Two Wheels and the Road!


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Hi all ! Sorry I haven’t been on line but am now sidelined in TX for an undetermined period. Got hit by a 18 wheeler on Interstate 20 and totaled my Camry. Got a broken leg and was bounced around pretty well with multiple cuts and such. Scared the hell out of me and consider myself fortunate to not have a worst outcome. The driver went to sleep and ran me into a median where I hit a tree and power pole.

The medicines I am on are making me crazy. I finally convinced the doctor to give me dilaudid (really strong and is the only thing that is touching the pain) for me to take.

This is about the height of my luck, If it weren’t for bad luck . . . Just going to sit here and stare at the wall. Took me 30 minutes to type this ! Gotta love pain medicine ! !

Ya’ll take care. Talk to ya later. Jerry:cowboy_hat_face::motorcycle:


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Wow Bro, that really sucks and I’m sorry to hear that. Glad to hear you survived! So glad you were not on the bike at the time!



Jesus, Jerry. Just reading that scared the hell out of me. Thank God you weren’t more severely injured or worse. Don’t take it as bad luck. Take it as the best luck you’ve had in your life. Hang in there and heal well. We will all be here ready to welcome you when you are ready to fire on all 8 cylinders again. If you need anything at all just give us all a yell and I know we can pull something together if need be.


Someone is truly looking out for you.
So many ways it could have been worse
Don’t give up
Be strong
You’ll be back up on 2 wheels before you know it


Man that sucks…sorry to hear it…stay well and heal quick! Damn…


Man, that’s rough to hear. All good vibes I send. Heal well and fast my brother. :sunglasses:


dang @TxGrowman!! i hope you get well soon brother…when it rains,it pours sometimes…


WOW @TxGrowman ! Sounds like your lucky your typing at all! Good to hear your doing ok. Better living through chemistry is what they say! Hope you heal fast Jerry


The weird thing is, I was debating on whether t take the Harley or the Camry. Guess I made the right choice.


Thanks all for your wishes! Just frustrated that it had to happen at all but especially now. I was ready to get moving on a house in PA. Found a marine in PA that I was stationed with in PA that is almost giving me a small house and a 6 acre wooded plot that I have seen before when I was there in 1984. Nice hunting and fishing right outside the front door. AND very private, all the land is surrounded by his land for several miles on each side. He grows also and was hoping to get some tips from me. I am trying to get him to go to ILGM but he is hesitant to open an account. Will work on that.

Again, thanks all my brother and sisters here for the wishes. Ya’ll take care. Jerry

@Willd Really want to thank you for going out of your way to look at property for me. I am going to be much closer with that land in PA and hope to be able to get up your way sometime in the spring. Doc says I will be 3-6 months before I am up and around. They are going in to remove the hardware in 4 months or so if everything goes right. I am still going to Hawaii in Sept if the doc clears me. He said when I left the hospital that I should be able to but no swimming ! ! Want to get a hold of some of the Maui Wowee (sp?) and what ever good pot I can in Hawaii ! ! Thanks for the help brother.


Get well soon my friend @TxGrowman


Holly cow brother glad your still able to tell us about it bro
Hope you get better soon brother
And as you stated it could have been worse
Take care of yourself Jerry
Feel better soon John :cowboy_hat_face: :v:️CB


Hey Jerry-
Sounds like you’ve been up to some excitement. Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend and terrible accident.
On the bright side PA is a whole lot more hospitable than TX regarding MMJ growers. Sounds like you found a perfect solution.


Happy anniversary on the ILGM forum too brother!



you be safe Jerry andc keep that rubber side down brother



Looks like the Harley is not going to be rode for another 2-3 months. Doctor estimated 8-12 weeks if I heal well. I am taking all kinds of calcium and minerals hoping I heal faster. Damn, just about the amount of time I need to get out of here this happens !

How have you been? Haven’t heard from you in a while. Hope all is well.

Take care, Jerry:cowboy_hat_face::motorcycle:


Hey Jerry, somehow I missed this brother. I hope that you are feeling a little better every day!

The plans for the NE will wait!


Sorry I missed you, taking narcotics and I am really having a hard time functioning. Don’t like them but do not have enough cannabis to keep me out of pain. Gonna try to drive up to CO in a few weeks. Stay a few days and look at the scenery as well as increase my stash of high THC weed. Any suggestions for strains. Couch lock is fine with me now !

BTW: Looks like PA is going to work out better for me. A friend has some land really cheap. At least I will be a lot closer and we can get together a few times a year !

Take care brother. Jerry :motorcycle:


High THC are you looking to stay somewhat clear headed? ie for daytime use? @TxGrowman

Chocolope, Amnesia Haze, Durban Poison, Sour Diesel and Jack Herer all come to mind. AK47 to a somewhat lesser extent but it is a little more relaxing that the others!

And I saw your posting about the friend that is willing to get you a deal in PA that sounds great!