air.
The seed usually cracks in the first 10 hours or less and I generally have a tail in 24hrs or less.
The first Black Cherry Punch seed I started is the first I’ve lost doing this, but it was totally my fault. I planted it with less than a 1/8th of an inch tail.
In fact -

You can see where I went wrong here. The new seed was germed on the 14th after this one rotted away.
It’s cool - I’m still working on the free beans I got with that pack so no harm, no foul!

I just drop it in the hole! I generally don’t worry about which way it’s pointing.
When I was young i asked this old rancher I’d work for on occasion about pulling calves out of their mamas during troubled births. He told me he couldn’t count how many times he’s done it and he said those calves generally ended up weak and died anyway. His theory was sink or swim it’s up to them.
I kinda translated that to beans.
Either the bean is strong and will survive and thrive, or I’ll be poking around a Solo 4 days later looking for it.
I’ll help get her started, and give her everything I can, but the will to grow has to be hers.

Gotta run some errands this afternoon so hopefully I’ll get into Lowes and get some fittings for my cloner build. I should have plenty of piping I just need some elbows, T’s and end caps. Plus a 5/8" threaded elbow to attach to the pump. I guess I can use the 3/4" PVC I already have. The pump is rated at like 850gph. I got the big one! LOL!
Honestly, I could use that same pump for the flood table if i wanted to automate it.
Otherwise it’s not that hard to dump a couple of gallons of nute solution onto a table full of rockwool cubes and let them drink up once or twice a day.
If I can get 4 cuttings from each lady in the first round of trimming I could conceivably have clones finishing before the main grow! LOL!
ATM, the plan is to veg 2 weeks in the 1g bags then up-pot to their final 3g homes and veg another 4 weeks then flip.
We’ll see how it goes!

Thanks again for all the responses and support friends!
So far no complaints about these genetics at all! Barring MY problem with the Black Cherry they’re all growing vigorously and strong! Their next watering will include their first blast of funky microbial goodness. And of course Mykos was used in the transplant process with a couple of layers in the bag as it was being filled. The cup hole and rootball were both dusted pretty thoroughly before joining them together.
Do your thang microscopic goop!! LOL!

Have a GREAT DAY and Happy Growing Everyone!!!


Tweaked my title a little!
I wanted to use emojis but can’t use more than 1 in post title.
I love this place but it has some funky “rules” sometimes! LOL!


A few more tags - @Dhooter @Edword02 @Alexa @beardless @PurpNGold74
More will come to mind soon!
I’m not intentionally leaving anyone out - I just smoke most of what I grow! :laughing: :joy: :rofl:


Lmao. I know this feeling all too well. Im here for this one. Your journals ALWAYS get away from me. Im on this one early haha


Strapped in and seat belts buckled.


set to watch my friend, they are looking great so far!
that gelato looks like she’s taking off…
just finished germinating a Runtz and Gorilla Glue …
my extreme girl scout cookies is taking a lil longer…lol


It gets away from me at times too! LOL!
i know how it is man - life takes up a lot of air! But know that your insight and information is always appreciated!
We wander off the track sometimes, but eventually we get it back on the road! :joy:

@beardless - cool bro! Not sure I’ll be doing as much advanced training as you, but I hope to get three bushy, yet manageable plants! BAHAHAHAHAHA! As if we ever are really happy! I plan on doing a clone run and pull some mothers for back up - just in case!
This time I’m not gonna punk out in the small tent, but I am formulating plans!

@4NK8 Some beans like to be stubborn! But we do what we can for them anyway!
Yeah - this is gonna be some interesting training for sure. The Gelato has a week on the Black Cherry and 2 weeks on the Cookies. It wasn’t planned to be that way, but I got the dropsey and the only cure is to bury some beans! :rofl:
They didn’t seem to skip a beat after the transplant but I’ll give her a couple of days before I decide how I want to even her up with the smaller ladies. Honestly my best move might just be topping her now and hopefully the others will get a burst while she recovers from the injury. If it was a big enough top I’d try to clone it LOL!

I’ve only peeked in on them about 223 times today and they’re looking quite happy and snug in their new home. And the HLG is happy to be lighting some productive plants as opposed to that wretched Gorilla Glue that refuses to bud. I think I’ll throw Penelope in there for a bit of the good light! I’m trying to give her to my niece for her blurple grow…ugg…don’t know if I can do that to her though! LOL!
Penelope - not my niece! :laughing:

Happy Growing Everyone!!!


been workin on that blue jay pic for ya…i just started a new electrician job and having to commute from VA beach to richmond everyday…between that and my many ladies im growing doesnt leave me much time…prolly have that for ya in a week…just to say thanks for all the info u give me…cheers