Two planted seeds won't sprout; one seed in water didn't grow taproot-- hallllp! please!

holy moly, they should tell you that you can’t start a new topic until you’ve replied to several. I almost cried.

I need help! I can provide more detail if needed, but I tend to overshare.

I soaked two White Widow auto seeds, and they had taproots in a couple days. I planted them 72 hours ago, but nothing has come up out of the soil. :frowning: Should I keep waiting, or do I need to see what went wrong? I’m afraid I screwed up somewhere.

And I had an AK-47 auto seed soaking for 72 hours, as instructed, but it has not grown a taproot. I put it in a damp coffee filter in a plastic bag now and will keep it wet. Should I give up? Is it a dud? :frowning:

I’ll keep trying til I get it, but I’m trying to get these grown before my stash runs out. I won’t give up, but I’m disappointed that I kind of suck! I have a 2.3 x 2.3 foot tent and a 150w light.

Thanks for any help/advice/support/love!!!

Not sure how to edit… Light is not on yet. Water balanced with black organic molasses to lower pH. Soil is mostly peat, some perlite, vermiculite, and some other organic fertilizer. I soaked the 5 gallon pots/soil before planting.

how deep did you plant your seeds, you might want to take a small probe and dig down a little and see what you see, sometimes they do take awhile, i had 2 that took for ever before they came up then just acted like they wasn’t going to do anything, after a week or so of no real growth i started over. throw those to in a plastic cup with a little soil and water and just set it in the closet with the rest of my plants, couple of weeks later they finally started to grow so i through them in a pot and they are budding nicely now lol. so don’t just give up

and i would turn the light on

I’m a worrier so after 2 days I tend to VERY gently brush the top layer off to check on them( its how I discovered 1 babe was shrivelled and I rushed 1 more seed) but I reccomend humidity domming until they finally poke through it extremely lowers the chance of getting helmet headed and ups their survival rate slightly

Also they tell you to do 72 hours but most of us don’t do it that long my method 1/2 cup water 1.5 tsp hydrogen peroxide soak for 12 hrs, fold them in a paper towel slightly moisten with that solution ziplock it ,hide in total darkness 24 hours and boom 2/2 seeds had 1/2 in tap roots in 36 hours dig a hole 1in deep and drop them root down

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I recently started growing, within a month. I was told not to overthink it, not to mess with the water, just use bottled water. I did the paper towel method with the ziplock bag. All three sprouted, the first two I put in soil watered again with bottled water and wait, they all sprouted but I ended up killing the last one cuz of overwatering. Just keep it simple.

Thanks guys! I don’t think I planted them very deep. I tried to go for 1/4”. I just went up to my first knuckle thing on my pointer finger. Maybe that was 1/2”! If there’s no sign tomorrow maybe I’ll try to carefully examine… Or maybe I should just keep waiting! I’ll try turning the light on tomorrow night too and taking the solo cups Im using as humidity domes off.

Give them time, even with a taproot some seeds can take up to a week to sprout. Gentle light (like a CFL) is best and they love moisture and humidity.

Good luck!

test to see if I can reply yet… I might have to wait another 6 hours to say that…

…I have a seedling!!! The 5 gallon WW (“Rutger–” yes, I know it’s female) auto popped mightily onto the surface, with no hat on. Solo cup WW (“Rutger, Jr.”) auto is still underground.

AK-47 auto (“Ernst”–yes, I know it’s female) is still in damp coffee filter with no root. No funky smell either tho. Will keep waiting, happily now! Now I must research what to do with my seedling besides leave it alone and don’t overwater it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Light is a Mars Hydro TS1000 (about 147w), but I have it set at 75% with the dimmer, and it’s about 22" above the seedling. The manual says 24" for seedlings, presumably at 100%. I’ll turn it up a little every night maybe (hot during the day, so light off), but I’m also still waiting for two more seedlings and don’t want to cook them when they come up (well, one isn’t planted yet). I suppose the stages are going to be a little out of sync at first, because this one might be vegging by the time the other two pop their heads up! I will do some LST (assuming I can figure out how) and leaf tucking, but I will not be doing any cutting unless I have to.

Although now I’m terrified I’m overwatering because the leaves look maybe droopy?? Sure is a beautiful color now.

They don’t usually droop from water that early(but let it dry a lil tto be sure) check your lux levels (assuming you’re not using blurple)she might be shying away from to much light (you want 6k-7k lux)

Hmm how can I check my lux levels? I have a 150w light about 24” away, as per the instructions. I had it pretty dim before like 10%. Then I tried 50% and 75% and 100%. Seemed ok, but I got nervous and put it back to 75%.

I’m not sure what I actually need! But I assume the manual means 24” at 100%! I’m running the tent pretty hot, too. Can’t really help it. 90°+ outside, 85° in the house, but tent stays 79-84°F.

Humidity seems to stay around 40%. I could increase it by putting some water in there to evaporate, but AK-47 (…not yet cracking it’s seed) likes low humidity.

If it isnt a blurple ( blurple has the wrong spectrum to read correctly)download the lux light meter app on smart phone or tablet and just put you camera right next to your little seedling

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I’m no expert by any means and just completed my first grow, but had some challenges getting all seeds to sprout - only 4 out of 6. Fast forward I’ve just started my second grow and after much research, I found that hydrogen peroxide is extremely beneficial as it’s compromised of H2O2, with the extra oxygen giving them a boost.
I added a teaspoon to a cup of water and used that solution to germinate 8 seeds with 100% success rate. Maybe I just got lucky, but worked out well for me. He goes round 2!

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I found that under watering is less stressful than over watering- at least reduces the risk for other problems like rot and always good for the the roots to grow strong as they search for moisture and oxygen in the soil.
I’d slowly add water two inches around the seedling and let nature do the rest. Maybe she’s just being shy right now :slight_smile:

Also with seedlings- to get them going, I had good success merely placing them on a window sill that got plenty of light and they thrived. Don’t ask how the rest of the grow went though!

What do you mean by “don’t mess with the water?” You definitely want to be messing with your water. As in adjusting the PH to a suitable range for your medium.

Thanks everyone! Yes, definitely pHing my water. I have to lower the pH each time. I use organic black molasses to do this, but that will get expensive, so I thought I’d try lemon or a natural pH down. Apparently the common pH down is battery acid, so I’d rather not buy that (but will if I need to!).

Still nothing from solo cup WW. I feel like maybe I damaged the taproot or something. Growing in a solo cup was a stupid idea anyway. I just thought it might have a short grow that way (the taproot hits the bottom of the cup fast which triggers flower early) in case my stash runs out.

I put the AK-47 seed that wouldn’t germinate in a wet peat pellet in the dark in a Tupperware with a loose lid. Still nothing after a night.

I really need a second plant to put in my second 5 gallon pot before the first WW gets too far along! I’ll try the hydrogen peroxide! I might have to germinate another seed tonight if there’s still nothing in the peat pellet.

And I’ll get that lux app!

I put the seed that wouldn’t germinate in water or a paper towel into a peat pellet, still no luck. I also put a replacement AK-47 into a peat pod and skipped the water or paper towel (I probably should have tried the glass of water first, dang it…

I’ve given up on the solo cup seed. I can’t even find it in there! I’m just going to leave it, just in case, and eventually recycle the soil.

I hope I can get extra seeds next time to make up for the failures.

My AK-47 is going to be way behind the WW now!