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Look for some Colorado Cookies genetics are great and buzz report says find a comfortable place to be before smoking


@hillbilly103 Someone else recommended that also. Thanks.

@bob31 It is for daytime but to tell you the truth, I am not looking at the alertness, more for dulling the pain. Right now, I would take anything that would kill the pain. I have used AK-47 and that did well for me for my regular pain. I am kind of uncertain, this pain is way stronger than my usual pain. I was thinking about doing an Amnesia Haze for a grow but hopefully I will be healed before I had a chance to grow it out. Gonna see if there is Jack Herer and Colorado Cookies I can get when I go there. Thanks for the recommendation.

Ya’ll take care. :motorcycle::cowboy_hat_face:


May have to look that up and see what it is about. I have one good report from a guy I talked to while I was on my last ride. If it is good for pain, I’m all in. These narcs are giving me all kinds of fits.

My best friend back in NYS was talking about wild lettuce for pain. His grandfather was an Iroquois Indian that always had a herbal cure for everything and Wild Lettuce was one he told us about. I have ordered some seeds and some extract on line to see if it works for me. If I don’t use it, my neighbor says she will.




Hey Jerry, " will " here check these two out while your there:

All hail ACDC, one of the most effective painkilling strains out there due to its one-two punch of cannabinoids CBD and THC. As a general rule, cannabis strains with high amounts of both THC and CBD tend to make the best pain medicines, and there are plenty of high-CBD strains out there offering similar chemical profiles as ACDC.

Blackberry Kush cannabis strain Blackberry Kush cannabis strain

Unfortunately, high-CBD strains are relatively new to the game and not all patients have access to them, especially those living in states without medical marijuana laws. Luckily, high-THC strains also offer pain relieving benefits, and many people find that heavy indicas such as Blackberry Kush are particularly skilled in the art of killing pain

B Safe My Friend



@garrigan65 Thanks for the info brother. I had AC/DC from Oregon and it was OK but did not do a lot for me. I did not have the level pain I am now. I wanted to see how that California Dream would do but it just didn’t work out for me. CA Dream is a THC/CBD split and that was why I wanted to try it. Gave my two plants and 17 seeds to a friend that has fallen on hard times also and he only grows outside. I just couldn’t get it to grow indoors but it thrived outside. Can’t understand that but guess it is a gene thing.

I have Strawberry Kush now (getting low) and had Blackberry once and it was good. I had forgotten about it! Take care brother and stay safe. :cowboy_hat_face::motorcycle:


Here are the top of the list on Leafly Red is Sativa, Green is Hybrid and Purple is Indica



purple indica there @bob31




OH YEA ! ! ! :cowboy_hat_face::motorcycle:


Appreciate it my friend !


Jerry, to clarify; those are the top pain meds!


Looks like I got a driver for next week. Off to the land of legal weed for a quick visit ! !


nice! @TxGrowman


@bob31 WOW, you ain’t kidding these are Top Pain Meds ! I have never done Sour Diesel or Girl Scout Cookies before last night. I went to visit a friend’s house and walked into a pot heaven for trying new strains. I tried GCS, Sour diesel and green crack. Gotta say, I am still feeling no pain. He gave me a little to tide me over (I’ll replace it) until my trip.

Finally got off those damn narcotics. Should feel a little better off them. I got up this AM and had almost no pain for the first time since the accident. Didn’t have to take a pill as soon as I woke up. It seems I can think a little more clearly today.

The list is definitely gonna be used on my trip. :cowboy_hat_face::motorcycle:


i grew a GSC auto and was very pleased with taste,effect,and longevity too!!! @TxGrowman


@Willd Have been looking at the posts about your area and am sad that I didn’t get a chance to get up there before I sold out. lol I really got a great price and have great friends for my only two neighbors there. Can grow cannabis to your heart’s content there. The law is layed back and if you do not cause problems, they aren’t inclined to hassle you.

I really do appreciate your looking up stuff for me. I still want to get up there next year when I finally get out of the city and come back to the type of life I see you all are living. There is just nothing like the country/rural living.

Your plants look awesome ! I am really interested in outside growing after I saw how fast my California Dream started growing when it got outside. As soon as my leg allows it, I am going to get a indoor grow started. Until then I will have to live on bought weed like I used to do back in the day. Only thing is, the weed now is WAY better than then. Take care :cowboy_hat_face::motorcycle:


yep, thanks @bige typo


Started the bike today and really wanted to ride but it is not a good idea just yet. Not supposed to put full weight on it for another couple weeks until the ortho doc takes a look at how it is healing. Can’t wait to be able to walk without crutches.

Hope they get this gasoline problem taken care of this week. I want to ride to CO. Gonna ride around (in the car) and look at places to come to later for watch the leaves changing. Not sure when they change in CO but can find out this next trip.

Ya’ll take care. Jerry


@bob31 Have you, or anyone else, had experience with headband?? It was a strain listed on The Spot 420. It is a cross of OG Kush and Sour Diesel both are on the pain chart. Was just wondering. I really want to get Blue Dream but no one seems to have it listed. I have used and loved it. Jerry


I have heard of it Jerry, but I haven’t personally. If it is a cross of two on the pain chart then it has to be a winner! @TxGrowman