Two weeks left need status advice

So, the back plant grew taller more quickly and needed scrogging. The two in the front eventually got scrogged when they recovered from being topped. They seem to be growing “more naturally.” We shall see the end results soon as to better method if at all.

All three were germinated at different times as I decided simply to jump in.

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Okay all, I am at the end of week 16. What do you think of the amount of amber?

The last three pics are from maybe one week older plants.


I’m not sure I’m seeing enough amber, yet. Any experts?

I’m thinking maybe another week. I’d like to get just right at 80% amber pistils. Maybe it’s even another two weeks. It could turn quickly. It was seemingly beginning too, so I began to flush and finished my last clean flush Wednesday. Last night I didn’t do a thing. I will water today. Probably keep at flush until it goes 80% amber pistils.

needs a week or more

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IMHO, 2to3


Yup. They are finally turning a real amber and spreading

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Smallest sativa hybrid you ever seen, eh?

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Well, here are the “chomes.” Kinda there…kinda not there just quite yet. Opinions, porfavor?

They need to be a bit more bulbous just before turning amber if I read the harvest guide correctly. For me, finding the percentage of amber pistols is challenging. Do you count them and take the average?

Almost another week gone by. Maybe Friday. Maybe Monday.