Two Wheels and the Road!


I’m always around and looking for an excuse to ride! Just holler when your in the area!


Doing a little better but still get tired too easy. Gonna work on my endurance and try to get on the road soon. The doc said my breathing may get considerably worse over the next couple years so I need to do all the stuff I can now. He gave me some special medicine to use while I am riding. Haven’t had to use it yet but will try it to see if it effects my riding.

Think I will try a ride up to OK and visit Hawkeye first and see how that goes. That is only a few hours away. Talk to ya later brother. Jerry

PS: Love the way your grow is going! Keep up the good work.


The adventure begins. . .

Well, what can I say? Finally said Screw It, got on my bike yesterday and had a ROUGH 360 mile ride. Left the wife at home as she does not like to ride in the rain ??? NO ONE DOES ! My first long ride in several years.

When I finally hit the motel in Amarillo, I was beat. Met a really cool biker lady that has been riding for over 30 years and is just turning 60 ! We happened to stop for lunch at the same place and started talking. She has no plan on where she is going so ended up riding together. A lot safer to ride together also. Got stoned to the bone on her weed and got some much needed sleep last night. Kyla is hilarious and it is not going to be boring with her along.

Headed roughly northwest yesterday and we are going to go northwest across New Mexico and head toward Trinidad, CO and legal weed. I took very little weed with me and have not even touched it yet. Gonna stock up on strains for my depression but I have found a cure for now, the open road !

Hope we miss the rain today, we hit a strong storm yesterday afternoon and had to stop for an hour. We only have about 240 miles today and should be able to cover it in 4 - 4 1/2 hours. Good we have a short ride today, looks like the rain will be following us, such is the life on the road. Got pretty tired yesterday but feel good this AM all be it a little sore.

Got a friend in CO that is going to put us up for a few days and get some rest. From there, a toss of the coin decides our path.

Stuck an auto blueberry seed in the soil before I left TX. Will see what happens when I get home next week. It is in a composted area with the first 10-12 inches of starter potting soil around the plant. Gets water every day and shaded in the hottest part of the day. Started a journal on it called First Outdoor Grow of Auto Blueberry.

Ya’ll take care. Will add some more tonight when the trip is through. Jerry

@Hawkeye_diesel May be heading your way on the way home depending on where we go next. Will let ya know !


Good for you @TxGrowman glad you are doing your thing brother :v:️:cowboy_hat_face::+1: enjoy the ride Jerry
Peace John


Hey brother, you’re always welcome, just let me know. Stay safe out there storms are gonna be bad over the next couple of days in this part of the country



We left Amarillo fairly early this AM and got into Trinidad. It took about 5 hours and we had to push it. The Weather is looking really bad for the next few days so we made our shopping trip for today and are sitting in my friend’s home in front of a fireplace, smoking a big Glass Head bong !

Ron was my best friend in the service and he always seemed to have a nice bong to smoke with. The one he has now is the one that he bought about 30 years ago and still has it. He always took good care of his glass. We have smoked so much it is taking me forever to even type this. I AM SO STONED ! ! I feel a 15 hour nap coming on ! !

Catch ya’ll later. Jerry


Freedom road and faragosi farms is a good dispensary in Trinidad brother


Have been vegging out and enjoying life. A little cold to ride so we are testing the herbal essence in the area. Gonna make up a list of the ones I like the most and least. So far, everyone I have in my personal seed bank at home are winners. I haven’t gotten a hold of Amnesia Haze but am looking for it tomorrow.

Been catching up on rest and old times with Ron. Has been a blast ! Just what the doctor ordered for depression, talking about old times and getting blasted ! !

Later ya’ll! Jerry


Enjoy brother, you deserve it buddy


Howdy all ! Well, the weather is heading to the better side of temps on Tuesday and Kyla and I have decided that we will leave on CO in the morning and head to Red Rock for a visit. She knows some friends that live near there. May stop in Phoenix on the way home and see my grand daughter. Decided to take the I-10 to I-20 route home. Kyla has friends in Tucson so we are going to stop there also. She is retired and travels a lot. Has friends all over the USA !

I have stocked up on WW, ATF, Blueberry Dream and Afghan Kush. Also picked up an 1/4 of Ghost Train Haze that is 24.26% - WAY too strong to smoke and drive. Have enough to last a good long while. Gonna take it easy coming home, don’t want to get stopped with this much in my bike. This trip is exactly what I needed. I feel alive again ! @Hawkeye_diesel I stopped at Faragosi Farms like you recommended and they have a nice dispensary !

I am getting rested up as the last part of the trip is going to be hard. Plan on being home before Memorial Day weekend gets started. Too much police pressure and stupid drivers on the big Holiday weekends. Ya’ll take care ! Jerry


Enjoy your trip home Jerry glad it working out for you


Home safe ! Disappointed that something ate or pulled my Blueberry auto out of the ground. Am starting a California Dream seed today. Luckily I have enough weed to keep me for quite a few months. Actually went an entire 2 days without ANY weed at all and felt fine. As soon as I got home, reality came crashing down and am back on my daily dose.

Maybe I need to stay on the road. Forgot about everything while I was on my hog! Gotta get a new life style, living here has me back down already.

Gonna be 96 today and heat index in the 105-110 range. Got a bike party to go to today but am not sure I want to brave the heat ! Should be enough cold ones and hot ladies to make up for it ! Ya’ll stay safe on this Memorial Day weekend. Jerry

PS: Since my wife decided to add some trips on late in summer, I am going to try to get a Calif Dream plant going. They are supposed to be a shorter flowering plant. Going to be another hurry grow, what can I say, the story of my life. I LOVE to grow ! J


Glad you made it home safely @TxGrowman
And sorry to hear about your plant that stinks dude
Just throwing this out there not sure if your situation and all but did you ever think of relocating somewhere else my friend sometimes a change of view is good for the soul brother
Any Best wishes as always
Your grow friend from NY John :v:


The road is good for my soul John. I have never been a home body and am not going to do it any more. I only have one thing on my bucket list that I want to really do and that is take a 4-5 month trip and go where my hog takes me.

I have tried to relocate for 15 years and my wife has resisted me even after the doctor said I needed to get out of this area. Made my decision while I was on the road, wife is out of here if she doesn’t want to move.

“I’m goin’ where the sun keeps shining, through the pouring rain” Jerry


God speed Jerry
As I don’t know your wife or family and hope it doesn’t need to come to that all I will say brother At some point bro you need to do you
:v:️ Brother John


Have been watching the rain and getting more and more an itch to hit the road again. Can only go for two days at a time now that my dream plant is going. Going to Odessa TX tomorrow if the weather holds out. Should be fun.

Today I had some of the Ghost Train Haze that I got in CO. It is really strong and I was seeing things as I sat trying to type. Was crazy ! Gimme some more of that ! ! Am running low on supply and may have to take a car trip to CO so someone can drive with me. Should not be a hard turn around with two friends to help drive.

Gonna get some sleep early so we can start early. Ya’ll take care and be safe. Jerry


@TxGrowman, sounds like some fun times… What strain is the dream plant?


Enjoy the ride @TxGrowman
And a update in my ssh brother WooHoo


Lookin’ good Brother ! You are going to love the high ! SSH is one of my favorites.


Is a California Dream fem from Robert’s seeds.