Two questions: was this topped correctly? And am I supposed to cut these leaves?


I was told these were “sucker”leaves. I was told to cut them. I labeled them with a blue notch. I don’t think it makes sense cause the more leafs the more energy it can take in and grow right? An the other question is a few days ago I tried to tip this plant was it done correctly?


Do Not Cut those leaves , those are like solar panels to absorb the sun or light . You have top it well .


Yup those arent suckers. Those are fan leaves. Suckers are the smaller ones that turn into budsites. They start in similar locations. But they are much smaller. Do u see the lower blue line you drew on the right side of the first picture? Follow that to the main stem. The two smaller shoots at the stem are suckers. But dont cut them neither. They become beautiful buddery


Yup, leave the fan leaves alone, those are for photosynthesis and how your plant grows. you topped it correctly, but looks more like a FIM which is also a good thing.


I thought the same! Like where is that new growth coming from :thinking::rofl::joy:


Who ever told you to cut them off you need to ignore everything he/she tells you.


Only time you would want to cut the tips off the leaves is if you are cloning