Two Seedlings from One Seed

Hey Guys,

Just paper toweled and dropped a bean in the soil. (ILGM Critical Mass CBD Auto). To my surprise when I woke up in the morning I had a little seedling which looked to have another seedling that didn’t make it with tap root attached. I definitely only dropped the one seed… here is a picture of them both separated:

Has this ever happened to anyone? Its only my second grow and am wondering if its worth germinating again to minimise any stress with the Auto, Is it likely it may be a runt?.. The seed did look like the largest in the 5 I got from ILGM
What’s your thoughts?


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Couldn’t hurt to throw it in a cup for a bit.
Never know. Might get something out of it.

It’s quite possible. :thinking:

Nothin ventured nothing gained tho :grin:

R u sure you didn’t accidentally drop another seed in there, because the plant growing out of the soil looks like it was planted and the plant in top of the soil has the seed still attached?

I have heard of this , is rare , they look full size seedling wow that seed was big , yeah bro don’t kill the twin put them next to each other

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Maybe a polyploid? That didn’t make it…

Like a conjoined twin

What do they say about a gift horse?? Good luck with ur twin. U sure, like maybe before the drop u didn’t take a few to many puff, puffs?..:alien:

Ye definitely didn’t plant 2 seeds … the seed I chose was the biggest one…
I opened up the paper towel and it had one tap root…

Went to bed and could just see something coming from the surface… the next morning I found this… seems odd because the one that made it looks more mature…

too late on keeping them both… its my second grow so definitely freaked out… have read its pretty rare… just wondering If i should ditch the lot and start again… Dont want to waste the next 3 months with my only grow…

But If you think its worth a shot… ??

was stone cold sober… and I have the right amount of seeds left in the bag

I just found this other discussion back in 2016 that seems similar

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