Two plants from one seed

I planted a seedling on May 14. Here it is two months later and several weeks ago I found another plant sprouting several inches away from the main plant. Has anyone ever heard of such a thing?

Post a pic hard to believe its another pot plant gotta be something that was in the soil prior to. A pic would help tho of u have one.

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The soil was just regular bag soil from a big box store.

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Forget that first picture.

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That looks possibly like a different kind of plant. Bird dropped a seed or something. Have seen a guy go 4 months with a purchased seed that looked like freak show strain and it was an actual fern… Is the other veg sprouting up in top of picture companion plants, or random sprouts? If they are different be careful they don’t mangle into your girls roots.

You need that last picture gone. Edit it out if you still can. I flagged it for mods to help too.

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I know I’m sorry. You’d think I’d know how to use my cell phone by now. Thank you.

No worries, things happen. You have 5 minutes after posting to click the pencil on your post and edit it btw. So mistakes can be easily fixed. For future reference.

I know I didn’t believe it at first and I still kind of don’t. But as I watch the leaves grow it points to a marijuana plant. There’s the 2 oval leaves at the bottom Then three sets of serrated leaves that looks just like a pot plant. Well I guess we’ll wait to see what happens, here’s a current picture. Thank you.

Thanks so much, it was more than five minutes ago.

That’s a weed. It’s not weed. From your yard

Almost all plants sprout with the oval leaves. Those are the cotyledons that the plant eventually cannabalize as they develop roots. The leaves not being more than single points is what kind of leans towards a different species. When cannabis sprouts, the first set after the oval has one segment. The next to show has three. The next has five. Depending on cannabis species they get 7 on the next. Keep an eye on it, I could be wrong! If it is the same as what you already have you can double up on what looks like an already amazing grow!

Good idea! I’ll check the points. Thank you

Did you see this picture?


Same weed. Except you’re feeding that one. Waste of time.

Looks like catnip

Good! My cats can get stoned too!

I’m betting it’s an elm tree. I fell for that once.

Elm sprouts do look a lot like marijuana sprouts.

Back in late May I transplanted my 15 plants and during that time the large Elms in our yard were raining seeds. While mixing extra perlite into Happy Frog soil in a wheelbarrow I knew that I would have to deal with Elm sprouts as time went on.

I couldn’t even guess how many I had pop up in my pots. Dozens.

Thankfully they eventually ran their course…….