Two flowering questions...for now

Do you guys use a time table for switching to bloom nutes or do you go based on the plants reaction to the switch to 12-12. I have read two weeks then switch, three weeks then switch, gradually declining from one into the other, full strength switch from one to the other. How do you guys handle the switch from grow to bloom nutes?

Using that stuff from Amazon for this first grow if it matter what nutes your using.

Secondly do you guys ever switch in late flower to a 0-10-10 type fertilizer or do you run the bloom with low N right up til flush?

I’m using home mixed nutrients, so my system/process is going to be a little different, but I’ve been steadily cutting back on the N during flower. Her last 2 or 3 feeds will probably have almost none. My goal is to starve her of N to the point that the fans yellow right before harvest.

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Right on, appreciate the info. How are your girls doing?

Only one in flower right now, but she’s starting to put on trichomes thick enough to curl leaf edges. :grin: Looking like she has 2 or 3 weeks to go and just starting to show signs of a little yellowing on a couple fans.

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Awesome! Hope she finishes nice and potent for ya.

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