Two Wheels and the Road!


Okay, the Harley has been sleeping WAY TOO LONG ! The weather has cleared for the next several days to a week, so it is time for rubber to meet the road. My friends wanted to do a several day ride to west TX and home. I managed to talk them into going north to Trinidad again.

Five riders from my area (all vets) will leave and pick up one more rider in Fort Worth then north to Amarillo. We will be leaving at about 6 am to get going while it is still cool. The next three days are supposed to be 86 for a high. Gonna take advantage of the cooler weather and get re-supplied for a few months.

Got my grow covered while I am gone. My friend’s wife will water them while I am gone and send reports. This is going to be a fun trip ! Jerry


Wishing you safe journeys. Rode my bike to work tonight. Usually carpool it with a couple other guys but I came in on days off so I decided to two wheel it.
Post some pics of the countryside while your out. Like seeing different parts of the country.


Have a fun and safe trip Jerry!


Nice,you deserve another trip,I was going to say watch out for the crazies but with all of you being vets the crazies better watch out for yall!:sunglasses:
Be safe


OK, it’s travel time again. Tomorrow @ 0630 is kickstands up. Can’t wait to get started. Am not going to take laptop this time. Kyla has hers if really needed. Have my brownie munching friend taking care of my Dream Plants until I return. At Least I do not have to worry about my plants not being taken care of.

Ya’ll Take care and will drop a progress note if I get a chance on the road. Jerry


Have a safe trip! Enjoy!


@TxGrowman I’m new here and was unaware of your health issues but I truly feel for my brother from the road. I’ve been a biker since before I could even ride. My Dad road me around on the gas tank of his 67 FLH.
I was forced into retirement 10 years ago due to liver problems and arthritis. But I’ve never stopped riding. In the wind on the road is the best way to get past your problems, along with a great buzz and good friends.
I ride every chance I get, avg. 20,000+ miles a year.
I’ll be doing the ROT rally again this year maybe we can hookup and ride some and share a few buds.
I’m just north of @Sasquatch in SW VA. If you make it this way we’ve got some world class riding.
Maybe even get with some others from here and do a week or so ride.
Be safe and enjoy the ride


@hillbilly103 how far from Bristol?


We are getting off to a slow start today. One of the guys had a water leak in his house and had to fix it. His wife will do the clean up so we can get going. (She’s a great lady) On the road one hour late but still on the road !


Good to hear from you brother. I do not do the ROT any more, had too many close calls and the drivers at the ROT are getting more unruly every year. I just do not enjoy that scene anymore as I cannot be out in the heat all day due to my medical problems.

I am still hoping that I can make the east coast trip to MA this year in the fall. Love the leaves and scenery in the fall. I will definitely get in contact if I am heading that way. @Garrigan62 and @Sasquatch are already on my list in your area.

Take care brother. Keep the shiny side up. Jerry


@Sasquatch 50miles to from here to Basspro shop. 40 miles to Black Wolf HD
Ride down to Boone NC about twice a month or so, have BBQ and ride the Parkway back this way.


@TxGrowman Would be great to hook up with you and @garrigan62 when your over this way! Now it looks like we need to bring @hillbilly103 in too! @hillbilly103 Ive been wanting to get up to Boone. Not sure when they have their little rally up there. I’m about 20 miles south of the Dragon.


@Sasquatch Boone rally is September 15 - 16
Be great to get together and ride
Maybe a ride from one end of the Parkway to the other?


I’ve been wanting to do that! I’ve ridden most of it. Rode the Skyline thru to the Parkway down to Roanoke. And from north of Ashville to Cherokee. Missing that chuck in the middle though. Sounds like a plan @hillbilly103


@Sasquatch awesome
I rode Skyline last year, I’ve got a relative with access to AEPs camp ground up in Highland County we use up on that end, nice lake with 12 cabins free to use. Really clean just like a tiny house.


@hillbilly103 We’re going to have to do this. we’ll have to hollar @garrigan62 get on the road too!


@Sasquatch @garrigan62
Sounds the start of a road trip :smiley:


On the Road:
We are stopped for the day. Kyla has (make that “had”) an excess of SD and WW with her and did not feel good about doing a lot of riding with over two oz on her. She wanted to get the party started right ! So we are vaping/bonging/rolling and having a great time. Was a good ride today of 450 miles. We are all older so that might put us at rest tomorrow only doing about 200 miles and getting to a good place to party for a few days. My buddy from the service will cover us again this ride !


It’s me, Jerry.
Wow, have I been on the road that long ! Maybe heading home tomorrow. Kyla is out-partying everyone. I don’t think she has slept in 36 hours and still going strong ! She should crash pretty soon, she is starting to wear down pretty fast now. Everybody has about had their fill of partying for a while.

Got a call from Amy and she took care of the plants today but did not put an entry in my grow log. She made notes so I will enter it later. She has been a great help to me.

Got a feeling when I get home, I am gonna crash out for a day or so. Have been going pretty hard on this trip but still feel well. Thank Cannabis for that ! Got some new sleep medicine that I am anxious to try. Maybe tonight so I can get some good rest before we leave.

Gotta go. Ya’ll take care Jerry


Good travels my brother