Two Wheels and the Road!


Just sitting here in TX at 79 degrees and sunny and was thinking about the Road, (where all bikers belong ! ) I consider myself a biker first and all else lines up after that.

Turned 62 today and a team of doctors told me they have nothing more to offer me as far as care of my condition. NOTE to self: NEVER see a doctor on your birthday !

I am thinking it is a great time to fire up the Harley and get on the road. Not even sure where I am going but planning stage is gonna be short. Of course, my doc recommended that I not do it but he said if I do, I might want to make it before this fall. The doc has several old shovelheads and a Heritage Classic. He has been riding for 30 years. He understands bikers ! !

Hope I get to see some of you this summer. Jerry


i have an 2001 heritage that gets neglected from time to time…
she needs a new battery right now…i think i will get one this weekend and take a spin!


Leather up and rubber down fellers.
Carry on :sunglasses:


I used to ride a 68 Triumph. Sold her when we watched our buddy passed a car and found the front end of a Mac truck. Made a pledge to sell our bike to bury our brother. Ride safe. :sunglasses:


that’s brotherly love there @OldStealth… my dad had a triumph,in the early 70’s… that bike was really quick and he would scare the poop out of me…lol scared me enough to ride the rest of my life! lol


Mine was military surplus. Quick classic and loud. I still miss the guy. :sunglasses:


Well jerry if you wander up to NY hit me up my friend :+1::cowboy_hat_face::v:
I don’t ride myself grew up riding but haven’t since I was in my 20s
Wifey doesn’t like them but I keep telling her I’m going to get one I miss it


Hell yea ! NYS is my home !


@Hawkeye_diesel I am planning on a short trip to OK. Maybe we can get together for a meal or something?


Haha hell yeah brother. I can grill some steaks or somethin brother. @TxGrowman


Went out today and put on 125 miles in the AM and came home. Felt great, gonna take a few conditioning rides before I take off on a long trip. Going to take wife to lunch Monday (Grandparent duty today and tomorrow). Go to a place about 120 miles away for lunch.

I decided to just drop three seeds in the soil in my garden and let 'em go. Can’t do indoors, am hoping to not be home that much. Just gonna stick it in some good soil that gets watered regularly and hope it takes off. That is the way they grow anyway in the wild !


Hey hey old man…sounds like your doing a hell of a lot better…that’s way cool my friend.
I’m butting a new clutch in the Sportster and i’m wanting to do a road trip this summer. Maybe we can hook-up some where on the road. Something about.
you and the wife keep that rubber side down hear me ok
talk with ya later or just call me

Your Friend


81 FXWG Shovelhead and a Goldwing here



That name tell’s me your from the NW maybe Washington State ? just a guess

1200XLH here



@garrigan62 sorry to disappoint lol Western NC … Just a nickname I got tagged with by some friends. It kinda fits.


Not disappointed just way the f…off lmao

I’,m one hour north of knoxville tn



Well dam your not far from me. I’m south of the dragon


I feel a ride coming on…lol do you?



yep I do! we’ll have to work it out!


Nice bikes ! I go through your area a lot. Maybe you, @garrigan62 and I can hook up this summer? Would love it !