Two weeks of h2o then the gg4 ladies have to go on to healing others


Start of two week cleansing for the benefit of others…hate to see em go but there’s always next harvest…keep the flowers free and untaxed…:v::sunglasses:


Beautiful sight. Home stretch is a good place to be. And congrats on the upcoming harvest. It looks like it will be a good one.


very nice. ffrosty babes


looks good


Nice. very nice


how is the gg4? been wanting to try it. ill get it on next order


First grow and I give a 5 start out of 5…as for the efficacy don’t know yet. Won’t know that until Jan/feb…but from experience they will test out 25% plus on THC…I will update …


thank you for replying. im looking forward to seeing it when its done. GOOD JOB ive been wanting that strain for awhile. I took a hard hit from the dutch seed company so recovering from the hit. they took my money$ 500. no seeds. oh well you will have this and life goes on.


I’ve been doing business with ILGM for many years and have never had a bad experience…


Great job ! Look better than anything I’ve grown. You need help with any trimming at harvest ? Lol


Hey Zisitchin,
Thanks for the complement…it’s a learning curve, being doing it for 40 years…key is patience and let the plants talk to you…The language outside is much different than inside…done both…right now forced to be inside…The genes make a big difference too…that’s why I stick with seeds from ILGM and if needed clone from same…as for trimming got a couple of friends…gonna celebrate Christmas with trimming…:v::sunglasses: