Two Wheels and the Road!


Hey ! Jerry here from the road. Kyla fired up her laptop for lunch so I am doing a quick post. Can’t wait to see what is going on with my ladies at home !

Has been a wild road trip but one I think I will do again ASAP. My friends are talking about hitting the Smokies and heading north to NYS/New England area. An ambitious undertaking but I think that I am capable now. Will have to be less miles per day than we are doing now. I am tired now but feel better than I have in a while.

Time to ride. Later Ya’ll


@TxGrowman, be safe out there, sounds like a lot I fun!


Party hard and ride safe :+1:


Back home again and wish I was on the road again. Nothing but a non-stop argument about everything since I got home. Why do I put up with it ? Good question and one that I cannot answer. One of my plants is dead, killed by the wicked witch residing here. I didn’t get all that great a start on them with the soil problem and all.

Road Trip coming up again real soon. Frustrating !


I feel ya brother, before my wife started riding it was the same every time I came in from a run. But since she’s started riding truly hasn’t been a cross word between us. Get her on her on bike!


She used to ride and now will not even do that now. I think this relationship is WAY beyond repair. I have tried for several years. Also got to put a car in the shop that she backed out of a parking lot and smashed up our car and another one that she hit. I was really relaxed when I arrived home but that went out the window when I walked in the door.

Got a better offer on the table and think I might take it. Anything would be better than this now. Can’t handle all the extra stress she is piling.

Later Brother. Jerry


Stress cost something way more important than money, it eats your soul :skull_and_crossbones:
If your anything like me brother nothing’s more soul refreshing than being on the road.
Climb back on that hog ride to freedom!


I’m here for you Jerry! I wish you the best dude, you deserve to be happy!



@hillbilly103 You got that right ! I feel like I am hollow on the inside now. The Harley will ride again soon.

@ktreez420 Appreciate the thoughts brother ! All I really want is to just live out my life as sttress free as possible and that ain’t happening now. Gotta change the current situation ASAP !


The riding group with us vets met tonight and decided that we need to try the CO trip again. This time it is planned for a more leisurely pace, four days up and 3-4 days back. There is supposed to be a break in the weather with high’s in the high 80’s to low 90’s. It may not sound like it but that is cool around here !

The guy that got his bike ran over has a new one now and is ready for a road trip to test it out. Planning on mid next week as a kick off date. Love the ride out there. Might take a different route this time. Am going over the bike tomorrow and get ready. Time for knees in the breeze again !

Ya’ll take care. Jerry:motorcycle:


Ride free and ride safe
But party HARD!!:metal:


We didn’t get to go to CO but it turns out just as well. One of the ladies that rides with us occasionally lost her battle with cancer and there is a ride going to OK for her funeral on Thursday, Rain or Shine. She was an awesome lady and will miss her greatly.


Give me a shout when you get a chance Jerry, B Safe



Sorry to hear about your friend. I lost a neighbor 2 weeks ago to cancer. Guess that’s the reason I Road and partyed all last week. Road the whole Blueridge Parkway and Skyline Drive as well as a 2 day lay over in VA Beach to cut lose with family and friends about 1400 miles altogether
Ride safe and be free


Man, what is it about the road and a bike? Just refreshes my soul and makes me a happy camper for a while. Sounds like your trip was a good thing for you !

I am in prep for the ride to OK tomorrow, a ride I’d rather not make. We are going up a day early and getting a room the day before a friend’s funeral. Just glad that the weather is supposed to be clear but you know how accurate the weather is. We are all taking rain suits and extra boots !

Stay safe brother ! :motorcycle::cowboy_hat_face:


Crazy ride today but arrived safe. Hope the bad weather stays north of us until tomorrow afternoon. Gonna be a long day tomorrow.


@TxGrowman glad to hear your trip was safe
Sorry it was for the reason it is
Be safe Be free


Made it home safe! It was a terrible ride back, Rain, small hail and then 100 degree heat to end it up the last hour. Now am going to Sleep for a long time. Time for a bowl of SK and close the eyes ! Jerry


rest easy bro! glad you are home safe @TxGrowman


That’s the road
You’re home safe and a bowl is waiting
Rest easy brother