Two seedlings: One great, one not

Let me present to you two seedlings started at the same time and grown under the same conditions. They are two weeks old and both growing in 5gal buckets with rockwool using DWC.

Seedling A (Wedding Gelato)

pH 5.7, ~400ppm, ~85f, no visible roots below rockwool

Seedling B (G13 Haze)

pH 5.7, ~400ppm, ~85f, roots hanging below rockwool

My assumption was that Seedling B was getting too many nutrients, yet Seedling A is doing great with the same levels. I have since flushed and gone back to plain pH 5.7 water with no nutrients for Seedling B. I’m somewhat skeptical since what I read about G13 says that it soaks up nutrients like nobody’s business (and because the other is doing well), and yet…

Any advice other than try to let it grow without nutrients for a while?

I think you’re on track. Some plants like more than others.

Thanks, CG, that’s what I figured. I was just thrown for a loop since the poor performer is supposedly a nutrient-hog. And since there aren’t any nutrients in the rockwool I was concerned that there wasn’t enough for that plant in this stage but it seems to not want any. Hopefully it will perk back up in straight water.

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