Two plants in flower white OG n bubblegum

Hi guys thought I’d say hi and show use how Tony girls doing ones got few weeks left one just flipped so early stages…

All comments appreciated wat ppl think or have any suggestions?

White og


Looking great keep it up


Pistils are starting to change. By few weeks I hope your aiming at around another month. They do look great though! I see some happy harvests in your near future


Appreciate that man r u talking bout the bubblegum it’s on its 6 week in🌸… white og on its 2week of flip…

Both! The BG is closer to finish obvs but the White OG looks healthy and happy

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Have I got a ph lockout only 2 and bit weeks left till harvest wats best to do at this stage


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Or I thought nute burn :fire: not to sure to be honest

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Good eye. Yup looks more like nitrogen burn. If ur sure ur harvesting in two weeks (i wouldnt, u looks to have 3-4 weeks + left) then u can completely pull any Nitrogen heavy solutions from ur feed rotation.

If it was my plant? Id just taper it down alot. Maybe halfway to a quarter strength of the ‘grow’ stuff (heavy N)

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Hi mate u still reckon 4 weeks+ I was thinking 3wk max?
I was gonna just use half measure a+b with cal and half dose of PK

Or boost the PK up a bit? Really appreciate feedback thanks👍🏻

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Sounds about right. What is the A+B made of? The NPK values…

A+b is Buddha tree same as PK

Iv been using 0.5ml of PK and 4ml a+b…

0.5 cal mag

Is that sulphur at 12.3%?!?! That seems high.

But 2.6-9-18 is leaning PK way. That is the A+B? Normally its two seperate bottles.

Actually thats the PK. Whats the A+B?



Buddha tree

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Yup just half strength both of those and add the PK boost

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Just an update on the bubblegum kush looking to chop this week, was thinking tomorrow ppls thoughts much appreciated😃

How far along again? Im seeing a ton of white pistils but that could be foxtails…

Have u checked the more mature buds’ trichs?

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It’s 8wks flower today I thought the same bout foxtails, that has only just started to🤦‍♂️…
Yh turned milky and starting to see signs of amber… don’t like this part of growing lol never know if It perfect time to chop but hey ho😂

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If you are seeing plenty cloudy and some amber, then yes. Id start the flushing process and have her ready to chop around Thursday/Friday

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Yh she had one flush so far and ice put on, didn’t know if I done another flush it wud go over the sweet spot n I miss it due to waiting for her to dry in soil.?