Tying down stems

Yep looking good

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Lookin good, just remember to get gentle with them. I recently all but snapped one of my mains all the way off and had to play Dr to try an save it haha


I’m afraid mine will get too bushy before I get them outside in May if I start super-cropping and lst now. Although waiting to hear from @FloridaSon to bounce some outdoor SCROG ideas around.

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The trick to tying branches down, or bending branches, or even applying some type of LST on a plant is to ease the branch into place by slowing bending, and also squeezing and pinching at the area on the branch where it will be bending.

You almost should be super cropping the plant, then bending it. That’s the easiest way to do it, in my opinion. This way you won’t break any branches. Plus, it’s extremely beneficial to your plant.



Trying to get back in here on a regular basis. Finally getting past shooting my wonderful dog and then one of my granddaughters decides to cut her wrist!

She’s ok, but damn!! This hasn’t been a good month.

Bushy shouldn’t pose a problem. It should just be more branches to fill the screen. Anything that may have to be removed could be used for cloning.

Bursitis has made my shoulder useless for the past couple weeks, so I’m falling behind on preparing my outdoor scrog setup. I had planned on having the site ready before I cut clones, but it looks like I’ll be cutting first and then play catch up with the screen.

Damned life getting in the way…


I meant too bushy to still fit in my inside setup until they get in the ground in another 7-8 weeks. They’re all 7 weeks now except Pinapple Haze, who because of her 85 day flowering length got a 2 week head start. I plan on forcing her to flower ahead of the others by means of strategically situating her spot outside the fringe where the August shade line advances into the plot soonest. I just posted an update of the seedlings this morning.

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what’s happening fellas haven’t posted in a while work has been a little crazy question of the day for me is Why do the leaves look droopy did not look like this a day ago? if anyone can help please let me know thanks in advance

Most common is over or under watering. They both look pretty much the same.

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When was the last time you watered? Is she in flower yet? I can’t remember

friday was the last time i watered them

To0mofnthe soil looks pretty dry, how dry is it about an inch or 2 under? They probably could use a little drink maybe, let dome if the more experienced growers chime in first

I pretty much went with your intuition and it paid off man thanks you very much

thank you so much

She’s lookin better brother

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yeah man lots better

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is there any kind of General water regimen I know the basics I was just wondering

I just water when they look like they need or want it. I since I used MG with this run I just water no nutrients or anything really maybe a little bit now since it’s been a couple months.

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was just doing the same thing training my mothers some using pinching bending and breaking but for different reasons since I want stems for cloning

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just added 2 more to the family on the left we have white widow and left strawberry cake kush


this is how she is lookong gents

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what’s up how’s it going mind if I ask a question I’m having a little trouble understand this the base is coming out of the main soil?