Two weeks and nothing

I have put her on 12/12 for two weeks and so far no sign of changes.( This is the other one i have which is not autoflower). Should I increase dark time for her. She’s 50 cm tall at the moment and getting some liquid food.
Advise appreciated.

I wouldnt recommend cutting any more light

More light = More yield

Yes I understand, but so far there is no sign going to flowering. Would reduce light " forced " start of flowering? Than, put her back on 12/12?

yes but here are some simple questions has your plant stretched or grown far taller? is it possible the plants light cycle is being disrupted?
I have had the odd plant that takes 3 or more weeks to show buds of any obvious size but I find preflowers within first 2 weeks usually

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If the plant has stretched look for preflowers these things don’t just become huge buds overnight some strains take longer than others but a good sign you are on right track is speedy growth stretch if you are new and nervous anxious relax get cheap magnifier take a look at plant anywhere limbs are if you see what look like tear drops with little hairs on them you have preflowers

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I have noticed quick grow, but haven’t seen any small tear drops yet ( going to get some magnifying lupe).
See what will happen in next week.

I suspect you have a sativa dom strain and 3 weeks to truly start transition is not that rare

Finally something is happening :grinning: iv got white whiskers appearing.

You are in the Pre-flower stage - which is 1-2 weeks long, once you see bud development start you flower count down - Let me know if you want Marijuana growing stages and times. nothing wrong !!!

Thanks Steve2.
My mine goal is to make oil from my medical plant. So, I’m not sure what stage would be best to harvest. Appreciate your advice.

good to see patience pays off always keep in mind the best buds are those which are not rushed are nurtured and given time to reach their full potential our task as growers is to keep them happy and give them every advantage we can