Tying down critical mass plz help

Shes 7 weeks old . Ive been tying her down just about everyday on new growth. Not 100% if im doing it right . Any help would be greatly appreciated

What are you trying to accomplish exactly? Do you need room for the light, she’s a pretty plant, love a bigger pot but you’d be surprised. LoL if your good w height she’s fine but truly tieing her up would be bending her over from the tip but something tells me this might just be an experiment 1st and your tinkering?

Are you growing inside or outside? It makes a difference in how to train em

Trying to get as many as her budding sites to get light .
Also tinkering very much so . :grin: wanna learn as much as possible from each grow

Growing indoors

You are past the point where I top mine, but you can still top her and stop her from getting taller. At that height I’m thinking that trying to bend her down so the branches you have tied will turn and grow up towards the light. I’m afraid that the main stem is gonna be to woody to bend without breaking it right away.

Wait hold on just thought of another important thing… is she an auto? That would change everything

Yes shes an auto

I take back everything I have said. In 36 years I have never grown an auto so I feel my advice might harm your harvest. I would say the best thing to do is wait on an auto guy/gal to help out… good luck with her though she’s pretty so far

Ty . Only 2nd grow so im still trying to learn . Was thinking of going to photos after this . Time frame dosent seem much diffrent and with photos u get tons more weed . Ty for ur help

I’m not sure if you get more from photo because they take longer so you get an extra grow every year.
I’ve been talking to a friend of mine and she starts autos during the last month or 6 weeks of flowering her photos. Then when her photos are done she starts new ones with the autos and it times out where her autos are done when it’s time to switch the photos to flower and she starts all over again with more autos. It’s amazing how she’s doing it she’s literally harvesting every two months. Plus she’ll grow 6 or eight plants outside every season lol the woman is a beast and almost 70 years old

If she’s still bendy enough, you can pull the main stalk down and let the lower branches grow up more and out.

Mine is little so she bent easily. You won’t be able to do anything this extreme, but it will give you an idea.

Nope not bendy enough . Shes starting to flower . Can i still tie her branches down while shes in flower ? Ty

Anything i should be doing diffrent

Im drying some buds now . From what i understand you hang till tiny branches snap . Well my question is .
Right now my stems are still bendable . But my buds on the outside are dry to the touch . Should i still let them hang or jar them ? Thx

You can try and stick em in jars… if you have a small enough RH meter to put in at least one jar it would be the safest way or those moisture packs if not then just make sure you burp em every 12 hours so you can look, touch, and smell em if a little moist leave it open for 12 hours or if they look sweaty just dump em out for 12 hours to a day then put em back and try again… the key is to watch em and or get the moisture packs, hygrometer