Two weeks into flower I haven't seen the stretch yet?


How long before the plants start stretching ? They are going on day 19 of flower 12/12 light


are there buds forming? if not your plant may not have fully matured yet they won’t flower if not mature


Could be the light I’ve seen a lot of plants not stretch at all or only a couple inches if not using a powerful enough light. My plants are on day 16 of 12/12 and they have grown over 8 inches but that’s under a 750 watt HPS my friend runs normal growing bulbs like 20-40 watts and his plants don’t barley stretch at all. Could depend if you cut completely off your N nutrients for P&K also I believe it will not stretch as much and focus more on flowers but not 100% sure on that one.


You are correct they do need N to stretch as well in cooler temps they don’t stretch as much too which is what they would get from lower watt lights.


I veged them for 45 days … I think buds are starting to form… but really no stretch… I got temp on constant 76 and humidity at 47 … light hydromars 910 watt led about 14 inches above plants ? Nuts cal mag, seaweed, and ph water 6.5… I think I’m doing it right


Plants look very happy soil is fox farm ocean


They look great buddy glad I found this thread hoping to see huge kolas soon! :thumbsup:


These are the nuts I’m using


Yea they definitely looking good and can see signs of flowering some strains/genetics just don’t stretch much, but am interested to see your crop also will be flowering alongside mine.


You should get some flower builders or fox farm has another trio pack for flowering it’s fox farm open sesame which your about past the point of using that then there’s beastie bloomz followed by cha Ching and they are to help with the flowering process and help produce larger and more bud sites might help to get the last 2 or something similar to them to help with the flowering. Need something with higher P&K ratings now that your flowering.

Those are first 2 I still needa purchase the cha Ching when it’s time to use it



Are these Auto ? That could explain things We need more info.



Not auto …blueberry , and azura haze ,one bag seed … they where in veg for 45 days prior to flowering.


I got potash and potassium nitrate from our local fertilizer plant… which was used in the veg state … should I continue through the flowering … I’m have the tiger bloom which has both p and k with a little nitrogen… I thought that would get it through bloom stage but I can be wrong ?


No I mean technically you can make it through bloom without feeding it any nutrients. Tiger bloom will help to an extent but I believe it is a blossom builder which will focus more on producing flower sites were the beastie bloom an cha Ching focus on Bud size and weight.


Ahhhhh … ok I see darn wish I would have known but I’ll have it for the next grow. Thanks for the info Stan


No problem bro glad I was able to help. I’m sure even without the other nuts you’ll still be able to produce some nice nugs those are some healthy looking plants you got there. Good luck and keep us posted on your grow am excited to see how it turns out!!


Hey Stan I got a dwarf low flyer auto and a candy cane auto they where planted on the 19th of November . Anyhow I took your advice I went ahead and ordered those nuts. Just wanted to let you know brother. Uploading…


Awesome I hope it really helps out and gives you a bigger yield it should. start off small amounts tho about 1/2 of what they recommend and work your way up. Is a pain with the price but from what I hear totally worth it and my friends in real life that use it get MASSIVE buds, this is actually my first run indoors myself just seen a lot of people do it over the years. Definitely keep in touch and keep me posted on your plants! Can’t wait to see how they turn out!


Hey Stan look what I got right in time … :ok_hand:t2:


Hey Stan I’m entering the third week of flower no buds yet should I start her on this already ???