Two Wheels and the Road!


Let me see if I can find you something similar to Blue Dream @TxGrowman


@TxGrowman Girl Scout Cookies matches the effects profile almost line by line on leafly

Blue Dream- hybrid Sativa Dominate cross between Blueberry and Haze

Girl Scout Cookies- hybrid sativa dominate cross OG Kush and Durban Poison

Headband- hybrid sativa dominant cross between OG Kush and Sour Diesel


Awesome brother ! Thanks . I decided to go to CO anyway next week, as long as my doctor clears me, and maybe if he doesn’t ! They seem to have the gas shortage in hand now by raising the prices !


yeah isn’t it funny how that works. They run out of the cheap gas and have no problem finding the expensive stuff! @TxGrowman Keep us posted on the trip!


That was a quick trip! Back in 24 hours. I actually drove a part of the way. Will send some pictures when i get a few winks !

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Jerry, that sure was quick. I look forward to the pic’s



yep me too! @TxGrowman


that is called getting the job done! lol glad you’re home safe @TxGrowman always interested in pics!


@BIGE @bob31 @garrigan65 @hillbilly103

The Kaviar is a Andy’s Bubba dipped in hash oil and rolled in kief ! 46.3% THC 5.71 CBD - a winning combo for me. Also got some bubba berry. All together, expensive but after tasting the GG, I believe that I will not be using much each day.

My driver, Kyla, was awesome. She switched from driving her Harley, to driving my small suv and drove 15 of the 24 hours. Was a great trip and we did not break the promise of not tasting until we got home. After that . . . LOL

Already love GG ! :sunglasses:


Took these on the road to CO. Gotta love the mountains !

Gonna go back for the leaves in Oct ! Aspen are beautiful when they change colors. Couldn’t get out and move around much.


hreat pics Jerry @TxGrowman


An oldy but good stuff from 1973, the year I graduated HS ! Saw him the next summer live and it was awesome. Great memories my friends. My gf passed out. We had to carry her out and we were all totally wasted. Wish I had pictures !

Going to Hawaii for 10 days but I can’t go in the water. DAMN ! Guess I’ll have to look up some good weed and enjoy the sun. No side tours for me. I want to stay on the ship or maybe sit on the beach and take pictures. I do NOT think I could sit on the beach and not go in the water so scratch the beach.

Will likely publish this trip on a private website if I get enough good shots. Going to have a lot of time to practice my pictures again. Doc says I will take about 10 months to recover completely, 16-18 if I do not follow recommendations.

Catch ya’ll later. :sunglasses::motorcycle:


A little Maui Wowee…


Pretty much my thoughts ! Or maybe some Thai Stick. Heard it can be had on the big island. Have to watch out for 5-0 coming looking for you. LOL:man_farmer::motorcycle:


I am sampling my Kaviar (see above entry) and I have to say that I have never been as relaxed in my life. It has 43.6 THC and 5.41 CBD. I have only smoked it once a day for the last three days. The picture is after three days of cutting on it. Have only taken about a quarter of the initial gram, and I still have three more grams that are unopened. This is some great medicine. It was expensive but the way this lasts, it is a bargain.

Highly (sic) recommend. :sunglasses::sunglasses:

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@garrigan65 You get better brother ! We are all praying for you back up on the Harley soon. :motorcycle:


43.6 THC… Holy cow… That’s some serious stuff brother… @TxGrowman


Honestly, this is the first time I have been pain free in years. I do not drive after taking it for about 4 hours due to sleepiness that goes away quickly but the effects of pain relief and all other stuff last all day. I slept like a baby last night.

Cannabis IS medicine ! :sunglasses::motorcycle:


@TxGrowman Moon Rocks baby! Yowsa!

Can you take a pic of one of the nugs? I have heard of moon rocks, but i haven’t seen/ tried them. They sound like they are working great for you! Thats awesome!


Sorry @bob31 I am not quite used to the first hour or so yet, I get pretty wasted and then it mellows out fast into a nice relaxed high. I have a picture that I was going to put in there but forgot ! Ooops !

This is well worth the $35 a gram. This one is going to last a long time. When that is gone I have more in reserve ! lol


that stuff looks dreamy @TxGrowman