Two trainwreck look very different


I’m growing a couple of TrainWreck; however they look very different. Any ideas what’s going on? Any input would be appropriated. The picture is 5 weeks into flower.


Different phenos, probably. Have they been getting exactly the same treatment?


Exactly the same nutes, popped on the same day and been together ever since. Was curious if I got a random seed. They smell different as well, but they both have that spicy undertone.


On fem seed the genetics will be completely different you will never have 2 grow the same but it’s smelling different I do not have an answer for that they look beautiful @TDK0327 but when dryrand cured you will be able to tell if there is a true smell and taste difference . Sometimes I have a plant that has a smell and one with nothing till dryer and cured


Looks like you have 2 different light spectrum one looks pink and other purple


I added a light during flowering, it has a more purple look to it, plants seem to like it. This is my first grow so I am learning as I go. I appreciate the help and input. I am looking forward to trying them both and seeing if there is a difference.


I’m looking forward to watching and hearing about it For your first grow they look outstanding