Two planted seeds won't sprout; one seed in water didn't grow taproot-- hallllp! please!

Dude my harvest is all over the place too my 1st girl is 16 days old 2nd is 11 3rd is 9 I’m about to put a 4th one in( and possibly kick out the smallest girl when time comes ,I wanted more variety then zkittles)on tueday/Wednesday when my seeds come in

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I have zkittlez and ak from off here and my zkittles after 24 hours in a cup of water had no taproot. The aks have been the same, except for 1 that had an inch taproot in 24 hours. But the zkittlez had to be put into a damp paper towel for another 24 and had about a 1 or 2 centimeter taproot. But the ak, I put in the paper towel, it had an inch or 2 taproot. Even if you gotta wait a day or 2 extra in the dirt, wait for it. Those aks are resilient. My Ocean forest doesn’t even seem to burn it. Now my zkittles, that’s another story… its sensitive. She’s gonna need a lot more attention.

Wow, okay! Good to know! I am really dumb, and I took one (I think maybe a dud) and put it back in the water to soak again after having it in a peat pellet. (Why did I think this was a good idea?) Well, at the same time, I had desperately put another AK in a peat pellet. I think I felt guilty for not soaking it in water first, and I was attempting to examine that one (found no root and was upset) and put it in water. I think I grabbed the dud instead. Anyway, I thought the peat pellets were empty and discovered that AK was, I think, about to pop a root!

I quickly put it back in the pellet and planted the pellet. I hope I didn’t mess it up, because that would be my AK and my #2 of 2 for the tent. (only about 5-7 days behind???)

My first grow has been a comedy of errors. I’m sure it would make for entertaining stories if I knew how to tell or illustrate the stories properly.

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That’s my trouble, too! I wanted a little variety for my first grow! I guess I’ll just be happy if I end up with at least 3 oz of something… anything… to tide me over until a second grow is finished.


@Tinymight_Autoflowerer we all mess up in the beginning. I’m messing up a lot right now and I know how to do it. But everyone has their reasons. You’ll learn and be fine. From what I’m seeing, the aks are strong. I’ve transplanted one of mine several times, topped her too young on accident, and had issues with her root in the beginning and thought she’d never make it. And she’s doing good. Small, but alive and well. You get better and learn is all. Good luck.

Thanks! It’s sad for the seeds that have to be my “learning experiences”. I’ll get it eventually, though. I’ve had one successful (so far) WW, lost one WW (my fault I think), and even managed to somehow prevent two AKs from becoming seedlings. Got two more AKs germinating right now and will get it this time…! :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s why I used 6$ seeds as my 1st test seeds and thank God I did they’re 1/4 the size they should be because of the sheer amount of mistakes ive made, it truly is half science half feel


Hehe. Yeah I think these are all $4 or less seeds. I don’t remember. But I just took advantage of the Labor Day sale and my replacement seed coupon to get 20 banana kush and 20 gelato for about $4 per seed. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to grow them all before they “expire”!

Seeds dont expire they’re practically good for 10-30 years especially if chilled and airtight

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Okay, great! I’ve been putting them in their little plastic bags, then putting them in a plastic container (1g medical cannabis came in it… for $18 what a rip…) with a packet of silica, then placing them in the vegetable drawer (lowest humidity, I think) of my fridge. Would be awesome if they lasted even 2 years, but 10-15 or 30 would be amazing!!!

i totally agree with @GreenSnek. so far i batting 4 outa 4 with bag seeds.

I just throw my seeds in a doubled up napkin soak it down with ro phd water with a drop ir 2 of rapid root with it. I keep the napkin on a plate and full the plate with the water covering napkin. Next day i have a half inch or better tap. Ive neve domed any of my plants either. Wonder if it will do any differences. They always pop up and seem to do good

Get amber jars from Walmart. Airtight and keeps light out. Great for everything. Storing seeds. Stoing bud. Curing bud. Pickiling too if that’s your thing. Lol. Totally worth the money. I have my ak47 and zkittlez from ilgm in an amber jar on a shelf in my room. Which is pretty chilled. Got a portable ac unit that stays on 64. So my rooms in the high 60s at most. But airtight. That’s what’s important.

I dont think this is always true. I had beans sitting on my tray for a year just getting shuffled around. I germed them no problem. Was leery if they would pop but all 3 did. And thats super close to a year because i started dabbing and left the flower

Its just things to help keep them in good condition. More likely to germ.