Two Strains both 6 weeks since flipped to 12/12, what is your best guess when to harvest?

These two strains Black Jack (Sativa Dominant version) and Super Lemon MAC both exactly 6 weeks since 12/12 flip. What is y’all best guess as to when they may be ready to harvest? Seems like they are maturing fast???

First three pictures are Black Jack and Last two pictures are Super Lemon MAC

Black Jack

Super Lemon MAC


Id say 3 weeks for the black jack and 2 for the lemon for lighter effects and 1-2 more then that for couch lock


Thank you I do appreciate your advice on this!

About a month, maybe more


Thank you.

Most strains will be ready at 8 to 10 weeks from the start of flowering. The start of flowering is generally 10 days after the flip and can be confirmed by the sight of pistils at the tips of the plant.

Therefore, if 6 weeks from the flip date, you probably have ~5 weeks to go.


Don’t hurry these girls along. They do enjoy their plumping up time. It is worth the wait.


I am with @MidwestGuy about 5 weeks or so left. I pulled many plants to early. I know better now. :+1:

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Thank you for your vote of confidence

Thank you for your first hand account, I’m definitely waiting

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That was really good video, thanks for taking the time discuss this!

6 weeks since flip, thats about 4 weeks in flower, so 4 weeks minimum without even looking at the plants…


It’s always worth a look since growing medium, environmental conditions as well as genetics can affect flowering time