Two weeks into grow

We are now 2 weeks into this grow :slight_smile: have to get something else to make it cooler still a little warm


Looking good for 2 weeks!

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I’m new her but shouldn’t start repotting soon?


My understanding is re-pot when the leaves are over the sides of the cup, so looks like they are about ready.

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Plants look great! I use clear solo cups to start and sit that cup inside another red solo. Then I can see my root growth and know when exactly to transplant. I would give them a little more time. But you could go ahead and transplant if ya wanted :wink: Helps also if water the soil some to prevent the soil from falling apart during the transplant. What strain are you growing?

@ReconBravo I have gorilla glue #4 , peanut butter jealous , and purple peaches.

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Cool cool good to know will do so tmrw :muscle: