Two weeks after transplant yellowing and browning

Transplanted two weeks ago into promix . This past week leaves began to get yellow / burn tho they have al rooted . Ph is within good range , lights are correct distance above canopy . feed water water feed schedual as normal . Then … please help .

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Are you sure your not overwatering?

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Yes , cautious of that . roots look very healthy , white and going crazy

Not under watered at all either

what concentration are you using to feed? and might I suggest a less more approach instead of water water feed try feed feed water at 1/2-3/4 current feed dosing this prevents high ppm build up and your plant will actually eat more with less ppm the water day can be treated like flush 20% run off :wink:
Also what are your temps and RH? they both effect how fast your plants drink this can lead to nutrient burn which is what the above pictures suggest

either of these two would be worth looking at :slight_smile:

What is this good ph range? @Mainemedi

Are you adjusting your pH after you add the nutrients to the water?

Which promix soil are you using? They make a multitude of types.

Maybe you could include the kind of nutrients you are using and at what strength and do you follow the manufacturers recommendations for feeding? At what week are you following on your schedule?

How old are those plants?