Two room setup help


A question from a fellow grower:

I’m looking for an economical two room setup. I want to have a veg and flower room. I’d obviously keep the mother plants in the veg room. I’ve seen some setups that involve using 45 gallon storage totes stood up on their side. This would provide a 2x2x3 foot tall grow room. I think this seems a bit small overall. I have five girls ranging in age from 15 to 7. I would need some type of stealth to the setup. I’ve considered black indoor grow tents as well. I just wish there was a 5x5x78 inches high grow tent that was a two room that wasn’t close to $300 in price. I’ve seen one room tents at $120, but the only two room I’ve seen is Gorilla, and $400 is too steep an investment when I still need lights, pots, soil, seeds, and fertilizer, fans, etc.


If you want a fairly decent harvest $400 is worth the price . You might can find a starter kit set-up with lights , fans , nutrients , and tent for another added $200 maybe , but it’s better to buy everything before you start .


You are better off buying 2 different tents and having devoted systems for both This gives you the freedom to control a perpetual grow. I would even advise that you buy a small er tent for propagation.

BTW. Hoe big a space do you have for this grow project?