Two questions here

Ok so I have two questions, one is that I have been curious if these two plants were different strains from the beginning. Are these two different strains?
And second, I need help figuring out if what is wrong with the plant is something I need to worry about and how to take care of it…

Haven’t really changed much of the normal routine, I give the flora series nutrients every other watering. Water ph’ed between 6.2-6.5 every time.
The top of the plant is yellowed pretty good with brown spots, bottom half still looks green besides a couple random yellow fan leaves.
Just looking for any advice.

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Looks like either a Calcium Magnesium issue OR soil PH has gone out of whack.

Hit it with a dose of Cal/Mag and see how she reacts. It’s almost impossible to over dose your
plants on calcium. It would take some seriously heavy feedings to have Cal/Mag hurt your grow.

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I once added 3 tsp a gallon to all my plants. Confused ml with tsp. Plants loved it

And I’d have to agree with @PhillyRock ,more cal/mag. Are you using ro water?

Ok perfect yeah that’s is pretty much what I was thinking it was. I appreciate the second opinion!
So now the question, do you think these two plants are the same strain? They are supposed to be green crack. But from the very beginning I’ve thought they were different.

I appreciate it! Always nice to have a second opinion. But no I’m not using RO water. Just ph balanced city water.

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No two plants are ever identical from seed. Genes will express themselves in which fashion they decide. Unless it’s a clone it won’t be exact.


Besides that @PhillyRock said one has a deficiency and the other looks fine. Maybe that one slowly started off bad and just got bad during flower. Still a nice looking plant. The boys will get u fixed up good.

The plant is all around deficient. Feed more. Your not feeding enough. It’s not just cal and mag. Its many together. Up the feed