Two Newbies Five Seeds

Quick update, the two Amnesia autos have sprouted a bit and seem to be doing well, any comments on there health would be appreciated. The 3 Zkittles have not popped up at all even tho they have gone through essentially the same process. I’m currently using genetics as an excuse and hoping they pop up within the next couple of days? I’m not sure if genetics can play a role in sprouting as they are from the same seed bank but different strains. So, @PurpNGold74 the competition is clearly one sided at this point :joy::joy: Hope everyone is off too a good week!


Well if it don’t work out throw one in each tent… and let the games begin. Won’t be hard to fill up your space with one plant you lst right.
Here’s a pic of a photo lemon candy with me trying to contain it from taking over my 5x5 with out the cage it was taking up almost half the tent . Threw in a pic of it hanging :drooling_face:

BTW your chic’s are off to a great start :muscle:


Awesome grow man!! big yield, cool idea to use that tomato planter you used to to a scrog grow? Were you able to train them on the smaller lower rungs and train them as they grew up?

It wasn’t meant to be a scrog grow. The plant was huge. What you see hanging was only half the plant. My grandson ran through the room when I had this plant out of the tent and fell right on it breaking the 2nd half of the plant off. I used the tomato cage to contain it to the space I had originally planned for it.
I’ll drop you some pics of that grow so you can see what I was working with. As you can see right about halfway through that plant started missing a side :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:
Trained them almost the whole grow.


Oh and here is a pic of that plants mother. Photos ya gotta love em.


We’re one month in! one buddy has really found her roots and stood up whereas our other friend is taking her time. Both have been on consistent water schedules but now that all of our other young-ins have perished we are going to put them more centered under the light. And really focus on these two plants. In our other tent we are going to start some feminised seeds that will get thrown outside for the summer any recommendations on when to start outdoor seeds for a CNY/Upstate New York climate?