Two plants one seed?!?

I have no idea! It’s cool! But any explanations or what they made do?


Maybe you were stoned and planted two seeds
Or maybe just some whacky mutation

Either way its a win in my book

Lol! I planted 15 out of 25 seeds and I already counted what I have left and that’s ten! I really just wondered if someone ever came across that or not and what to expect! Ya know what I mean I’m deff excited to see what happens. And btw they are green crack and I’m 100% germed out of the 15 so far thanks to true north and canuk seeds!


I’m gonna pollinate them to try and get more double seeds for the future! Green crack doubles here we come


Jackpot!! A winner!

Ok so if u got two twin girls from one seed you got lucky it’s not super rare but it is rare pollinating them might be a bad idea if u arnt looking for seeds there is no way to tell if u will get more twins again twins from one seed is very rare

Also quick question. Was it a fem seed or a reg seed

I have seen this a few times on this forum and people say to try and separate them as soon as you can cause usually one will die but have seen 1 person grow both In 1 pot and they said they had no problem but it your choice I think that’s cool stuff right there me I ever had that happen I think I would try growing them together and try to get them to fuse together or something lol

Right on @Bubbski cool deal excited to see how your siamese twins grow keep us posted buddy and happy growing

Really cool. I b spying on you

Try to seperate them now if you can, as 1 usually takes over the space and the other one wont survive

You may kill both that way so b careful if that’s what you decide to do.

It may be that I just wanna see it happen but I would let nature take its course

Like @Aolelon said, 1 will take over and kill the other. If you can safely separate them, congrats on two plants for the price of 1! If not, leave them together. Don’t want to lose both…

I had this happen last year. I got Chocoloupe twins! You really need to very carefully separate them soon, or you child lose them both. Do it before the roots get to big to separate.

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